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Tonight They Come (Page 8)

September 25, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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I kicked and punched the man that struggled to capture both my sister and my mother. He turned around with anger and tried to grab me, but was caught by surprise as Ambo bit him on the leg. My mother turned him toward her and slammed him in the face. He fell back and landed on the ground moaning with pain.
The three of us raced over to Papa and started throwing random kicks and punches at the two remaining soldiers. It was four against two and we were in the lead. One of the soldiers took a rough blow from Papa, and then slowly fell forward. I quickly went to turn to face the last soldier when my foot brushed up against something. It was a small stone that would be perfect to knock out a soldier.
I picked up the hard stone and gave it to Papa just as he defeated the last soldier. He gave me and wink and we all made our way to the fight between Dad and the leader that still remained.
“This is for your cold heart that has killed so many without reason!” yelled
Papa. He took the stone and threw it with all his might at the soldier. My father looked just in time to step back and avoid becoming the new target for the stone. The stone hit with a thud and quickly did its dirty work.
The leader fell to the ground and coughed out a few words before passing out, “You shall all pay.”
We all looked around to see if there were any more soldiers that needed to be taken care of, but we were safe… for now. We all looked terrible. My father had a deep gash in his arm and several scratches on his face. His clothes were torn and bloody. Papa’s wrist was broken and his remaining teeth were knocked out. Ambo had a few scratches on her face. My mom had several bad cuts. And I had a bloody nose and a cut above my eyebrow. I could taste the rusty blood that flowed into my mouth and gagged in revulsion.
“Are you hurt honey?” My worried mother asked my father.
“I’m fine, just a cut.” He panted. “Now let’s get a move on, we need to get to the river now!”
Nobody had any second thoughts about the statement and picked up their belongings and followed my father. We made it five more blocks and finally, we could see the river. The wicked planes in the sky continued to drop their bombs over the western part of the city.
My family and I finally got to the water’s edge and in the distance, could see a small ferry boat coming this way. I held my breath hoping that it wasn’t an enemy. It slowly came closer and revealed that it was a friend. The boat was for people from London to escape and get across the English Channel and it was ordered by the Queen.

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