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Words Hurt

March 20, 2016
By LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
LinaBlack PLATINUM, Marshalltown, Iowa
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First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Gandhi

“ You're fat,You're lazy,You eat too much, You're stupid,You’re ugly,You would look ugly with short hair because fat people shouldn’t have short hair ” … and many more. The said thing is that most of this was said to me by family, well by one family member. Still the point is that family should build up not tear you down. These days I look to my friends to hold me up which is sad. We’re poor and there are a lot of people in our house which I’m learning in Sociology can add stress to/on people. Then to add to that this person was very active before they got sick and lost there job and put on disability. This person now says he’s happy without his job and staying at home but in Sociology we have also learned that’s not true.

Enough about Sociology class though and back to my point words hurt. Wait that’s not right it’s Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. People who say that should just get a dictionary book to the face, and after they’re done crying or wake from being k.o.’ed … or whatever they're reaction was asked if that big book of Words hurt them. Anyways words kill more young people than drunk driving these days, and it’s not going to get better because everyone is gluing themselves and their kids to phones, computers and other things. Which young hurt kids bully other young and hurting kids on to make themselves feel better.

It’s not that words hurt more then getting hit that I find it important to write this, words in my opinion cause the same pain as getting slapped or punched. The reason I’m writing this, the reason this is so important is one of my friends were going to call Ann (a request from her family and other friends her name will be hidden) just tried to kill herself because of this. My friend Ann had been in a relationship with a boy who was one of the bad ones well after I moved away they broke up … not really a big deal, until he started going around with his friend calling her a s***, some fat b**** he laid … and many more. Well not only does that tell you she broke up with him, but also he was out for blood. At first everyone thought the same way I just did until he posted they’re private pictures and text to each other on facebook and group chats. Then mostly everyone joined in after that, most of you are probably like where are her parents at a time like this. Well Ann’s parents are busy at work - dad, and gold digging never at home - step mom, or in heaven - real mom. Ann’s dad noticed the problem to late after reading the note she was going to jump off a bridge. Then he called me and I texted (A person were going to call Joe) Joe to go get her, because Joe was already talking to me about how Ann was acting strange (J+A...he like her since kg … come on  girls don’t friendzone the good ones) and he lived by the bridge. Well long story short words hurts hurt Ann who felt alone, so she went to join her mom (real mom) , but that didn’t happen. Even though Ann was in the water when Joe found her she lived (Joe = swim team + computer nerd).

The point to this is attacks both physical and verbal hurt,which means words hurt… more than you think if not go get the dictionary

Thank you for listening,
Lina B.

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