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February 19, 2021
By IDontLikeCoffeebutIllTakeaLatte BRONZE, Cottonwood Heights, Utah
IDontLikeCoffeebutIllTakeaLatte BRONZE, Cottonwood Heights, Utah
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She ran, she ran in the snow that covered the bare forest. She ran even with a trail of strawberry red following close after. She ran even with that same color obscuring her sight, it wouldn't stop her, she wouldn't let it. She had to get away. She was so close to the road, its black asfault stood out in the white abyss, just out of reach. She was almost there when her desperate attempt to escape was stopped. He had caught her. No not human, not after what that monster did to her and others like her. "BAM" a shot echoed around the desolate forest of Burch. White hot pain filled her senses, making her collapse. " no, no i was so close" she rasped the cold snow covered  ground making her shiver as the thin cloths did nothing to protect her from anything. A tough wethered hand grabbed he bright turquoise hair now dampened by her blood. "Trying to leave so soon hmm?" A voice next to her ear asked, it's sickly sweet sound was filled with malice. "dont you know that it is quite rude?" It began to pull her back to its house of horror." NO! NO PLEASE, PLEASE" she begged and begged."as much as I love to hear you beg, its getting on my nerves." It spoke with a tone of hidden warning. She shut her mouth so fast, one could hear her teeth snap together. She looked at it and knew. She knew she would not escape. She knew she was going to die, she also knew she would leave him somthing. Somthing other than a lock of her hair and her name. She looked at the monster, she looked at its strong and lean body and deceiving face and her honey brown eyes filled with determination. She was 17 shaking with fear, the cold and pain but she wasn't the kind of gal to go without a fight. She never did liked cutting her nails. She twisted to her feet ,caching the monster of gard, and swung her claws at it drawing deep lines on its face." YOU HARLET! THATS GOING TO SCAR!" It roared. She spit on it "A little gift, monster." Spoke with power in her voice she didn't know she possessed. Filled with rage it grabbed her ad pushed her into a low hanging branch stabbing into her. She cried out and it laughed a evil sort of laugh. It rose its gun as she glared into its eyes " Might i be the last death at your hands, and may the pain you have caused be repaid tenfold." She cursed. "BAM" another shot rang out. Her heart slowed to a stop and he walked to her with a satisfied smirk on his face. He took out his knife and cut a lock of hair off. "Good bye Olivia" he said as he gently touched his gift not a single sole dared leave him before. A he made he way back to his hom he foolishly believed that would be the last time he saw its amaceated face, pale bloodless skin and bright turquoise hair.

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Do they escape?

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