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Harry Potter

March 16, 2011
By KayLovegood GOLD, Eagle Pass, Texas
KayLovegood GOLD, Eagle Pass, Texas
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"It matters not what someone is born, but they grow up to be" -Albus Dumbledore

Harry Potter has been a household name that has roamed the theaters for ove a decade. I myself being a HUGE fan of Daniel Radcliff and the rest of the cast makes me wonder what makes others dispise/hate it. Now, I'm not judging. Because I know I would not like for others to judge me for my dislikes/beliefs [what ever] but there are people who don't like it for no reason. they say just because. There has to be a reason. At least give it a chance. From experience, I've noticed people have come to change their minds. My cousins from afar came to visit this springbreak. they were here all week. And we were having a movie party, where we then ran out of movies to watch. Then i remembered,"What about Harry Potter?!" They responded with a very lazy and disrespectful "Nah!". But i convinced them to give it chance. So we decided to have "Potterfest"! After the First half they fell in love with it. Movie after movie they never left the room unless they needed to. They gave it a chance and fell in love with it, if their minds changed, maybe others can too. :)

The author's comments:
This article is not to insult anyone in anyway, but to ask those who oppose harry potter for any reason, that if they'de likt to just give the series of movies a chance.

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