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The Sunglasses

October 29, 2009
By roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
roxawesomeness PLATINUM, Manassas, Virginia
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"You know this is going to be your last year trick-or-treating, right?"
"Whatever." I said, adjusting my curly, orange wig, and smoothing out the AC/DC T-shirt Mom had to make herself because she couldn't find the right one in stores. I was going to be Steven Hyde from That '70s Show, even though I was girl. It didn't matter, it was Halloween. I could be whatever I wanted.
"Seriously, you're thirteen. Getting a little old for this." Mom said, putting on the pinky ring on the right pinky.
"Whatever." I responded again, grabbing my jean vest and hiding how girly my boots were under the bell-bottom jeans found in the clearence aisle at Target.
"Listen, I'm meeting Chrissy at the mailbox, like, right now. So... oh wait!" I said in a panic.
"What?" My mom screamed.
"Forgot my sunglasses." The sunglasses were the most important part of the costume. Those aviator sunglasses are what makes Hyde Hyde.
"What's Chrissy going to be?"
"A vampiress." I ennounciated.
"See, now why couldn't you have been something like that instead of a boy?" Now, my mom hates vampires because apparently, they're like, going against God or something, (she especially hates Twilight) so this was saying something.
"Whatever. Bye!" And I slammed the front door on the way out. My mom hates that.

With a flashlight around my neck, I slid the sunglasses on my face, the essence of cool. Chrissy was already at the mailbox. I slid the flashlight into my vest.
"Hey, Chrissy the Vampiress." I greeted, practicing my sarcasm muscle. It was weird, but Chrissy was looking in the distance, like at the top of the driveway. And I was right in front of her.
"Hey, where are you?!" Huh?
"Right in front of you!" Maybe it was too dark. I took the flashlight out of my vest and turned it on.
"HOLY C-" Chrissy screamed.
"What?!" I yelled over Chrissy's screaming.
"Floating flashlight!" The words sounded ridiculous, but her voice was scared.
"What do you mean?! I'm holding it!" I shone the light right in my face. I was practically burning my corneas out.
"Oh... my... God."
"What do you think my costume's awesome?
"Well, I can't tell because I think you're invisable."
"What? That's insane." Chrissy simply handed me a mirror.
"Why do you have a mirror while we're going trick-or-treating?"
"In case I need to touch up my makeup."
"Oh, my God. Even as a vampire you are such a girly-girl." I angled the mirror to my face. Or at least, where my face should've been. All I saw in the mirror was a bright spot where the flashlight's light ended on the trees.
"Oh, my God." I repeated, panicking. I couldn't see my body, my clothes. My costume was freakin' awesome and no one would be able to see it.
"Oh, my God. Maybe this is a curse." Chrissy suggested.
"Like in movies. You know, I bet part of your costume is the curse. Usually, it's like, a ring."
"I'm wearing a pinky ring. But that's a stupid idea."
"Try taking off the ring."
"Fine, but nothing's going to happen." I took off the ring and threw it on the ground. The ring appeared, shiny and silver, but like a predicted, I did not appear.
"See?" I said.
"Okay. Well, what's the last thing you put on?"
"Uh," I thought back, "my sunglasses."
"Well, try taking those off!" Almost as quickly as I took the glasses off, me and my clothes appeared. I picked my ring.
"Well, isn't that ironic? The sunglasses, which conceal people's identities, make you invisable."
"It's probably just a trick of the light."
"Alright, well, move under the street light."
"Why do I-"
"Just do it!" Reluctantly, I moved to the end of the street.
"Now, put on the aviators." I groaned, but I put them on. Chrissy showed me the reflection in the mirror. Only the streetlight.
"Sorry, Monica. No sunglasses for unless you want everyone to run away from the door before they give you candy."
"But no one's going to recognize me without the glasses. They're what makes Hyde Hyde!"
"I hate to break it to you, but no one's going to recognize you with the glasses either. Even if they didn't make you invisable."
"I hate to break it to you, but That '70s Show has been cancelled for three years. It's not a hit anymore."
"So? There are people who watched it and still watch it. And, that's not even the point."
"Whatever. Just put the glasses on your collar and tell people you don't wanna put them on 'cause it's too dark outside."

So I did. And trick-or-treating was going normal. The last house was Mr. Gunderson's house. Mr. Gunderson was my old math teacher who basically tortured me during Algebra.
"Hey, you wanna get back at Mr. G?" Chrissy asked.
"Heck, yeah! How?"
"Well, put your sunglasses on and watch him freak!"
"Okay!" We ran to the door. I put on my sunglasses and rang the doorbell.
"This is going to be so great!" I could hear footsteps approaching.
"Trick or treat!" We both said in devilish voices.
"Ah, a vampire and... that kid Hyde from That '70s Show. Here you go... and good night." And Mr. G shut the door hard.
"I don't understand. How did he not freak out? How did he see me?"
"I think I know." Chrissy said. I was expecting her to say he's the devil and only the devil can see the invisable. But instead, she said,
"You're not invisable anymore."
"What?" I looked at my hands. I could see them.
"How's that pos-" I heard my cell phone go off. I had set my alarm to go off at 12:30, when it would be time to go home.
"It's after midnight." I said.

Maybe it was a Halloween curse.

The author's comments:
I'm dressing up like Hyde this year and my friend is dressing up like a vampiress. I was playing with my costume when I thought I could make something spooky with it.

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