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Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel

July 13, 2014
By EmilytheBelleofA. DIAMOND, Athens, Georgia
EmilytheBelleofA. DIAMOND, Athens, Georgia
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Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel

Am I Me? (or) I Can Feel

There were feelings...feelings that didn't feel like her own feelings. She wasn't sure who she was. She was confused.

Was she herself, or was she someone else? The thought,"Am I me? Am I even me?" constantly came up, so often now.

The feelings that weren't her own...weren't as noticeable when she was younger. But they started getting stronger, as she got older.

Anger when she wasn't angry. Sadness when she wasn't sad. Depression when she wasn't depressed. Feelings that weren't her own.

She met some people, who she knew they were telling the truth, but the thing was, when she was near by people, she didn't only feel feelings that weren't hers...she could feel feelings from far away.

It felt strange. It was a strange and interesting experience. Strange for they weren't her own, and interesting...interesting, a little, when she was walking or talking...for she could feel others feelings.

She could "feel" others, and she wasn't sure if she was suppose to use it. All, she knew was. . .that she could "feel."

The author's comments:
A little bit of lie, a little bit of truth.

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