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February 10, 2013
By Passion4 PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra, Florida
Passion4 PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra, Florida
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As she tore through the trees, her hair clung to the sweat on her face, occasionally being unstuck by the force of wind, only to whip into her eyes. She swept her head to the side fiercely and continued forward. She ran with a certain determination only discernible in the way her eyes were set- straight forward. The world was empty, and her body a shell laying upon its ashes- a skeleton devoid of feeling. It was a different kind of determination- not the usual kind. She was beautiful, and strong, and powerful. She was Unstoppable. Nothing was inevitable. She was always in control; each tactful bound spiraling her in a different direction.
Maybe if she ran fast enough- she’d disappear.
It was a few miles up the road when she saw them.

It was approaching 11:30 PM, and the neighborhood slept in a black veil- thinking it was white.
She saw it as she turned the corner from Mulburry onto Infirmus.
The truck
It was a reddish color.
Dark red.
She aimed her eyes at the road ahead, slowly transitioning to the left side of the road- closer to the forest (farther from the truck.) With her gradual transition to the left road, her mental processes transitioned to the left side as well, becoming analytical and losing all sense of peace of mind.
Jogging was survival
She would survive
She wanted to stop.
She was growing tired as her mind began to be weighted down
She released the weights
And searched frantically for the surface- combating against herself.
She heard them approach- clunking boots and clicking heels against the pavement.
She floated- holding her breath in the depths of air
As the sharks began at first to sniff
Then to think (for a moment)
And then to lose themselves, roll their eyes back into their head, and attack.

Maybe, if I run fast enough, I’ll disappear.

The author's comments:
"Run fast
Run fast, my dear.
That's the only way
To Disappear."

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