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The Ghosts of Seven Churches Road

January 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Phoebe and her little sister, Paige, sat at the kitchen table sorting through Phoebe’s pictures of Seven Churches Road (more formally known as Hardup Road). Paige noticed that in one picture Phoebe’s eyes were off to the side and she looked freaked out. She also saw a couple of the churches. “Tell me all about Seven Churches Road.” And this is Phoebe’s story...

Little girl in white
Phoebe and some of her friends drove out to Hardup Road. Phoebe had a Rosary in her purse. The driver parked the car and they all got out. A Baptismal Fount was nearby a church and above the fount was a large branch, the Gallows. Leila Andrews told Phoebe to stand in front of the fountain for a picture. Just as the shutter went off, Phoebe saw a little girl in white. The girl disappeared momentarily.
Phoebe clutched her Rosary and walked closer to the fount. Phoebe once again saw the little girl in white. The girl had an angry look on her face. As Phoebe looked around the fount, she saw people gathered around. Phoebe looked down and no longer had her Rosary. She and her friends drove away. When they came back the next day, the Rosary was gone. Later that day, Paige and Phoebe went online. The only tiny entry they could find was this, “Its a long dirt road, originally w/ 7 churches but you only see 4. People have sited a little girl in a white dress walking down the road and many different ghosts.”

The 4th Church
Not long after the girl sighting, Phoebe, Leila and a couple others went back to Hardup Road. This was the first time Phoebe had ever seen the 4th church. Phoebe sat on the steps and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. They left 20 minutes later. They went back the next day, but the 4th church was gone.

Verses on the Wall
The 2nd or 3rd church had Bible verses on the wall. Phoebe’s friend, Piper Tylers, was Religious an noticed that every single verse on the wall had 2 or more flaws.

Bloody Handprints
Phoebe had heard tell of this story. A friend of hers, Kyle Moore, went out to Hardup Road. An old lady walked out in front of him. He tried to stop, but he hit her. Kyle got out to see if she was alright, but she was gone. When Kyle got home, there were bloody handprints on the back of his car.
15 Minutes there, 45 Minutes back
One time, Phoebe, Leila, and their friend, Stan Michaels, decided to time how long it took to get to each place. It took 15 minutes to arrive at their destination. When they got ready to leave, something wasn’t right.15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Finally at 45 minutes they saw the exit. It had taken them 15 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to leave.

Black Dog
Phoebe drove out to Hardup Road with Leila and Stan. As hard as Phoebe tried she couldn’t avoid hitting the big black dog. By accident, Phoebe bumped over it. The trio ran out to see if the dog was okay, but the dog was nowhere in sight. They looked for a few minutes, but the ghost dog had vanished.

The Heavy Bible
Phoebe told Paige about a friend of Stan’s that went to the third church and tried to take a Bible. Rumors flew around that when you tried to take the Bible, it was so heavy that you dropped it when you reached the door. A man once got it into his car, but when he arrived home, the Bible was gone. Sometimes you can see a Priest pacing behind the Altar.
Well Stan’s friend, Simon Adams, and his football buddies took a wheelbarrow to the church. They placed the Bible in it and pushed it to the door. By the time they reached the door, the Bible was so heave, the wheels broke. Simon and his pals left quickly. When they went back the next day, the wheelbarrow was gone and the Bible was back on the Altar.

“I think we were Followed.”
After another visit to Hardup Road, Phoebe and Stan went home. As Phoebe lay in bed, she turned to the window. What she saw caused her to cry out in alarm. Stan came running. “What’s the matter?” Phoebe pointed to the window. “I think we were followed.” By that time, the large black man had vanished.

Satanists- People who worship the devil. Nearby the churches is a burial ground with a family of Satanists. All of the family had been born on Halloween. They had all died years later on Halloween. Phoebe and Leila went in. Leila suddenly grabbed Phoebe’s hand and ran. “Leila, what’s wrong?” Leila took a couple deep breaths before she finally said, “I heard a voice yell, ’Get Out!’.”

Phoebe and her friend, Scott Matthews, drove out to Hardup Road. Scott had never been there. He took a few pictures, but nothing happened. Disappointed and relieved, Phoebe and Scott drove off. Suddenly, Scott felt a burning sensation behind his ear. He put his hand back there and saw blood on his fingers. Phoebe felt the burning as well. When they got home, Paige was asleep, but Phoebe’s mom was awake.
Phoebe and Scott had scratches all over them! Phoebe’s mom cleaned them up and they left quickly. When Paige was told, she swore never to go out to Hardup Road. Phoebe called the day after to report that the scratches were gone!

A Little History
Hardup Road was where the old town of Albany was located, then some kind of epidemic came along and killed thousands. Only 3 churches remain standing, the 4th church is there when it wants to be. All of these stories are true. the paragraph my sister and I found is the only information on Hardup Road that exists. Everything else has been stricken from record. My sister, Erica, aka, Phoebe, really experienced those terrors. Unless your a ghost hunter, please don’t go out to Hardup Road. The 1st church is the only church still in use for Baptists or Methodists, the church is haunted, though.

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This story sounds so thrilling! I'm into a good gohst/mystery book. Anything that can keep me reading is good.