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What a night for Survival

November 8, 2010
By scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
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I stood there and laughed as I had watched Riley fall to his death. To tell the truth I hadn’t expected him to fall. I would have saved except for the fact was that I wanted that money more than anyone wanted. I stood there and stared down at that pathetic Riley until I felt my memory would be stained with the fool. I kept walking and heard soft voices ahead. “Tumbleweed you idiot!”
“Sorry about the paint!”
“No your not.”
“Can’t I pretend?”
“Shut up.”
“HELLO?” I called. “Samuel?” Jonathon asked as he walked up. He had a red hand print on the side of his face staining his black hair. Ms. Scarlet emerged next and red paint almost blended in with her dress. “What happened?” I asked. “He spilled paint on me!” She huffed. “Where’s Riley?” Jonathon asked as he approached me. I looked over my shoulder and looked down the giant hole. Riley’s body was gone! “I-don’t know.” I said. “Well find him-we’re going back downstairs-come soon and be quick about it.” And with that Jonathon and Scarlet were both gone. I was calling “Riley are you here?”
“Oh I am.” I turned to see his bloody face scowling at me. “How did-!” Suddenly he had me on the floor with his hands around my neck! He punched me and slammed me into the floor, making me cough. “You tried to kill me!” He yelled in my face. “No-I-!” I stuttered. Okay-I did try to kill him. “I’ll kill you!”
“You’re not Riley.” I stuttered. Suddenly Riley got off me and smiled. “You’re right-I’m not.” Suddenly his features changed! His hair went away and turned grey! He now was wearing a bloody lab coat. “I’m not Riley.”

Chapter Eighteen

“He’s DEAD-He’s DEAD!” I cried as I backed up until I hit the opposite wall. Fred wasn’t looking too good himself. We both were shaking wildly. “What’s going on here?” Ms. Scarlet demanded as she walked up. There was blood all over her red dress! “Ms. Scarlet!” Fred gasped as he ran up to her. “It’s not blood.”
“It’s not?” I asked as I stopped crying into my hands. “No-Tumbleweed was an idiot and he spilled red paint on my dress!” She huffed as she placed her hands on her hips. Tumbleweed was the last to emerge. “Hey-did you guys find the others?” I asked. “Yep’ We found Samuel but no Riley…I think Riley is gone as well.”
“I hope not.” Fred frowned and walked over to the two giant double doors. “We have to get out of here.” He said. “Before we get in more trouble.” I sighed. “Well…I can’t believe I am saying this but-has anyone…searched the basement?” I asked. “I don’t know-at least I don’t think so.” Fred said as he looked to Tumbleweed. “No-I don’t even know where the basement is-it was hidden by a secret passage though.”
“I bet Katherine knew.”
“Well…she must not know anymore.” Ms. Scarlet sighed. “Fine-we can go look-but I need to change first.” Oh Brother! “Fine-but….were we ever shown our rooms?”
“Was anyone expecting us to get to our rooms?”
“What do you mean by that FRED?” I asked defensively. “What if this is a trap-a psychopath or something?”
“This. Is. An. Asylum…Psychopaths breed here!” Jonathon then stated “He could be right…but if so-it would be four on one!”
“Four on three-You guys can get yourselves killed-you don’t need a psychopaths help there, isn’t that right, Tumbleweed?” Scarlet asked. Suddenly there was click. We all looked around confused until Scarlet noticed that the light illuminated the hallway. At the end were eight doors that had our luggage in front of the doors. “Come on…” Scarlet started walking and we all followed. There were paintings on each wall separated by an archway. “Wow…some art.” I said. “It was painted by the patients…the doctors used them to make people think the asylum was fine…anyone who believed them were just dumb fools.” Jonathon said as we stopped. Scarlet picked up her suitcase and opened one of the doors. “I’ll be right out and we can look for your psychopath AND your intelligence.” She said as she walked into one of the rooms and closed the door behind her. I walked over to one of the paintings. It was blue and red swirls with a red hands painted in the center. “Wow…guys-the detail-is amazing.”
“Look out-Alison the paint critic.” Fred laughed. I laughed too-but my laugh started fun and ended in screams. The hand suddenly shot from the painting and grabbed my arm! I screamed “FRED, FRED…FREDDY!” I screamed. There was a roar and Fred was at my side, pulling on my other arm with Jonathon next to me pulling also. “What the-!” Ms. Scarlet came running out of her room in a pink, long sleeping gown, screaming as a hand reached out from the floor for her! She was at our sides in a minute, not pulling, just horrified. We all were screaming as the paintings all shook wildly, moans and screams filled the halls. The hand let go of me and Fred, Jonathon and I all hit the floor, horrified. WE all scrambled to our feet as we ran for it. Suddenly Ms. Scarlet yelled as she was viciously grabbed by the ankle and yanked towards the painting! She hit the floor and was being dragged down the hallway towards the painting! “Ms. Scarlet!” I yelled as we ran for her aid. But we were too late. Some how she was literally PULLED into the painting! Then the painting dropped to the floor and all was silent. We ran to the painting and gasped. There she was-the lady in red. Inside a canvas painting.

Chapter nineteen

“Oh-god!” I said as we examined the painting. She looked tortured or in pain. “I-I-can’t believe-it!” Jonathon said as he picked up the portrait. It looked like nothing was wrong. It even looked like it had just been painted. “Jonathon-your bleeding!” Alison gasped. He dropped the painting and stepped away. “No-he’s not bleeding.” I looked at the painting that he had dropped. Blood was dripping from the frame. “Oh-my.” Alison said. “That was scary.”
“Let’s go-we have to get out of here.” We started walking and strangely enough-nothing was wrong…all the paintings were lying around the floor, all beat up or missing a frame. We got past the maze of portraits and I yelped when I turned around. All the paintings were on the walls again! “Come on-we need to get out of here.” I said as I took the lead and we started walking again. Jonathon was practically shaking and Alison looked like she would faint at any minute. “Jonathon-do you have any idea how to get to the basement?” Fred asked. “Possibly-I have some ideas…”
“I hope it’s a good idea-I don’t want to end up like her.”
“Suiting-don’t you think-the lady in red who loves having painting of herself-her final resting place is in a canvas painting.” Jonathon said. “Very poetic.” I sighed as we started walking. I examined the hallway that led to the closed exit that told me we were far from safe. We heard a loud THUMP! We stopped abruptly, I looked around. Nothing… “Come on…let’s keep moving.” This place is haunted. Nothing can tell me otherwise. “Hey-do you think that this place should be condemned?”
“Yes…if only I’d figured that out before I bought the place.”
“Explaining time-tell us how you got this place.” Jonathon sighed and spoke again “Your right-well-I was leaving work one night and a shady man approached me…he asked me if I’d like to get rich beyond imagination…I said ‘yes’ then he told to buy this place and restore-then sell it-I’d get a profit…so I bought this place and had three guys come in to tell me the damage-but we found their bodies upstairs-today.”
“So-A shady guy asks you if you want to make money and sells you the asylum and you think nothing of it?” Alison asked. “Sorta’…yes.”
“I know that now.” Jonathon looked down. “No worries-.”
“NO WORRIES?” Alison yelled. “Five people are dead and you say ‘no worries’?” Alison yelled at me. “Well-.”
“Whatever-your probably the one who is killing people.”
“What about Scarlet-how could I do that?” I asked. “I don’t know-but-we’re next!” She cried. “Guys-accept it.” Jonathon said. WE both faced him. “None of us are getting out of here alive.”
“Way to stay positive.” I said rolling my eyes. “POSITIVE?” Alison asked or snarled. “Shut up, Alison.” I spat. “SHUT UP!” Jonathon’s voice echoed and we both fell silent. “We are all gonna’ die unless we get to the basement and find an emergency exit, because if you haven’t noticed-we are in a dire emergency!” He yelled again. Talk about loosing your cool. “Come on!” Jonathon commanded as he started walking. I followed and Alison started running after us. We were startled by a yell for help! “Scarlet?” I asked. “No-Katherine!” We ran towards the scream. I stopped when I noticed we were in the area where I had been suddenly thrown into a closet and Katherine disappeared. “Fred-look at this.” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked past the door Jonathon was holding open. I peered inside and my heart skipped a few beats. Surrounded by a puddle of dried blood was Katherine’s camera. I carefully picked it up and examined it. The screen was cracked half-way and the side of the camera where the batteries went was open and the batteries exposed. Someone wanted the evidence gone. “But it looks like it should still work.” Alison said. I clicked ‘on’ and the screen showed static. The static cleared and it showed the chandelier falling and smashing the desk. Then the screen froze and it skipped ahead to where she was walking down some kind of narrow hallway and coming upon a bookcase! It opened and she entered what looked to the basement. “The hidden entrance to the basement!” Jonathon gasped. It showed her running from some guy in a bloody lab coat! He was laughing. The camera froze again until it showed Katherine strapped to an operating table! She was screaming as sparks flew from a nearby heart monitor and the man laughing insanely! Then the camera went dark. “She-she-!”
“She’s dead-we really are the last few left.”

Chapter twenty

We stood there silent for a long agonizing minute until I worked up the courage to clear my throat and speak “Well…we had better get moving-I know where the entrance to the basement is then.” I said as I started walking with them both following me. “Well…it’s safe to say I’m gonna’ have this place destroyed the second I get out of here.”
“If you get out of here….or any of us for that matter.” Alison added. “Jonathon-do you have any ideas on how to get out of here?” Fred asked. “You just don’t have any mercy do you?” I asked. “Not really, no especially when an idiot buys an asylum that he has no clue about.”
“So-do you have any idea what to do?”
“Yes-if we can find the camera room where you can watch security footage.”
“So we can spy around and spot an emergency exit?”
“Exactly.” I said as I smiled in triumph. “Well…come on-pick up the pace-I’m almost stepping on your shoes!” Alison complained. We started to pick up the pace until we were almost running for the door. But we stopped when we got to the wall. “Where is the door?” I asked. “Wait-in the video-we aren’t looking for a door-we are looking for a bookcase!” She said. “Right-!” We all split up and looked around. Fred opened a door but there was no bookcase. Alison checked the video tape again and it showed the same again. “I don’t see a bookcase.”
“I do…” Fred said as he returned from a dark passage that he had to almost walk sideways to go down. “I found the bookcase-and it looked like someone wanted out badly…”
“What do you mean?” I asked. “Come look.” We started walking and we had to go one by one. And I stopped when I saw what he meant. The bookcase was in shambles! Books were in piles all over the small entranceway and the bookshelf was just a pile of wood in the corner. “Come on!” And we entered the basement reluctantly. Very reluctantly.

Chapter twenty-one

We entered the basement which was lit by only light bulbs that hung on wires. There were wooden shelves that stretched in opposite directions that were held by rusty nails. On the shelves were assortments of things that made me shiver. Needles. Helmets. Rusty chains. And even tags that were used to keep track of patients. The whole place was one made scientist laboratory almost. We chose to take the left hallway and we started walking. Jonathon started speed walking and I was almost jogging to keep up with both of them. Alison was carefully watching every corner worried something may try to kill her next. “Do you guys know where the camera room is?” I asked. “No-probably in the heart of the asylum.” Alison said as she looked behind us. “I agree with you.” I observed the several archways we passed as we walked. Then we saw what I knew I was gonna’ hate. We were passing the cells they kept the patients in. We started walking past cells and I looked inside them. Each cell held a flat bed and a torn blanket and a bathroom with no privacy. Reminded me of jail. We kept walking and both of them must not have noticed the cell on the rig t. But I did. “Guys-I found her.” They both looked over my shoulder. We found Katherine. And her body was slumped against the back wall. Blood dripped from both sides of her cheeks and she was wrapped in a straightjacket. “Come on-we don’t want to end up like her.” And with that we kept walking. We spotted several more cells that were destroyed as well. And we found Riley and Samuel. Both in separate cells also lifeless. “I have a feeling that if we stay here-we’ll end up just like them.” Alison said as we started walking, resuming our pace. We kept walking and we were in silence for a long time. Until Alison broke the ice. “Here-we should find the camera room just up the hall. “Okay-well-here goes nothing.” He said as we walked up to the door. To tell the truth I was afraid to. I didn’t want to know what lies beyond that door. But we opened the door. We all screamed when we found the psychotic doctor inside! He laughed his crazy laugh. “Hello-welcome to my Asylum…did you have fun?” He asked. “No-not really….RUN!” I yelled. And we ran for it. I heard Alison scream as he took a grab at her hair. I looked back to Alison holding the end of her hair as we ran. “I’m gonna’ get ya’!” He yelped with joy. “You all will be my new test subjects!” He yelled. Suddenly-I felt cold hands grab my neck and yank me back.

Chapter twenty-two

“FRED!” I screamed as I turned around. I screamed again when I found that the psychopath held Fred by his neck! “Alison-RUN!” He yelled. “You will die-FRED VALENTINE!” Suddenly-Fred’s hair grew longer and whiter! His skin became paper white and cracked! His muscles faded away into his bones and wrinkles became many! I screamed again when he fell backwards. When he fell backwards-he wasn’t Fred Valentine anymore. He was a skeleton that turned to dust when he fell backwards! “FRED!” I yelled. The Dr. looked at me and laughed. I had just then noticed that Jonathon was gone! I screamed again and ran up the stairs and heard a voice call me. “Alison wait- your friends aren’t talking anymore!” He called and I heard footsteps follow me! I climbed over the bookcase with the guy hot on my heels. I screamed again as he hit me to the ground. “GET away from me!” I screamed as I tried to push him off. “You-are gonna’ die!” Then he laughed again. “HELP!” Suddenly Jonathon pulled the mad guy off me and I got up and stepped away a few feet-with my right arm bleeding. Jonathon tried to wrestle the guy to the ground but it was futile. He was suddenly grabbed by the neck by another set of hands! I screamed. It was a patient ghost! It grabbed Jonathon by the neck with the bloody doctor got up. “You-will-DIE!” Suddenly His hand began to glow an odd color and he touched Jonathon’s bare hand! Suddenly Jonathon began shaking. His teeth were chattering and his skin turned BLUE! Then in two seconds he stopped. He lay there on the floor-blue skin and all. Frozen alive. I screamed and ran. I stopped at the corner. The doctor glared at me. His eyes turned red and he began to laugh quietly but it then began to crescendo into a mad cop laugh. His skin began to dissolve and his lab coat fell to the floor. I screamed “You-dead!”
“Correction-I’ve never felt so ALIVE!” He began to change until-he was no longer Dr. Tomas. He now looked more like a faded person. “And you my dear-are no longer among the living!”
I screamed and ran towards the double doors. They were the only way out. I tried them but they were locked. And when I turned around-I saw an army of patients and doctors all screaming and moaning-slowly walking towards me. I saw the ghosts Mr. Buxton and Samuel also among the crowd. Samuel was yelling for help as he was being beaten by some patients. Mr. Buxton was yelling at them as they lunged and he was soon submerged in the crowd. I saw Ms. Scarlet’s ghost was grabbed by the arm and pulled into a crowd of patients and the patients were eager to grab her. Katherine’s ghost was surrounded in the corner with nurses trying to pull her into the wheelchair. Jonathon’s spirit was being beaten up into the desk. And Fred. He was strapped to a table, and a nurse was pulling a bunch of needles from one of the doctors and I turned away. The doctor grabbed my hair and hit me in the chest. A lot of patients surrounded me and began hitting me. Suddenly a patient grabbed my arm and pinned me to the ground. Others did the same thing to my hands and legs. I was then submerged in gore and patients.

The Asylum opened two days later, challenging anyone to come inside and dare it’s dark catacombs and darker secrets. And as for Alison Stone? Her spirit was forever tortured within the asylum just like the eight guests that dared the asylum. Just like thousands before her. And for the money? There never was any money. It was just a trick to lure innocent people into the asylum and their souls were tortured for all eternity. The doctor was a doctor. Over one hundred years ago. And he was the worst of them all. And when he died-he became one of the ghosts. And he fed on the souls of the dead and gone, forever trapped in…
The Heart of the closed asylum in New York City.

Or is it?

The author's comments:
A horror story on people being trapped in a murderous asylum

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