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October 21, 2013
By Dametrien SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
Dametrien SILVER, Lewisville, Texas
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Shifting around in the uncomfortable cot I was laying on, I reached up to scratch my head. It itched really quite awfully. As I was about to rake my nails across my scalp, I felt it. A thick sliver of metal was jutting from my skull, the back of it shaped into two horns. A wrench. There was a wrench lodged in my skull. Now this may sound stupid, but my first instinct was to take it out. Wrapping my boney fingers around the cold metal, I gently pulled. Pain shredded its way through my head, and raked at the back of my eyes. I howled with pain, not knowing what to do. I pulled much harder. The wrench slid out half way, my body almost giving out. I cried out, yanking the icy metal from the back of my head. I dropped it on the table next to me. Laying back in the uncomfortable bed, I took a deep breath. My body relaxed for a bit, and I realized the room had no windows, and no doors. I became distressed, searching for any kind of exit. I sat on the hospital bed, and sighed. A voice grazed my right ear, that of a middle aged woman.

"I love you." She began sobbing. I jerked my head over in the direction of the woman's voice. There was no one. The sound of the door closing, and I was alone again. I laid down, my head still throbbing. What is this place? My eyes forced themselves closed, and I passed out.
I woke to the voice of a elderly man of grave standing.

"Ms. Evans, there is nothing more we can do. He hit the moose going 75. He was lucky that alone didn't kill him instantly. He has been under the weather since monday and in a coma for the past 2 weeks without any inclination of coming out of it. The wrench severed his spinal cord, and destroyed part of his occipital lobe. He will no longer be able to walk or see." The woman was sobbing by now. She cleared her throat, and spoke shakily.

"I want you to pull the plug. He will be in a better place." it was quiet for a moment. The man spoke.

"If that is your decision, here is the paper work." The door closed, and I heard the soft tapping of boots as they walked away. My mind whirred once again, pain jolting across the back if my head. I stood up, and walked around for a bit. Time passed very quickly in this place I assumed, because they were back already. I could see them. Well, most of them. A older gentleman, dressed spiffily in a all black suit. His faint outline showed a aura of sadness, as did the woman. She was dressed in a bright blue dress, her shoes old and worn. Kathy. I knew her. W-... We have been friends for the longest time. Glancing over to my bed, I cried out. There I was, laying with my eyes closed. A tube connected to my throat and smaller ones running into my arms.

"No! You cant! Stop I'm right here! Im alive in here!"

The older doctor had began taking the tubes from my arms, and took the tube from my throat. I swiped at him, trying to stop him. I began choking, my eyes rolling back, my face turning purple. A soft hand gripped mine, and I felt at ease, no longer choking.

Lauren whispered gently into my ear, tears splashing on my pale white skin.

"Best friends forever, pete."

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