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Tonight They Come (Page 7)

September 25, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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The Queen of London met with The Fire Clan King in order to solve our conflicts three weeks ago. After their meeting, London was warned that the Fire Clan would come any time. Instead of their usual killing, they were going to capture everyone in the city of London and bring them to their king who would then decided what to do with us. That is when we decided, along with hundreds of others, to try and swim across the river to make it to France to gain our freedom and start over.
I snapped myself out of the flashback and returned to the present.
“Let go of me you fools! You are all fools!” screamed Papa. He was struggling against the three soldiers to get free, but only got held back. One of the soldiers smacked him across the face several times. The cherry red blood oozed out from under Papa’s nose. He hung loosely and let his head fall. He had given up…
“Don’t touch him!” I yelled trying to make myself sound powerful.
“Oh, and what do we have here?” mocked the lead soldier. “A young girl trying to protect her fragile grandpa?” He laughed and put his face right in mine. I looked away trying to avoid his gaze, but he grabbed my chin and forced me to stare into his eyes.
“It looks like someone needs to be taught how to respect.” He chuckled. “I’ll remember that when I present you to the king. He has special jobs for those that disrespect.”

He continued to stare at me with an evil crooked smile. “So, do you have a boyfriend girly? Hahahaha.”
Without thinking, I spit into his face with rage. “How dare you?! You, you murderer! You horrible monster! How dare you! I will never respect you! Your sole is as black as coal!”
The lead soldier staggered away, surprised. He wiped the spit from his face and screamed at me. He charged forward about to make his attack when all of a sudden my father came running to the rescue. My dad started to punch and kick the soldier, but it was an even match.
I realized that this was the only time to get away so I kicked and punched and scratched the man that held me. The soldier, Lenny, who was holding on to me struggled to keep hold of me. Anything to get away! I screamed and tried to get free. I did my best to elbow the Lenny in the gut and after the tenth time, he fell to the ground unable to breathe. I turned and kicked him in the face and I immediately ran for my mother and sister to help them from the third soldier that had been holding Papa. I avoided the fight between the leader and my father and raced over to them.

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