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Your Heart Shall Bleed

January 2, 2010
By Sammi<3 GOLD, St.Charles, Missouri
Sammi<3 GOLD, St.Charles, Missouri
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Lightning pierces the sky as you stand there with the blood dripping knife. I can't believe what you have done. My mother, father, and brother... gone. The only word that escapes my speechless lips is why?. You face soon turns red and the anger unleashes. You bark at me all the reasons you believe to be true, well I disagree. Then the three fatal words come to surface, I love you. Well, you have completly destroyed me, so I snap. "I don't love you," I screech. "What kind of love kills? What kind of love destroys?" I stop. Then I realized that you looked like you had been slapped, and that my words must have slithered out like fire for they have pierced you heart like bullets. As you slide towards me I realized I should not have spoken for you were the one with the knife. As you reach toward me ou show me how the knife can hurt me as my words hurt you. The knif slides into my chest, meets my family's blood, and twists. You hold me up to tell me the last three words i would hear in my lifetime. You pulled me close and slowly whispered in my ear, "Now your heart shall bleed."

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