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Total Control

May 22, 2009
By ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
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“A new science discovery has been halted due to petitions from citizens to the congress…” I woke up as my TV randomly turned on, on a Saturday morning to the news, Channel 11. Then a commercial popped up, it was like that one on the Science Channel about the two most amazing elements on Earth, hydrogen and oxygen. Followed by a science movie trailer and a sci-fi like episode. Today must have been science day – or something…

I got up, took a shower, put some cloth on, and turned the radio to the news just in time to make breakfast. I did not have much, as my bank account was limited because I was just a college student who’s money was fixed mostly on education. On top of that, my parents could no longer support me as they had spent most on their money on my tuition to a good college hoping it would payback someday. But with all that money, that still wasn’t enough so I had to take an afternoon job on Sunday, and Tuesday and Thursday when I had afternoon without any classes. So for breakfast, as usual, I ended up with a glass of orange juice, and an orange, enough to keep me focused and energized. The radio had more science related content, and since I was tired of always hearing about Science since I was majoring in Chemistry I automatically tuned it back on. The only problem was this radio was a cheap piece of crap so it automatically tuned back on. Without letting that disturb me, I just unplugged it from the wall.

The phone rang this morning at 10:30AM, I answered it,
“Hello?” I questionably asked into the phone.
“Hey, are you coming??” it was my best work friend and also one of my best study helper, _________
“Yeah I’ll be there in a couple minutes”
“Okay, see you soon”
I hung up the phone back in its charging base. _________ and I were supposed to study this morning. We were both in different schools, but worked in the same place, and because we had so much in common we became friends very quickly. We studied each other together every weekend. It was a fun way to prepare for tests. My final exams were coming soon, and so I had to prepare urgently, otherwise I may not pass it, and it could hold me back or even quick me out of college. In our study group, if we are the only two, usually I teach her a little bit about Chemistry, and she teach me a little bit about Architecture, a primary major back in a college in Boston. We then pass our review to each other, and quiz each other. We do this for about two hours. After we usually get tired and instead of continuing to study we hang out for a couple more hours. After this we test each other one more time to see if we retained the information. It is a great and fun way to learn our lessons, plus we get to hear about each other’s majors and learn new facts every time.

I took my cheap adult bicycle from the bike rack, unlocked it and rode it down the street to the highway to her house. I was very fast after using it as my main transportation device for the last four years, and rode it smoothly in between cars. When I rang the door bell, only to hear her usual and casual welcome, “Come in, the door is open” Not very safe I thought, but she was expecting me. I opened the door of her nice apartment, and went in her room. I could see that she had invited a friend, what looked like a builder of some sort because of the construction career t-shirt he was wearing. I could hear the radio turned on. It was a commercial about some type of architecture and construction working shop. That was pretty ironic, and I reflected it on my day a little bit, until my phone interrupted my thoughts as it started to ring. I think it intercepted the radio network or something, because as soon as it went on, the radio dropped to a static noise, before turning back on to another Science commercial. That whole event gave me the chill down my back, a very peculiar feeling, a feeling that something, something outside, something big, was watching me. Never less I pause for second then picked up the phone. It was my mom, starting a typical mom conversation. Asking me how I was and what I was doing, and all those other questions a regular mom would ask.

Ignoring the whole radio thing I continued to study, it was pretty fun and I think that that hour I had made a new friend. We then had lunch and I went back home. There I picked up the Saturday Newspaper and the rest of my mail. I then read the headlines, the main one made me reflect on my day.

(picture of newspaper)

“Conspiracy of Government-ruled people may appear again,” then the sub-headline here for quick readers who do not care for the whole article, me, “Back in the 50’s a rumor started saying that the government was controlling lives to prosper the country, now with all the technology available it is easier and faster to actually do it, and the rumor is once again spreading…” Usually I tend to ignore article like this because they write interesting articles but politically corrected just to get popularity and cash by exponential growth. But based on all of today’s event suggesting that the article was true I had to make a test. I turned on Channel 11, off course another scientifically ad popped up, I then took the landline phone as I could make free calls using it, dialed (972) 820-9271, because he ALWAYS watches TV. Someone picked up, in the background I heard two very strange beeps, could it be that someone was…

“Hello” answered _________

“Hey _____” I replied

“Hey! How are y…”

“No time for talking I need you to turn on the TV to Channel 11”

“Okay then!?”

“So…” I impatiently added

“Hold on… I don’t know, its blurry.”


“I said hold on its…”
I was ignoring him as I turned around my TV was blurry too suddenly.

“Hello” I could still hear him in the background

“Yeah, hold on” I answered just to shut him up.

“Are you okay?” he continued…

“Yeah, just wait…”
I kept staring at the TV, then it suddenly came back on, showing me a toothpaste commercial.

“I see it, its some kind of toothpaste commercial… Hello?”

“Yeah okay, never mind, Ill… just talk to you later, okay?”

“Okay!? Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah bye”

“bye” he finished
The phone now only showed a distinctive and prolonged beep. I hung it back on its charging base and decided to visit the New York Times headquarters and speak with the editor of the article I read to find out more information on this whole situation. Unfortunately, it was already too late so I postponed it for tomorrow.

The next morning I woke up as usual, watched TV for a bit, ate the same usual breakfast, followed by studying before my next class, Chemistry. But one thing was peculiar about the ordinary reoccurring process I was doing every morning. Something not ordinary, and not reoccurring. The TV, Radio and Mail had no Science related media content or anything like that. But that sign wasn’t going to stop me from finding out more. I got out of my apartment threw the elevator and climbed into the Boston Public Transportation Bus to the New York Times head in New York only to get terribly slowed down by traffic until coming to a complete stop as the bus had broken down and we were forced out without refund. Out of all the panic in the bus because of cars rushing toward us, in the middle of the highway at incredible speeds. I took my cell phone from my pocket just to receive a text saying,

(picture of text message)

“You’ve been warned!” My screen then flickered before showing, “Message erased” The thing that was controlling my lives, and many other, could remotely control cell phones. This did not come as an obstacle to me, it just made me angrier, and leaving me with gaps that needed to quickly be filled out. I got off the bus and went into a taxi stop, but the traffic was bad so instead of waiting forever I started to run toward the headquarters. Ahead of me I could see all the traffic lights turning green for the cars, and red for me. Traffic jams and accident were popping up everywhere. Behind and in front I could hear traffic helicopters and explosions. I could tell that the thing made its number one priority to remove me completely from existence to protect its daring secret. All the street cameras were turning around following me. When I went through all the cars I finally arrived at the building. But before I went in the doors closed and I was locked out. Adrenaline started to rush threw my body, threw every blood vessels, every cells, every single part and I started to pound at the door like if I was crazy, asking them to let me in, drawing attention toward me. I could tell the Clerk was calling security and a few seconds’ later two guards grabbed me and pushed me down, but I wouldn’t let go, so they finally injected me until I was put to rest…

I awoke in a dark room with a strong light projected at me. I heard low voices in the background informing everyone I was awake. “Why don’t they just use a microphone” I though. Unfortunately my thought escaped out my mouth, and I myself informed everyone I was wide awake and conscious. This weird guy in a doctor suit came up to me.

“So, I see you’re awake” he started.
I refrained myself from talking back.

“Im going to have to perform a few medical test to make sure that what they injected into you 3 days ago didn’t damage your body…” he finished
I was repeating his words in my head over and over again. 3 days… I’ve been asleep for 3 days… 3 days. 72 hours of unconsciousness. My thoughts once again blurted out of my mouth,
“I’ve been unconsciously sleeping for the last 3 days! That’s illegal, unconstitutional, not fair! I could sue you!”
“No, trust me, you couldn’t” he replied, with an evil smile planted on his face, I could tell he was up to something, but I really didn’t have time, nor did I want to think about it.
“Now, are you going to make this process hard and lengthy, or not?” He added. The doctor took a popsicle-stick like object and stuck it at the root of my mouth. After so many physicals in my life, I automatically had the reflex to say,
“Good,” he replied.
“Now only 3 more small text and I’ll be done” He got back up, took another medical object by the handle and stuck it carefully in my hears while switching a built in flash light on. He once again got back up, wrote some mysterious notes in his notebook. In my head I thought, “Only two more tests!” I was now starting to wander about the other two test and what surprise might await me. I started to get anxious. My nervousness soon stopped when I saw the doctor grab a familiar object, a stethoscope, used to measure breathing patterns. The first measure was my back, then my chest area. Only one more test. I got very anxious again when I saw him pull out a needle from his drawer and a little bottle-like container with liquid content inside. I started to get dizzy and felt like I had gotten a terrible head-ache. But the doctor kept going with his plan, bringing the needle closer and closer to me, he took a section of my arm, while reassuring me by saying things like, “Don’t worry,” or “It’s not going to hurt” But as soon as he dug the needle into my skin it did hurt and its effects were most likely quick because a couple seconds later I fell into what appeared to be a deep, silent comma…
I woke up in my bed with a big headache disturbing my thoughts. I rose up, and took Aspirin© to calm it down, only to find out it actually made it worse. Suddenly someone pounded on my door and it gave me this blurry memory of me pounding on some kind of sliding glass door. Confused and a little frightened I walked slowly to the door, something I should have down faster because the pounding only triggered my headache once more. I looked through the peeking hole on top of my door, to find that it was just ____________, most likely here to study or something. I opened the door, to my surprise she wasn’t here to study, “I’m never wrong” I thought.
“Where have you been” she stabbed me with questions
“What happened to you? Where were you? Why was I not informed!” She kept adding.
“Huh…” before I had time to finish she interrupted me.
"You’ve missed four days of work, your boss is mad at you, your teacher is confused, I’m confused! What happened? Its not like you to just wander off for 4 days!” She finally stopped and impatiently waited for my answer.
“I don’t know, something is happening, come in, I have to tell you something!
“Okay what is it, you can tell me anything, im youre best friend!”
I was confused, was my blurry memory of the past a reality, a nightmare I thought fake, true? Was everything I ever knew wrong?
“_________” I slowly started
“Yes…” she replied
“Did you ever get the feeling that something, something bigger than you, maybe government size, was watching you? Watching every step you made, waiting to take control of you. Took control of your life since you were born just for the sake of the country and the economy.”
“No, did you read the Sunday paper or something. There was an article like that.”
“No I’m serious, and I think it directly relates to why I was gone! Please you have to trust me!” I didn’t know if I should have told her the rest.
“You’re crazy!”
“Please believe me, you’re my best friend, you have to trust me!
“Yeah and as your best friend, I really recommend you to get psychological help!”
“No wait” But before I finished he was already gone, door slammed, friendship broken. Only one thing to do left, I needed to get some proof before ever bringing up the subject again. I thought for a while, and then came up with a great idea.

(picture of text message)

I started typing on the smallish keyboard of my phone,
“I know how to prove it, please come” I hit the send button, and a message appeared at the bottom, it read, “Sending…” It was taking a while, and my screen flickered. Then another message popped up, it warned me, “Message could not be sent!” They were watching and controlling my cell phone. But that wasn’t going to stop me, she was just outside because she had just left my apartment, and the elevator was slow and she did not own a car. I ran down the stairs out the building to see her leaving in a taxi, her face looking at me with tears running down. She did not know me anymore. Then a sound startled me, shocked me, it was an old tired voice coming from behind me,
“Hey. Hey you. The guy that was running to NY Times Headquarters, the guy who was stopped by police.”
“Yeah. What do you want, who are you?” I answered very confused.
“I was watching you that day, I was the camera men on the helicopter, and so were they, but for other channels.” He had a whole crew behind him, all also staring at me. He continued to talk,
“We were all filming you, following everything you did, with both the camera, and our own eyes. We sent it over the base station, we checked and double check, procedures. It was sent, but when we arrived at the base, it never got there, all the footage we took, all of us, the TV station, and everybody else that weren’t there had no clue of what happened, but we were there. And we all saw it. Some of us lost our jobs that day…” he finished explaining, I was about to speak, but someone else stepped up before I had a chance, it was a young lady,
“I read the Sunday paper, I believe it, I read every word of that article. I’m a camera woman, and every morning on TV, on radio, on the computer most ads are related to that and politics.”
I finally had a chance to speak up, “What are we going to do?” I asked. No answer, we all waited, some of us thoughts, others were lost. Until the leader spoke up,
“We need to get proof.”
“But how?” The woman asked, then continued, “Every possible way we could get the proof can be controlled by then. TV, Radio, Camera, Internet, Computers, everything is blocked, inaccessible; we are probably being watched at this moment.
“Good thinking, let’s go back inside, and think in there, I think it’ll be more comfortable and we’ll get more done.” We all went into the elevator, pressed the button. It was silent, except for the mechanism of the elevator, until someone spoke up, “What’s that smell, it’s like gas or something!” Then we all smelled it, but it was too late. The elevator broke; the string untied and went down all the way through the five parking levels until it crashed. I was the only survivor, trapped in a hospital. Later moved on the mental clinic. No proof, fighting something I couldn’t, something bigger than me…

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