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May 19, 2009
By azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
azvampiregirl SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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The soft sound of the jingle of the door went off. Selena had her head lowered to read the newspaper that lay infront of her, between her forearms that rested there on the counter. Tendrels of soft brown hair had escaped from the clip at the back of her head. Reading to the period of the article she was on, she finally glanced up to the door to see a little old woman as well as four other women about the same age come in behind her in rain coats. A few of them were closing umbrellas and sticking them near the door to dry as well as taking off soaked coats to hang up.

The first little woman came over to Selena to stand infront of the counter. "It's frighteningly chilly outside today, if you go out don't forget your coat dear," the woman's green eyes looked to her from behind little spectacles that rested on her nose.

"Alright Ms. Langlie I'll keep that in mind, do you and the group want some green tea?" she suggested after she folded up her newspaper to stick it under the counter on the shelf.

"That would be wonderful dear, thank you," she turned to see that the group she came in with were now sitting on couches around a round coffee table with the same books in hand. Nearby along the wall was a fireplace which its firewood crackled to warm the bookstore/cafe'. More couches and living chairs were settled around the shop with more people, teenagers sitting amongst each other laughing. While others were just reading over a good book to wait out the rain. Younger children with their parents were even reading picture books or playing board games that stayed there in the shop.

The shop was a very friendly place, it welcomed everyone. Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. the place always had people in it. Either it be to have a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper, reading a good book or just hang out with friends. The owner of the place was Ms. Langlie, who lived a few blocks down with her roommate Jessica who was along with the group near the fire.

Having finished with the cups of tea, Selena set them on a tray and walked over to the group, handing them each a cup. After being thanked she went back to her post behind the counter. Picking up her cup of tea once more to sip at it, she looked over the rim to the group with Ms. Langlie. The old woman always had a book club on every Tuesday and Thursday, she occassionally worked at the shop. But two other girls in their late teens worked there as well together, whenever Selena herself got off of work. Which was at about four o'clock every day, when she left to meet her friend at a cafe' downtown across from the woman's business building.

A moment later, a kid in his mid-teens came to the counter wanting a latte'. She nodded and turned around to fix it up for him. As soon as he paid for it he winked, then went to walk over to his buddies in the corner who were giving him the thumbs up. Letting out a bit of a chuckle, she shook her head at the act from them. Just then her cellphone rang in her pocket.

Reaching in her right side pocket after setting her tea cup down, she answered it.

"Yalow?" when she did that, a few of the kids in the corner looked over to her. So she stuck her tongue out at them.

"Hey Sel," came a kid's voice.

"Mason, what's wrong? I told you not to call me at this time of the day, can't you remember long enough?" she almost growled over the phone, her grey-green eyes narrowing.

"Well I could think better if you got me some more monster drinks, I mean hey I'm all out already!" she knew the kid was pouting on the other end.

"I got you about a case of fifty of those drinks to hold you off two months ago Mason, what did you do with them all? Pour them down the toilet?"

"I would never do that to my precious drinks! I drank them all two weeks ago, can I get some more pretty please?"

"I'll think about it, now why did you really call me?"

"Got the info on two guys downtown that you wanted," Mason was serious now.

"Good, send it to me on my laptop, good job Mason, I guess I can get you a new case, but you shouldn't drink all of them so fast, I don't need you dieing on me, got it?"

"Sure thing boss, only one a day, bye Sel!" the phone went dead. Clicking her cellphone shut, then stuck it into her pocket. A jingle at the front door got her attention. Her eyes locked onto two teenage girls coming in soaked from the rain outside. It must've been three-fifteen, her clock out time. Making sure it was, she checked the clock on the wall to see that it was indeed three-fifteen on the dot. Jamie and Paige were always on time, she didn't ever have to worry if she couldn't get out of there at the same time every day. Raising her left arm, she waved at the girls as they stood at the door. The girls smiled and came over to her.

"Hey Selena," Jamie greeted.

"Hey girls, you guys get here okay?" the sisters usually carpooled together. Today the pavement was a bit slick from the rain.

"Yeah, it was okay, well Jamie and I will take it from here, you have a good lunch Selena," Paige went around the corner, tieing an apron around her waist.

"I will," Selena reached for her tea cup and tossed the rest of the liquid down her throat and put it in the dish washer. "Well see you guys later, oh and the guys in the corner, give them a bit of slack they've been trying to get my number all morning, maybe you girls will like them more," she smirked at the boys and headed to the door that said private in the corner. Taking out her keys from her left pocket, she unlocked the door. Opening it, it revealed a staircase going up to her apartment.

Following the stairs, she came into a dimly lit hallway with murals of forests on either side of the hallway, the floor was a smooth wood. It was perfect for her personality she thought, as she wasn't always the people person, she always took care of herself for the longest time. She always thought of herself as a lone wolf, an outcast. However, she wasn't the one that decorated, that was Ms. Langlie's thing, she insisted on decorating for her. Going to the end of the short hallway she came to two wooden double doors with two tall green plants on either side.
With her keys still in hand, she stuck in her door key. When she unlocked it, she pushed in to enter.

Her eyes scanned the studio apartment for a moment. Making sure everything was how she had left it at six-fifteen this morning when she left downstairs. There wasn't anything out of place that she could see. As she barely had anything at all in the place. All there was was a queen sized bed with nice soft green sheets and white pillows laid on top. It was under windows that were on the ceiling slanted to connect to the wall. She could see rain pelting them, to then roll off onto alley below. A side table had a laptop and a fax machine alongside it. At the right of the bed was a dresser, the top was bare. She did have a bookshelf with some books, a plant and a fish bowl ontop. To the far right was a small kitchen, something she barely used. She couldn't cook unless it was to stick it into the microwave, but usually she just ordered or made an egg salad sandwich. Across the kitchen was a door to the bathroom. Near the bathroom she had some workout equipment. A weightbench, a bar along the wall, so she could pull herself up and down on it to strengthen her arms and midsection. Also there was a punching bag chained to the ceiling, which was surprisingly strong, a little table next to it held tape and candles. It wasn't much but it was some place to call home for a little while.

Crossing the floor, she went over to the fish bowl, to bend down to look inside at the little goldfish swimming around.

"Hey Jello, you being a good boy?" the fish just puckered its mouth. Smiling she took the fish food that sat next to the bowl. Giving him a bit, she watched him for a moment. Moving away from the bowl, she went to one of the two bar stools at the counter in the kitchen to take her brown bomber jacket to slip it on. "Bye Jello, be back tonight," with that she left the room, locking it behind her.

Leaving the shop, she went to her car which was just outside. Which was a black 69' mustang. Unlocking, and getting behind the wheel, she looked to the time on the stereo system. Ten minutes till four, she only needed five to get to see her friend Kalli.

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