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Grandama's Seller

February 23, 2009
By Shelby BRONZE, Red Deer, Other
Shelby BRONZE, Red Deer, Other
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"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."
- Bubba Gump The Movie

There was this little girl and her name was Max, Max was like a rebel or you can say a tomboy. Her friend named Jenna was a huge girly, girl. Totally different people, but they are the best of friends!

One day Max was at the park all by her self and she sees this blonde, with the bracelet she gave Jenna before she left to Manitoba, sitting on the top of the monkey bars. She goes over and it's 'Jenna! What are you doing here?'
'My parents are 10 minutes away for business so they let me come see you. But you weren't home and my cell phone is out of battery, so I couldn't call my parents.' Jenna explains. 'Well my parents are in Boston for business to, so I'm staying with my grandma.' Max says. 'You can come to my Grandma's house and then you can use her phone, and maybe you can stay for a couple nights.' Max asks. 'Maybe.'
So Max and Jenna walk to Max's Grandma's.

Jenna calls her Mom for the answer and to let her know that she was safe.
'My Mom said that I can have a 3 night sleepover!' 'Great let's go tell my Grandma the good news!'
'Grandma Jenna get's to stay for 3 whole night's!' 'That's great sweetie but 1 of those days will be helping me in my garage sale is that okay?' They both shrug and say 'I guess.'

'Ok children time to wake up.' Says Grandma. They both moan and groan. 'I made pancakes.'
They both leap out of bead and zip down stairs to the kitchen table.
'Ok my little Dumplings eat up we have a big day ahead of us. 'When you're done eating go get dressed please.' Grandma said so sweetly.
They are huffing and puffing from all the hard work they put into for helping set up the Garage Sale. Max's knuckles are red and sore from writing down all the prices for the items they are going to sell.
'Te he, look I think my arm mussels grew about three times the size they were
from lifting and unloading boxes!'
They both chuckle.
'Hey, Mrs. Henry what is that enormous sheet on top of that big lump?' Jenna asks.
'That's a very good question Jenna, that big lump is Grandma's Seller of the Year!' Grandma answers. 'So what is Grandma's Seller of the Year?' Max asks. 'It's my old fashion car that im going to sell.' 'That's pretty cool Grandma. Hey, look customers'!' Max says with glee. They earn about $400 in there hard working 2 hours.

'Well Grandma's going to make some fresh squeezed lemonade ill be right back. If any one wants to buy anything make sure it's the rite price on the price tag, okay?'
They both nod there heads.
This very unusual guy walks in smoking a cigar, with a long drape coat and a beige toque and scruffy hair. 'C, c, c, can we help you?' Max sputters. The man coughs and drops the cigar into the Zebra print flower pot. 'I would like to buy the 1950 car.' He says coughing out the grey smoke from the cigar.
'Sure, it will be 5,000 for the car.' Jenna says. 'Well, I have to run to the bank to get the money and I only have my bike, so can I use the car.' The unusual costumer asks. He looks very suspicious and mischievous. 'But the bank is only 5 minutes away?' Max explains. 'I know I just pulled a muscle on my bike,' the man says. Even though he wasn't limping or seemed to have a pain sort of look on his face. It was like he had no emotions or no pain in his leg? The girls seemed sort of uncomfortable with this man. Except for that one, Jenna. Well Jenna's the girly, girl and Max is the rebel. So this seems a little strange. 'Well sure,' Jenna says. 'No not sure, what if he's a criminal or something,' Max whispers to Jenna. Max seems to be the scared one, not Jenna that's usually scared to look under her bed to get the dust bunnies out. 'Come on Max if you don't do it I'll let everyone at school know that your real name is MAXINE!' Jenna squeals out the secret. She always uses that against her.
'Fine!' Max agrees. It's almost her deadliest secret. 'But people were looking at the car; I could tell they wanted to buy it, we don't have to sell it to this scary man!' Max explains. 'They seen the price on the car and it looked like there eyes bulged out of there head and scurried away from that section as soon as possible!' Jenna corrected. 'Yeah, ok I guess that he is the only one that is interested in 'Grandma's Seller'.' Max says sounding very glum, but ads. 'Only for Grandma!' So sad that she has to admit it to Jenna. When they finish discussing after three minutes, for the angry but creepy man seemed like ten. They turn to talk to the unusual man and find him tapping his foot looking very inpatient. 'Sorry sir!' Jenna says. 'We were just discussing it.' Jenna ads. 'Well have you made an agreement?' The man asks. 'Yes we have, you have 5 minuets you get there and back, okay?' Max explains.
Making sure it was a deal between the strange man, Jenna and Max.
'Yeah, yeah, kid.' The man says very rudely.
Time goes by minutes by minute!
'It's been over half an hour and he's still not back.' Max explains. 'Maybe he had car troubles?' Jenna says trying to keep up the inspiration. As she thinks she could have come up with a better excuse.
'What's taking Grandma so long with the lemonade?' Jenna asks. 'Let me go check what's keeping her.' Max says with no patience.
Jenna picks up the morning paper to find a very interesting article. 'Umm Max, before you go inside to find her, the guy that we
gave 'Grandmas Seller' too is a criminal!' Jenna screamed. 'I highly doubt it.' Max disagrees. While she's hoping what she heard wasn't true. 'If you don't believe me then look at this news paper article!' Jenna explains. 'Oh my, gosh he is a criminal!' Her hopes have obviously failed. 'His personal record is here and everything!' Max says with worry in her voice. 'Listen to this, he's robbed 3 banks and held 6 people hostage!' Jenna says almost about to faint, because of so much drama. Max Is thinking how lucky they were to survive that criminal mind!
'What am I going to tell my poor, poor, grandma?' Max asks Jenna with sort of a sad sound in her voice.
'We can raise the money!' Jenna says.
'How are we going to raise $5,000 in 3 hours?
Max asks.
Max and Jenna think until they brains almost explode; they want to help Max's poor Grandma so, so, so, bad!
'Well I know that there is a race for ages 12 and under, and were 11 so we can go in it and the price money in $3,000!' Jenna explains.
Max is thinking Well know duh were 11 I think I already knew that!
'Where are we going to find the other $2,000 dollars?' 'Wait a second' there was a 20 for $5.00 cookie sale down at 'Sal's Sweet Shop'. Max says. Jenna always thought that was wrong, but if it's to help Max's Grandma she is definitely able to do it!
'We can buy some and sell some from there, and raise like $1,000 dollars!' Max says with glee. 'Nice try Einstein! That's only half of what we need even after
and only if we win the race!' Jenna explains. 'Right, right, I knew that you know!' Max says as if she new everything! 'Ding! I thought of another idea!' Jenna says. 'I think that's the best thing you've said all day!' Max says a little more quiet tone then normal. Almost as if she never wanted Jenna to here what she said. 'I have ears you know I heard that! And I take that as an insult!' Jenna says as if Max is so utterly repulsive. 'Well it was! So what are you going to do about it?' Max acts as if Jenna was so crude and inhumane! 'Okay, we are best friends, why are we fighting?' Jenna asks coming to her senses. 'Well because, you said I was an Einstein and a'' Max gets interrupted my Jenna. 'I know why we got in a fight stupid!' Jenna says not to make it sound like she's wanting to start up a fight again. 'Okay, the real reason is, well I don't know what the real reason is but do you know what this is doing for us, and Grandma?' Max asks. 'Yeah, we aren't getting are lemonade sooner if we keep fighting'. Jenna says. 'No, we are letting Grandma down. We practically gave away 'Grandmas Seller'.' Max explains. 'Correction, we did give away 'Grandmas Seller'.' Jenna says not even really having a clue of what they are talking about. 'Not helping!' Max says with a sort of angry voice. 'Right sorry'. 'Okay, let's get to work and head down to the recreation center.' Max avoids the subject of the conversation. 'What are we going to tell your Grandma?' Jenna asks. 'Good question Jenna, good question.'
As she strokes her long pretend beard.
'I've got it we can just leave a note on the refrigerator saying, 'Gone to the park by my house not across the street I have my cell phone...' Wait what time will it end at?' Max asks pausing the thought of what he's going to write to Grandma. 'How should I know?' Jenna asks. 'I thought you should know you're the one that came up with the idea!' Max says expecting Jenna to know the answer. 'Oh, right. I think it said 2 o'clock to 3 o'clock.' Jenna says with an unsure tone in her voice. 'Okay, so that's what we will put. So it's 1:43 right now. We have seventeen minutes to get down there.' Max calculates. 'Okay, let me sneak inside and write the note, then tape it on the refrigerator. While you get my bike and helmet.' Max says making the plan. 'Aren't you forgetting something?' Jenna asks waiting for Max to assign her with an automotive vehicle or another bike or roller blades, just something to get her there and back.
'Right, I almost forgot! Water for the run and some, money to enter the race! Thanks Jenna for reminding me!' Max says thanking her for almost for getting the almost important part of the whole plan or scheme. 'No silly willy, the whole part of me getting there. You only have one bike!' Jenna says having to hand feed her the answers. 'Okay, almost forgot that too!' Max says being interrupted by Jenna. 'Only 14 minutes until the race starts!' Jenna says interrupting Max's evil genius plan. 'We will never make it!' Max says losing all hope and inspiration. 'Not with that attitude we won't! I'll ride on your handle bars, now get in the house write the note get $10.00 for you and $10.00 for me. Oh, and don't forget the water bottles! I'll be in here getting people out of the garage sale and telling them we are on hold momentarily!' Jenna says taking charge, and grabbing hold of the situation!
They both come together in the middle of the garage and they both yell 'BREAK!'
Max sneaks back in the house grabbing a piece of paper, a pen, and some tape. She starts to write 'Gone to the park by my house not across the street I have my cell phone and will be back by 3 o'clock. Love: Max and Jenna'
So Max grabbed two water bottles and snuck $10.00 for her and $10.00 for Jenna from her Grandma's purse. While Jenna is in the garage dealing with all the angry customers, as well with a screaming four year old with his mother trying to get him to let go of his 'Little Tykes, Beep 'N' Sleep'. A very convenient invention. A peddle car that flips into a bed. She told them 'Don't worry folks we will be back shortly around three o'clock!' Jenna says sputtering on what to say. Finally she gets the customers to leave. When Max rushes into the garage saying 'Only 9 minutes to spare!' She says gasping with air. They both hop on the bike and Max peddles as hard as she can to the recreation centre with Jenna sitting on her handle bars.
They check in at the front desk, but so close to finish there evil plan. They need a parent or guardian signature! They both say with agony 'No!' They both think it's all over. I lost my Grandma's car and well it's just all over. While they are think of all the bad punishments that are going to happen to them the girl is asking them. 'Hello, hello, what's the matter?' Jenna snaps out of her fantasy land and nudges Max. 'Wa, what?' Max says half in her fantasy and half here on earth. 'What she is trying to say is there is nothing wrong just our Mom just went to the washroom so we are going to let the people behind us goes.' Jenna finishes Max's sentence. 'Oh, sure sweeties just wait aside the desk!' She says treating us like three year olds. We ask the old grandma three people behind us. We said 'Could you please sign this kind old lady, it is permission for the STARS team to come to your house and give you the yearly calendar and some YUMMY! STARS chocolate?' What do you know she signed it! She's going to be quite upset though when the STARS team don't show up with her yearly calendar and YUMMY! STARS chocolates! We go back up to the front desk luckily the lady at the front desk approved! Are hope and dreams are still hanging on! She asked for $10.00 each, Jenna gave her the $10.00. But when Max reaches into the front of her blue jeans and wait her $10.00, were gone! Once again all hopes gone. 'Jenna I can't find my money! Go ahead just race do your best!' Max has to say to support her friend. Max knows she is a faster runner than Jenna. But it wasn't fair she wouldn't know what to say to Jenna. So she decided to just let it be it was a good try to help Grandma but, it just wasn't possible. But then the kind person Jenna is. 'I know you're a faster runner than me, so take the ticket you go ahead!' Jenna was so nice to consider. 'Are you sure Jenna?' Max says. 'Yes, im positive, it's the best for your Grandma, and us!' Jenna says being so, so kind. Max gets her ticket and one of the helpers takes Max to the finish line. Max sees Jenna on the bleachers; she's holding a good two thumbs up, with a smile on her face. Max felt better she felt like she got one hundred tons lifted off her shoulders, from that one smile and two thumbs up! The gun gets shot; Max starts to run as fast as she could. She pulls away, but this boy that looks fourteen, he's as skinny as a tooth pick and legs look as if they were as long as six meters. They started to run neck and neck almost nine meters away from the long finish line! People are standing by the finish line cheering me and the other racers on. Taking pictures, yelling and screaming, video taping. The man the shot the gun for the race to start made an announcement he is bringing in a professional photographer, because me and the skinny boy are going to tie, they need to see who won by taking the picture. We pass the finish line as the picture is taken. I felt a cold rush come up my body. I thought I lost. I knew he won by his long legs that just reached past me! I let everyone down. The guy came on the announcements again he said 'Great job to everyone! It was a close run between Maxine Blaire and John Belivardez. Please wait as the photo get's developed. 5 minutes go by but for the people in the bleachers and the people hanging out at the finish line it felt about 15 minutes. Finally, the announcement man came back on and by the looks of it Maxine Blair! Max and Jenna scream because they are so happy! Max and John (toothpick boy) and Kate Olson, she came in third all stepped up on the block that numbered first, second, third. Max Blair stood on block First, John Belivardez on block Second, and Kate Olson stood on block Third. Kate got awarded $500.00, John got awarded $1000.00, and Max got awarded the big $3000.00. They hurried to 'Sals Sweet Shop' to buy 200 cookies for $50.00. They came back to the garage sale and set up tables packed with cookies to sell! Then Jenna relised something very, very, important! 'Max, I just relised that we have money from the garage sale!' Jenna screams at the top of her lungs. Max runs to the 'Money Box', and starts counting the money. 'Surprisingly I've never earned this much from a garage sale before, $1,567.00!' Max says. 'We need only $462.00 left to earn!' Max says with glee! 'But we spent $50.00 for the cookies, so subtract $50.00.' Jenna says. Jenna starts think in her head. 'So we actually have to raise $412.00.' Jenna calculates in her head. She may be a girly girl but she is sure smart! They start to sell the cookies. 1 dollar a cookie. They sold fifteen in the first ten minutes. 'Great job Max! Were doing awesome! We only have to raise $393.00 left!' Jenna exclaims. They sold the rest after about forty five minutes. They earned another $112.00 after there hard working hours! We need to raise another $83.00.' Max says. 'I saw an old couch in the 'Jipsy's Junk Yard' when we were on our way to the recreation centre.' Jenna explains. 'How are we going to get it?' Max asks. 'I saw an old wagon behind the cookie table we can use that!' Jenna says. Max hops on the bike and Jenna runs. They get to 'Jypsies Junk Yard'. They found the couch loaded it on the red wagon and Max peddled home as Jenna pushed behind. They unloaded the couch in the garage and people were lined up to buy it they had an auction. The person that bought the couch was the scary man with the long drape coat, a beige tuke and scruffy hair. He bid $600.00 for the couch and he won it. He actually gave the money and we told him off! 'Excuse me, you stole our well my 'Grandma's Seller'!' Jenna says with the biggest attitude you have ever heard. 'Your right!' The man says. 'I'm sorry!' He finishes. 'Well let me get my Grandma she won't be to pleased!' Max says. Max and Jenna run up stairs to find Max's Grandma sleeping. They nudge her and she wakes up and they tell her to hurry down stairs. She saw the old scary man. 'He stole your car but he bought this old couch and we raised money from a race for $3000.00, and cookies for $112.00, and the garage sale 1567.00 and from the old sofa $600.00. So we got enough to pay back the car!' Max says with the most excitement of all day. Max and Jenna are thinking of how proud they are of them self's! 'Girls, can I tell you something?' Grandma says.
'Sure' They both agree. 'I tricked you. This is my friend Bob!' Grandma says. 'But what about the article?' Jenna asks. 'My other friend Olive, she's the head of the 'New York Times News Paper'.' Grandma explains. 'I got your parents into this to!' Grandma finishes. 'You mean we worked our butts off for hours just to help you!' Jenna asks. 'You sure did! It was to teach you girls a lesson. Did it work for you girls?' Grandma asks. 'It sure did Grandma!' Max says. 'Yeah, you sure fooled us Mrs. Henry!' Jenna says. 'I want to thank you Bob for everything!' Grandma says. 'You're welcome Mrs. Henry! Ill see you later!' Bob says. 'Bye thanks again!' Grandma says.
'Thanks for the great experience Grandma!' Max thanks Grandma for the best experience ever! 'Yeah thanks Mrs. Henry! We would have never had this lesson taught to us if it wasn't for you!' Jenna explains. 'Don't forget how much fun we had!' Max reminds Jenna of all the good times. As they picture every fun moment they spent together today, and the experience they collected together! 'Mrs. Henry may I ask you something?' Jenna asks. 'Sure Jenna, anything!' Grandma says. 'What ever happened to your 1950's car?' Jenna asked. 'Go take a look outside girlies!' Grandma says, and starts to chuckle!
They run back through the house and out the b back door to find 'Grandmas Seller!'
'Wow! Thanks again Grandma for the experience and how much fun we had today!' Max says. 'Yeah what she said!' Jenna said.

The End

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Santa said...
on Dec. 15 2009 at 9:48 am
Mouse I loved your story. Please keep up your writing.

Shelby BRONZE said...
on Nov. 22 2009 at 2:04 pm
Shelby BRONZE, Red Deer, Other
3 articles 0 photos 1 comment

Favorite Quote:
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get."
- Bubba Gump The Movie

Thanks Nana!

carvelkid said...
on Nov. 22 2009 at 11:10 am
Awesome story, Shelby.