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Welcome to the Mansion

November 25, 2010
By scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
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"Always be a star on stage...no matter what role you play..." -Sixth grade L.A. teacher.

(The movie starts off with a close up of an old building that looks to be in shambles and several pieces of rotting wood collapse. The house rests on an old street that has no houses left and most of them have either been destroyed or the people who lived inside have moved for unknown reasons. Then the camera glances all around the neighborhood and stops at the entrance of the street to show a school bus with eight high schoolers inside all chatting or asleep. The bus suddenly jerks and the students awaken.)

Derek: What?
Ivan: Are we here already?
May: Yeah-are we?
Mr. Thompson: Yes-we are-so get your equipment kids and we will set up.
(Mr. Thompson stands as the bus opens up and grabs a camera from the seat next to him also waking up one of the students as he does.)
Andrew: Awesome-I heard this place is really haunted!
(He stands up)
Ivory: Good-I’m glad-I want to get some film and get out of here.
(She picks up a shoulder bag and stands.)
Mr. Thompson: Well-we should get going kids.
(He gets off and is followed by the eight excited students who are eager to film the site)
Sara: Are we really gonna’ get to see some activity?
Mr. Thompson: Possibly-if you guys are really good detectives.
Tyler: So-we have to stay here for the weekend?
Daniel: Yep’ and we can show the class and we can be the best video photography club around.
Mr. Thompson: That’s the spirit-now-let’s get settled.
(They all stare up into the giant mansion that is said to be haunted-the camera changes to look through a window at the eight students and the teacher and the curtain shuts.)
Ivory: Well-I for one am totally psyched to go into a real haunted house and see some ghost activity!
(She smiles and starts walking.)
Daniel: Come on!
(He presses on forward with Sara and Tyler following)
Steve: Come on-let’s get going.
Sara: Don’t be so pushy god-we have all weekend.
Steve: I just want to get the story that’s all.
Ivory: Trust me-if there is a story it will be here for another few minutes.
Derek: Okay-well-let’s move!
(The nine people move onto the porch and Mr. Thompson starts fumbling for the keys in his pocket. Sara and Ivan both are spying through the window. One of the students spies a shadow move and he moves to the side of the house)
May: Tyler? You find something?
Tyler: Though I-never mind…though I saw something.”
May: Don’t worry…we’ll have a chance to check out the grounds tomorrow.
Tyler: Fine-but we need to check out the backyard tomorrow.
Mr. Thompson: Kids-come on-it is getting dark!
(Everyone rushes inside the mansion and the doors mysteriously shut by themselves but the students fail to notice. The camera follows)
Mr. Thompson: Here we are!
(The students find themselves in the old abandoned mansion. It has a huge hallway and an old marble mantle in the corner above an old fireplace. There are two giant dusty couches that sit there too. The place is in very much need of fixing and the students disperse and look around the main hall.)
Mr. Thompson: Kids-drop your bags here and we will go get them after we check out a little-then-we I will leave you for the weekend and I will be back in a little while.
Tyler: Okay-what is the story of this place?
Mr. Thompson: This is an old mansion where a king and queen lived but the angry citizens attacked and killed everyone in this house including Anne-the princess who was never found after the murder…so-grab your cameras everyone and we will start the tour first and then you kids can get some sleep.
(Everyone grabs their cameras from their bags and they all meet in a semi-circle around Mr. Thompson)
Sara: Can we check the basement first?
Mr. Thompson: No-the basement is off limits due to construction…now-why don’t we split up and check the ground floor first?
(The students split off into groups of four-Derek, Ivan, Sara and May-Tyler, Steve, Ivory and Daniel)
Steve: Mr. Thompson-are you coming?
(Camera shift so it is showing Mr. Thompson and the fireplace behind him)
Mr. Thompson: I’ll catch up to you kids a little later…
Stave: Okay-see ya’ later.
(The students disappear down the hallway-there is a clicking and Mr. Thompson turns to see the fireplace has moved to show a secret hidden passage)
Mr. Thompson: Hello?
(He walks past the fireplace into the passage and the passage closes behind him…the camera stays on the outside of the fireplace and Mr. Thompson’s yells are suddenly cut off…the camera shifts to the group of Derek and Ivan in the kitchen with the girls)
Derek: Anything?
Sara: No-too bad-hey-is Mr. Thompson coming or not?
Ivan: I guess he’ll catch up-hey-May, do you have any extra batteries-I forgot them in my bag.
May: Sorry…I don’t but I’ll go back with you.
Sara: Okay-we’ll meet in the main hallway then.
Derek: You two had better get going-I want more footage.
(May and Ivan both leave the kitchen and the camera watches them leave and shifts to Derek)
Derek: I guess we don’t have much time left-I’m getting tired already.
(Derek yawns and Sara keeps filming and looks out the window.)
Sara: Derek-look at this!
(Derek looks out the window and sees the huge garden…the camera shows the backyard, revealing a large maze of flowers and plants and a large tree house too)
Sara: We need to get a good look at that tomorrow-!
(A thud heard above stops the teens)
Derek: What was that?
Sara: I don’t know-but none of us are upstairs yet!
Derek: Or is it one of our future sightings?
Sara: I hope.
(The camera then shifts over to group two made of Daniel and Ivory both are inspecting an old room with a piano and chairs stacked up)
Daniel: Did you get anything Ivory?
Ivory: Not yet-but it is only our first day-We have all weekend to get info. I just hope everything turns out okay.
Daniel: What do you mean?
Ivory: I’ve heard stories-which people have come in here and disappeared.
Daniel: No way-those are just stories to cover up the crime in this town.
Ivory: But there is hardly ANY crime!
(She turns to face him, having that annoyed look on her face)
Daniel: I know…WOA!
(Daniel jumps back and Ivory yelps and is at her side in a minute)
Ivory: What?
Daniel: Something just flashed across the screen!
Ivory: Really?
(The camera closes up to reveal Daniel’s camera and the screen plays.)
Daniel: Here!
(It shows a white light shoot across the wall behind Ivory)
Ivory: WE got something!
Daniel: Come on-we need to show the others right away!
(Both exit-cameras face the piano and the piano slowly starts to play and a girl who is about in her twenties is seen hanging from the ceiling from the chandelier fixture-Camera shifts over to Steve and Tyler)
Steve: Hey-did you hear that?
Tyler: What?
Steve: I thought I heard some shuffling!
Tyler: I doubt that-there is no such thing as ghosts.
Steve: Why do you suddenly not believe?
Tyler: Because I realize how ridiculous ghosts are!
(Steve rolls his eyes as he scans the small empty room)
Tyler: Well-I’m going-see ya’!
Steve: Where are you going?
Tyler: To find the kitchen-I’m starved!
Steve: BUT-!
(Tyler leaves the room and Steve just sighs as he scans the room with his camera once more before he leaves after Tyler-the camera shifts to the window and lightning strikes and it shows a shadow of a figure slumping against the wall and to the floor where a real pool of blood forms-then camera shifts over to Ivan and May-Ivan is going through his camera bag looking for his batteries)
May: Did you find them?
Ivan: No-strangely enough it seems as though they were stolen from my bag!
May: What?
(May checks her bag and she jumps up in frustration)
May: Mine are gone too!
Ivan: You’re kidding-May-they really are?
May: yes!
Ivan: Who took them?
May: I’m not sure-I left my batteries in my purse and even my purse is gone too!
Ivan: things are getting weirder here.
May: I agree.
(There is a thud and they both look at the fireplace that has suddenly lit up)
May: EEP!
Ivan: The fireplace just lit itself!
May: Then this place is really haunted!
Ivan: Now. Now-maybe this fireplace is automatic or something!
May: I hope-just in case-did you get it?
Ivan: Yes.
May: Good!
Ivan: Maybe we need to go find the others
Ivan: Suit yourself-I’m gonna’ look around here some more.
May: Fine.
(May walks off and Ivan looks at the fireplace again-and the camera shifts so it is sitting in the fireplace looking up at Ivan and the wall behind him-lightning strikes and a shadow appears and raises a giant blade and Ivan turns-the camera then shifts to his face and he screams in agony)
May: IVAN?
(Camera shifts to May walking down a dark hallway and she turns to hear Ivan’s screams)
May: Ivan!
(May calls for him as she walks back into the main hallway where she had left Ivan)
May: Ivan-where are you-this isn’t funny!
(She screams when she sees not Ivan but a trail of blood leading from where he was standing into the middle of the room and then disappears)
May: IVAN!
Sara: What happened?
(Sara, Derek and Steve’s group of four run up in a hurry)
May: Ivan-he’s gone-Blood!
Derek: What happened?
May: LOOK!
(Chatter and gasps fill the hallway as the group realizes Ivan’s mysterious disappearance)
Steve: What-But the blood stops here!
(Steve stands at the end of the blood trail with Tyler)
Ivory: Who could have done this?
May: I left him and I heard him scream and when I came back-I found this!
(Sara walks over and gets on her knees, looking at the blood to the corner of the wall and runs over to the wall)
Sara: I found something-you may want to see this.
May: What?
Derek: Yeah-what is it?
(Sara holds up a damaged camera, the camera suddenly turns on and it shows him being knocked to the floor and yelling in pain as blood covered the camera)
Sara: I found his camera.
Daniel: So something really did get him.
Tyler: Or someone…
May: So-could it all just be a joke?
Sara: Probably-unless we find a body-it probably is a joke.
Steve: Hey guys-where is Mr. Thompson?
Ivory: I haven’t seen him yet.
Sara: Nor have we-
May: What if Mr. Thompson ended up like Ivan?
Steve: What if Mr. Thompson WAS the one who made Ivan disappear as a joke?
May: What if Mr. Thompson is DEAD?
Tyler: Shut up-this is just a stupid joke-there are no such things as ghost!
(Everyone glares at him and everything grows steadily quiet until the ‘ding’ of a grandfather clock makes everyone check their watches including the camera that shows the grandfather clock at 12:00 midnight)
Steve: Why don’t we look for Ivan tomorrow-I’m too tired to even walk anymore!
(Camera returns to the group)
Sara: Fine with me-Guys?
(Group starts talking and arguing all except for Daniel who notices a shadow move down the hallway and he sneaks away)
Sara: Fine-but we were never shown our rooms!
Steve: How are we expected to sleep in this place?
Tyler: I found them-there is a staircase beyond the kitchen that leads to some rooms.
Sara: Did they have any type of nametag on the door or something?
Tyler: No-
Sara: But we were told that our rooms had our names on them and who we were to room with!
Tyler: Well-can anyone else find our rooms or do you all want to sleep out here?
Ivory: Fine-but I want my own room.
Tyler: So do I…
Ivory: Fine-we can find who takes what room when Tyler shows us.
Tyler: Follow me then guys.
(Group of six all follows Tyler as they walk down the hallway towards the hallway-the camera shifts to Daniel)
Daniel: Ivan-is that you?
(He finds someone pressed against the opposite wall in a hallway that led to a dead end)
Daniel: Ivan-what are you doing?
(Daniel approaches but realizes that the person in the corner is not Ivan)
Daniel: Who are-?
(The figure is suddenly at his side and slams him against the wall with a bloody hand on his throat)
Daniel: Let-me-go!
(But he is pulled away from the wall and his head is smashed against a window-then his bloody figure is dragged back inside and the camera follows the person dragging the dead figure away until the person and the dead students suddenly disappear in a flash of lightning showing the crowd the person who just killed Daniel isn’t human -during this whole time the face of the person is never shown-camera shifts back to the group of six-they are in a kitchen which holds a large table and a fridge with a walk in pantry)
Tyler: Here-up that staircase.
Derek: Seriously?
Tyler: Just GO!
Sara: We’re going, we’re going.
Ivory: Wait-has anyone seen Daniel?
Steve: No-actually I haven’t seen him!
Ivory: What if he is gone too?
Derek: Then what if we are next?
May: Did you have to say that?
Derek: Just kidding-geez take a joke!
(The group of six venture up the old stairs and stop at another hallway that is old and has six doorways that apparently lead to rooms)
Tyler: Here we are!
May: SIX rooms?
Tyler: Sorry-but each room hold two beds!
Ivory: Unless someone doesn’t think we will make it to the beds alive!
Everyone: IVORY!
Ivory: Sorry…I’m scared though.
Sara: Then share a room with me!
Ivory: Okay….
Tyler: Then everyone should get some sleep and we will look for the guys tomorrow!
Steve: But we never even found Mr. Thompson OR Ivan!
Sara: But we will have to get some sleep at some point!
Derek: Goodnight everyone!
(Camera shows Derek standing in doorway of a room and he yawns and stretches and he walks in and shuts the door.)
Tyler: Same here…
(Some of the students leave the hallway leaving only Sara and Ivory)
Sara: Come on-let’s take this room.
(Sara opens the nearest door and they both walk in and shut the door)
Sara: Well-I suppose this is goodnight.
Ivory: You’re going to bed already?
Sara: I’m tired and you should be too…
(Within minutes Sara is asleep and Ivory is in her bed unable to sleep until she eventually falls asleep-the camera turns to the closet and the closet open revealing a girl in a white dress hanging from a rope)
(The camera shows the sun rising and both girls awaken and they get ready and gather their cameras and realize that there is something amiss)
Sara: Hey-Ivory-I can’t find my spare batteries!
Ivory: Me neither!
(A knock at the door they open it and realize that it is Steve and Tyler)
Steve: Hey-have you guys seen my extra batteries?
Tyler: Or mine?
Sara: This is weird-we just woke up to find our stuff is missing too!
Ivory: This is getting weirder and weirder!
Steve: Weird…it’s as if someone doesn’t want our stories out…
Tyler: Come on we have to get to May and Derek!
(All four of them leave their rooms and venture down the stairs to get to the kitchen to find Derek and May both talking and searching the kitchen to find a scrap of food.)
Derek: There is nothing here to eat!
Ivory: Great-now all of us will starve!
Tyler: It’s only two days…
(The camera shifts so it is looking through the window at the group then it ducks in the bushes followed by snarls and growls-May walks over to the window and opens it letting in a breeze)
Sara: What is it May?
May: I though I saw something!
Steve: Forget it-so who is gonna’ search what?
Derek: May and I-we can search outside.
Sara: I’ll search upstairs and Tyler can help me.
Tyler: Why me?
Sara: (Being sarcastic) Because I need a big strong man to protect me.
Tyler: Really?
Sara: Of course not!
Steve: I’ll go with Sara-Tyler can go with Ivory already and they can search the basement.
Sara: But Mr. Thompson isn’t here!
Steve: But he was supposed to be here and he disappeared as well!
Sara: Fine-guys-just be careful-I don’t want to be dragging a body out of the basement today okay?
Tyler: Certainly.
(Everyone splits up-Camera follows May and Derek-Camera shifts to hiding in the bushes)
May: So-where do you want to start?
Derek: I’ll search the shed-you go search the garden.
May: (Fixing camera) Sure you go on I’ll catch up…
(Camera watches Derek walk on and May starts to walk around the flowers enjoying the scene)
May: What pretty flowers-Mmmm…they smell great!
(May gets on her knees with her back to the camera and the camera starts to move fore wards slowly)
May: Aww how sweet-wait if the flowers are alive-whose been there to care for them?
(A growl erupts from behind her and she turns and faces the camera and screams)
May: Get away!
(A dark monstrous figure knocks her to the ground and she is clawed at several times and the camera closes up on her bloody form she struggles to pry herself free)
(The camera stays focused on her as she screams but no help comes to her as she slowly starts to slow in her movements-more growling and snarling then suddenly she is slowly being dragged but the camera stays on her horror and pain stricken face)
(But still no one comes to her aid and eventually she is motionless as she is dragged through leafs)

The author's comments:
Eight People go on a fieldtrip that just may cost them their lives...

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