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The Color Blue

November 10, 2009
By Impractically.Yours SILVER, Pasadena, California
Impractically.Yours SILVER, Pasadena, California
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The unspoken word doth no harm.

I love the color blue, but being here and seeing so much of it, might alter what I consider to be my favorite. I tried to stop him, I really did, but when you have a gun pointed right into your eyes, it's hard to think about something other than the fact that you could be dead soon.

We were in Biology, it was 9:36 AM, and my name was Ryan Wells. That's all I remember, the only things I can remember from before, maybe it will come back, even if in bits and pieces.

It's not so bad here, the place is futuristic, and streamlined, just like the places I thought I would grow up and design, I remember that, too, and I think I'm in line for a career change. Other than white, everything else is blue, my favorite shade of blue, the perfect balance between sapphire and pale green.

And other than me and him, there's just one girl.
I wonder how much she remembers, of before.
We aren't allowed to talk to each other, and every morning we see each other as we exit our rooms and walk like the graceful wind of hope into the injection room, where even hope cannot remain for long.
I don't know what he is planning to get when we are done with our injections, which will been soon, since the bright blue X's in sharpie get closer and closer to the circled date, every day. I don't know what will happen on that day, but I dread it.

I dread it even more, than being here, not being able to talk, not being able to communicate.
But I know I have to be strong, because I know that on that circled date, I will be set free.

I don't know the girl, or her name, or her story. But I long to. She is beautiful, her pale skin set perfectly to her ruby lips, and her hair which is soft and wavy, and looks like rich mahogany. But her eyes strike me the most, because they are purple, not dull plain purple, but a bright, vibrant purple, purple that looks like it needs to be set free.

Today is the circled date and he is bubbling with excitement, he talks for the first time, chattering excitedly to himself. I see the many calendars full of big blue X's, and realize that I have been here for 4 years. That's a long time, to be away from my world. That's a long time, to be incased in someone else's hopes and dreams, carefully planned, and executed with extreme thought. I have not been able to resist him, him with the gun, and the shoulder-length dirty blond hair, and the withering tired face, and the wrinkled dirty shirt that I have never seen him change.

He asks me how I feel. I say I feel normal, as if being pent up for 4 years, was anything but normal.

He opens the door at the side of the room, which I have never seen him open, and in walks the girl, whose eyes betray nothing, except the hope that maybe, soon, we'll be able to leave this awful, empty place.

"Very, very soon, you will be able to feel the reward of my efforts. You will be able to do things only dreamed of. I was the only one to attempt such research, everyone was too afraid that it wouldn't exist." He stopped and looked from me to the girl, and back at me.

He walked over to me, carefully, as if I might lunge out in order to escape, as if he knew what 4 years of hoping and dreaming had done to me.

"You are Ryan Wells, you are now 17 years old.
I chose you, because you were the least noticed.
No one would care when you were gone, I was like that, unnoticed, invisible, so I decided to do this wonderful research so that every minority, everyone that was overlooked would have the chance to be powerful and awesome."
I stared back, my eyes overflowing with tears, I had no idea why I was crying, since I had not in the past 4 years, but it felt good, like it needed to be done.

He looked at the girl, his eyes wide with knowledge of what was to come.

"You are Mandy Hollinsbeck, you too, are 17. I chose you, not because you were unnoticed, on the contrary, everyone thought your face was such an unfortunate feature. But I transformed you, made you free from having to wear heavy black make-up to disguise your interestingly dull facial features. You dyed your hair black and cut it bluntly short so that it would hide your face from unwanted murmurs. You were so lost, so confused, it was only right to help you." he smiled, gloriously.

The girl named Mandy looked as if a wave of relief has washed over her, as if knowing about before was all she had wanted.

How could he say she was ugly?
She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

He grew even more excited, and I feared he would burst out of his skin, he walked to the door.

Next to the door was a panel on the wall, on which was a switch that he flipped.

The huge white and blue wall creaked open, slowly, heavily. And white light burst in. I turned at a shriek, and the girl was staring at herself in a mirror which has just appeared. An image of her former self flickered for a brief moment on the sleek reflection. She had been rather dull before.

I stared at myself in the mirror, I looked like the star quarterback of the high school football team, I had short blond hair, and I was muscled like my middle name was Bowflex. The strangest thing was that I remembered none of my former apperance, and neither did the mirror reveal it to me. Then, something clicked in my brain, and everything made sense.

"Can you hear me, Mandy?" I whispered through my thoughts, afraid that it had all been a lie.

"I can hear you, Ryan." she whispered back.

"I can't speak, I know I had mute before this, mute and dull, and plain."

"I was the same" her words danced through my mind, creating a wonderful ticking sensation.
"I was the same".


The man, was sentenced to death by lethal injection . The charges were attempting to clone humans, though we were grateful, you would believe us?

Our parents did not recognize us, nor our few former friends, they believed that the man had taken us and used us to create weird celestial beings. Mandy and I never separated, the world left us alone, and we quietly settled into society, as the first ever living clones, the doctors were astounded as they calculated we would live forever, under the current condition of our bodies and internal organs. Psychics were frazzled unable to believe we had not suffered a mental break down in those 4 long years. Whenever we stepped out, Mandy and I quietly thanked the man, whose name we never learned, for being brave enough to start research on this condition which bent normal lives, sometimes to their breaking points.

I learned so much in the years, and I remained, quietly Ryan Wells, for 3 years after that, until one cold day in September, someone else's words entered my mind, they were searching for someone else like them, and they had found me, they had found me, another person just like me. Mandy was my saviour, as I was about to become to another one.

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This is my favorite writing.

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