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February 25, 2020
By mmarts BRONZE, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
mmarts BRONZE, Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
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Scratches. They covered the entire window, thick and translucent. Where did they come from? Who made them? All these questions popped into Sydney’s head. Her bedroom was on the 26th floor, so it was impossible for a human or animal to scratch the outside of the window. As Sydney searched for answers to her questions, she stared at the window. She was startled and horrified. More scratches started to appear, but there was no one there. Sydney walked towards the window and touched it. Suddenly, the window broke and there was glass everywhere, shattered and destroyed. Sydney leapt back in shock. She was not surprised that she broke the window, but she was shocked by the bloody footprints that appeared on the floor near the glass. 

Sydney started freaking out. Those. Were. Not. Hers! She started to rush outside to tell her mother, when she stopped near her full length gray mirror. Sydney loved seeing her own reflection, but this time there was something wrong. There was a reflection that was not hers. The reflection was a girl with deep scratches, bruises and scars covering her body. She wore a shredded dirty white dress. Sydney looked at the stranger’s feet. They were bloody. Sydney looked back up. The girl had a smile. A sinister smile.

The author's comments:

a short story about a girl's interesting discovery on her own window. 

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