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Blood Brothers

March 4, 2009
By Collin Hitch SILVER, Wolfforth, Texas
Collin Hitch SILVER, Wolfforth, Texas
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My brother had just flown in from Phoenix, and we went out to get a pizza. He had been dying to try a world famous Chicago Pizza. We went to my favorite pizza place on the south side of town, called Gastapo's. We shared a medium stuffed-crust pepperoni. He couldn't get over how greasy it was. 'Its good though, right?' I asked him. 'Yeah, I guess so'' He replied with a smirk.

After dinner we were walking to a bar close by, about four blocks away. But on the way we ran in to a group of guys in an argument. My brother and I laid back for a second, but then the argument got out of control. I told my brother we needed to go a different way. At that moment, all hell broke loose. The two groups went all out shooting at each other. We ducked behind a car, until the shooting stopped. I looked up and saw two guys running away, while three others were on the ground moaning. 'Alright, we got to go.' I got up to leave, but Derrek just kept leaning up against the car. 'Derrek, come on, we got-' I turned him around, and his face was covered in blood, struggling to breath. 'Oh God, Derrek!' I whipped out my cell phone and punched in 911. 'Derrek, stay with me man! You're gonna be OK!'

They got Derrek to the hospital in a moment's notice, but it was already too late. The doctor came out with the bad news just 20 minutes later. I couldn't help myself, and I began to bawl. My little brother had been killed right next to me.

A week later, just one day after his funeral, there was a knock on my door. When I opened the door I was surprised to see the police. 'What can I do for you officers?' I asked. One of them replied, 'You can come with us. James McCallister you have the right to remain silent'' I was awestruck.
'What are the charges?'

'For the murder of Derrek McCallister.'

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