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Abraham Wilkins

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Abraham Wilkins was a very poor man. He was middle aged and balding. Some say he used to be a mental patient, but in the great fire of 1902, when more than half of the village burned down, the mental asylum was devoured by flames and all of the patients went down with it. Except two of them. These two men happened to be the worst of enemies. One of them was Abe. The other was never seen again after he ran off into the smoke of the fire to save his child.
Abe now lived a lonely life in his little shack by the old church, and he was slowly running short on funds. He worked as a stone smith in the same village where the fire was. Gniew was a small town with a population of only 75 inhabitants.
Abraham was eating his daily potatoes with porridge when it happened. He finished his porridge and went outside to wash his plate. The poor man needed to go to his pond to bathe and wash his dishes. It was a very tiring process because the pond water was very polluted and dirty, and most of the time, it just made the dishes more dirty. This was why Abe devised a system to do it more efficiently. He took off his shirt (an old kitchen rag) and rubbed the plate with it under the water. Then he spit on the rag and rubbed a little more.
After Abraham finished washing his dishes, he went back inside his shack to finish his tea. But something was wrong. Abe could feel it. His spine shivered and he got goose bumps everywhere. A sudden chill fell over the fields and the clouds came in. Everything seemed like it stopped making sound for 30 seconds. Abe was starting to sweat, right as a howling wind started up and trees were nearly uprooted. He sprinted toward the old oak tree that was conveniently placed 30 yards from his current position. This turned out to be a fatal decision, however. As soon as he ducked underneath the tree’s dominating branches, it collapsed and started to fall right towards him. This was not all, however. Several hundred bats which resided in the tree also flew out and blinded the poor man. He leaped out from his hiding spot just in time to avoid the huge tree. Since his shack was not visible from the old oak, Abe had no way of knowing what was happening to it. He trudged back to the top of the hill where he had the best view over the town. The distraught little man saw smoke. Not just any smoke, but black smoke. This could only mean one thing. Where there is smoke there is fire. Abe sprinted toward his hut. When he got there, the poor soul had to cover his face with his forearm to protect it from the smoke. There was so much of It that you could hardly see the hut. It wasn’t Abe’s house that was on fire though. It was his prize wagon he won in the county fair. It wasn’t the wagon Abe was worried about, though. Abe was a fisherman, but he was not a regular one at all. Instead of using the regular fishing net like everyone else, he used gunpowder. A lot of gunpowder. Every morning, he dropped several pounds of powder onto the bed of the pond. Then, he detonated it all at the same time, so the fish were blown up and floated to the surface. This turns out to much more effective than using a net. This was bad. Very bad. The fire was spreading quickly in the wagon. It was bearing down on the gunpowder. An explosion was now inevitable. The only question left to ask was when it would happen. This question was answered sooner than expected. Abe could feel the explosion coming now. Before he could think about what to do, his own brain sort of made his body do things he couldn’t control. The adrenaline was kicking in. Abe took in a short breath and his entire body acted of its own accord. He pivoted on his heels and jumped into action. Abraham Wilkins had never run this fast in his life. He ran at astounding speeds as far away from the flaming inferno as possible. After he was a good 1000 feet away, he stopped to catch his breath. Abe looked back to where he came from and expected the worst. It came in a different form than expected, however. The explosion was barely visible from the field Abe was standing in. It was like a match igniting and going out again straight away. The flame appeared as if it was taking the form of some sort of creature now. It got bigger and bigger until it covered the entire landscape was covered. The blue of the summer sky was no longer visible, and was replaced by burning flames. Everything was now a dark shade of red, and Abe felt like his greatest nightmare was coming alive. It was now obvious that the flames had taken the form of a human face. Abe was dumbfounded. This face looked exactly like the face of one of the several doctors at the mental institute. Abraham suddenly had a flashback to the dreadful times of the asylum.

The doctor walked into Abe’s room gleefully and glanced at his chart.
“Looking good, Mr. Wilkins. At this rate, we might be able to let you go live out in the normal world by the end of the year.”Said the doctor happily.
Abe always found this a very creepy trait. The doctor was never mad with his patients.
The doctor had obviously been thinking about something for awhile. Abe noticed him develop a twitch and he was obviously up to something. Every once in awhile, Abe caught a glimpse of him working with vials and beakers in his office on the way to dinner.

Suddenly, a murder of crows flew up from a large, old oak. This brought him back to the present, where he just realized he was in mortal danger. The face started to speak in the voice of the old professor
“ABRAHAM WILKINS! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!” Shouted the voice as loud as possible.
Abe started running. HE didn’t care which way he ran or where he went, he just wanted to get as far away from the professor as possible. After a good 3 minutes of full blown sprinting, Abe had to stop. He was in the town now. It was getting dark and the streets were deserted. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a very large number of people in white lab coats came out onto the street. When Abe looked closely, he could see that they all looked very much like the doctor. In fact, it seemed they were the doctor.
Almost 70 clones of the evil man were now walking towards him inhumanly. So this was what the doctor was working on all those years ago in the asylum. This is what all those test tubes were. Clones. Abe was not a stupid mad, therefore he decided that one of these people was the real doctor. He just needed to figure out which one. Abe ran into the crowd, and the clones jumped onto him with surprising force. He fell to the ground, and one of the clones started laughing maniacally.
“I told you that you would die, my dear Abraham. I am not a liar.” Said the doctor calmly.
This was the real one. There was no doubt about it. Abe felt a surge of anger sweep over him and he pushed the clones off of himself.
The doctor chuckled, but Abe felt that he was more scared than amused. Abrahams brain was figuring angles and making a plan. Suddenly, out of the blue, the doctor struck out in a powerful punch. Somehow, Abe stopped his huge fist and twisted it so that the doctor fell to the ground. He then put his foot on the evil maniacs shoulder and stepped. This rendered him unconscious. Abe pulled the man towards the old well in the city square. HE propped him up against the side to take a breath.
After 20 seconds of rest, Abe pulled up the doctor onto the edge of the well.
“I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, my dear doctor. Have fun in hell.”

And with that he pushed the doctor down the well. The unconscious man fell to the bottom of the tunnel, never to be seen again.

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