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The Mystery of the Mountain

October 21, 2009
By Skaterkid797 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
Skaterkid797 BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Beep! Beep! Beep! Slam! “Morning already uhhg I’m so tired.” I groan to myself. Sitting in bed wandering to myself my father barges in without knocking and nags “get up! Get up! You are picking Blake up in an hour and he won’t like it if you are late.” Same old Henry loud and nagging as usual ever since mum died he has been too caught up in his work and disappears days at a time. Wait did he say you are picking up Blake? “Dad are you coming to pick up Blake with me?” I ask him. “Well son I can’t I have a lot of work needed done today and I just can’t wait I’m sorry.” “Whatever dad ever since mum died you haven’t been there for me it’s just work this work that-““Alex! You have no idea what I am going through! I’m trying to help you through my work and have to spend most of my time on it I’m sorry for screaming it’s just.” “Dad just stop I’m done with this.” “Then just get ready to leave because you are in ten minutes.”

Well my name is Alex Morgan and I live on Misty Mountain on the tip top in a manor the size of three football fields next to each other. My father is the richest person on the island don’t ask me how I have no idea he can’t even tell me his job. Speaking of him he never lets me leave the manor unless I to go pick my friend Blake up. It gets lonely because I’m tutored by my Uncle/Butler Frank. Blake is my only friend I have known him all my life. It’s not that I’m a geek it’s just I don’t know anyone else. He’s mum passed when he was born. What’s cool is that we look a lot alike. We both have sandy brown hair and are lean and fit. But our eyes are different he has bright green eyes. I have well different eyes. Mine change colors one moment they could be ice cold blue the next warm hearty brown. He stays in the manor with me every other week which is awesome.
“Good Morning Frank” I beam to my Uncle. “Morning Young One” He calls back. Walking through the elegant hall of ancestors I take my time picturing my ancestors today. It’s my father’s side so no picture of my mother “she wasn’t pure enough” I think to myself mocking my father. Most of the drawings were painted with majestic strokes of watercolors but my father’s was dully photographed I wanted mine painted. I can hear the helicopter from outside even though it’s three rooms and a thick door away. It’s weird I’m faster, stronger, can hear better, see better, and even taste better than a lot of people.

Sprinting up to the amazing door painted glass shimmering like a mirage. Grabbing the bronze handle feeling the cool air from outside and the thump of the helicopter makes me wonder. Why does it always have to be a helicopter how come never a road? Hoping on to the helicopter I find a new pilot that I have never seen before. He is a young man maybe in his mid-twenty’s. “Hey Man what’s up? Got a name?” Saying while I jump into the co-pilot seat and put on the gear like a second skin. He doesn’t answer guess he’s the silent type. It usually takes my father and me thirty minutes to get down the mountain. That’s because he lets me take the wheel most of the time. We get down there in record time of seven minutes. Shows how much I and he used to goof off. The unknown male cuts the engine and I jump out landing on wet grass. Racing to Blake’s door I nearly slip and bust my head open but magically I keep my balance. Weird huh? I have changing eyes and cat like reflexes.

Walking up to the door I knock quickly three times pause two seconds then knock two more times this time letting myself in. “Hey Grandpa Max how’s it going?” Beaming as I walk down the hallway. He doesn’t answer and as I’m walking into the living room it starts to become dark. Seeing something on the floor I already know what the substance is. Blood. Before I have a chance scream I come to my senses. No telling myself if I scream I might be next. So slowly I creep into the living room it’s a disaster. There’s blood everywhere lying on the ground I see grandpa max’s limp body. Racing towards Blake’s room as softly as I can I hear a moan. Putting my back up against the wall I take my head and peek around the corner and see an unbelievable sight. What I see is not real or is it? Seeing a zombie munching on what’s left of Grandpa Max’s sickens me and almost makes me hurl up this morning’s breakfast. Carefully walking around the zombie in a way he can’t see me I make my way into Blake’s room. Immediately I go into the closet and see Blake lying on the floor shaken but alive. “Blake get up it’s me Alex were getting out of here! Screaming silently to him. He gets up without a word and follows me.
We walk towards the kitchen silently but the zombie hears us and follows I grab the novelty axe off the wall and swing it at the zombie’s neck. There’s a plop and another moan before the zombies gone. We race around the house barely dodging another zombie. For so reason it seems as if Blake is trying to keep me in the house. “Come on let me grab my bag.” He yells through the silence. “No time we have to get out of here.” I cry to him from the front. Coming closer to the door handle I grab it. There’s a weird buzz. Turning the knob I push it open with my right shoulder. When I step out of the house I see chaos. Zombies everywhere the sky has turned a blood red. “You should have stayed home today Alexander.” Says a voice oh so mockingly. “For today you will witness the apocalypse.” For a second I don’t realize who it is then I start to turn and see only Blake standing there. “Now it’s time for you to suffer.” He states. Before I have a chance to move I’m flung into the air I land hard the last thing I see before I’m out cold is blood everywhere.
To Be Continued………….

The author's comments:
I feel as if I were this lonely boy but also he is different in his own way. This story will be continued.

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