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Tonight They Come (Page 6)

September 25, 2009
By music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
music_lover PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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Mom started to pull me away, but I yanked my arm in order to get free. I started to make a run for it until a pair of strong arms grabbed me. I shook, kicked, screamed, and scratched the strong body that held me. I kept my eyes tight shut as I desperately tried to get away from the stranger.
Behind me I could hear the cries of Ambo. “Get away! Who are you! Let me go you meanie! Mommy help me! Help me mommy, help!” Having to listen to her struggle and cry was pure torture.
“Please let her go! She did nothing to you! Let the child go and take me in her place!” Mother wailed.
“Shut up! All of you! You are all under arrest!” shouted a strong soldier voice. “Lenny, get your lazy butt over here and help me chain them up! The rest of you, keep hold of the prisoners! We cannot afford for them to escape. I do not want to have to report to Ron again!”
The soldier holding me turned around to face his leader with no answering remarks. I took in the scene that was laid before me. Papa was being held by three muscular soldiers. He gave me a look of concern and he had a black eye. Ambo had been let go and had ran over to my mother, hugging her tight. My mother was being apprehended by the leader who had given the orders. All of the soldiers aged from about 14 to 21. They all looked so young!
I fearfully looked back to see if my dad had gone unnoticed under the debris, but he was gone. I glanced around to see if he had been captured by any of the soldiers, but he was not present. He must have made it! I realized that we still had a chance feeling a bit of relief.
The soldier gripping me roughly shoved me forward as he made his way to his leader. The leader, like the rest of the soldiers, wore a dark brown uniform with gold buttons and threading. There were a number of colorful patches that each represented something, which covered the shoulders of the uniforms. The biggest patch that stood out from the rest was on the left side of the chest where your heart rested. It was a patch the size of a softball and it contained a flaming frowning sun. It represented the Fire Clan, our worst enemy.
The Fire Clan had taken over our country a few months ago. They wanted to claim the land for themselves, but our country refused to allow it. In return to our answer, the Fire Clan proceeded to intrude our country by orders of their king. They burned our houses, killed women, children, anyone who got in their way that did not cooperate. They were murderers that enjoyed killing and causing misery. Everyone hated them and feared that their king would take complete control over London, which so far, has almost been successful.

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Khadra BRONZE said...
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