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Best Friends Forever

March 7, 2012
By maddiemaaddie BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
maddiemaaddie BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Things change, stuff happens, life goes on.

Cast Characters:
Angela Baxter – Student of The Gallgher Academy, 8th Grader. One of the top students in The Gallagher Academy.
Stella Morgan – Student of The Gallagher Academy, 8th Grader. Specialty in computerize devices.
Sara McHenry – Student of The Gallagher Academy, 8th Grader. The senator’s daughter, from Ohio.
Mia Oriana – Student of The Gallagher Academy, 8th Grader. Good in calculations and scientific facts.
Joe Solomon – Student of The Gallagher Academy, 8th Grader. Good in basketball, swimming and running. One of the top students too.
Wilson Smith – Student of the Gallagher Academy, 8th Grader. Friends of Joe Solomon. Good in most of the sports.
Mr. Nor – Director of The Gallagher Academy.
Ms. Cameron – Homeroom teacher of 8th Grade. Teaches AP Biology and Chemistry.
Mrs. Morgan – Mother to Stella Morgan. Working in the FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Act 1 Scene 1
The curtain rises. There are four beds on the stage. Angela Baxter, Stella Morgan, Sara McHenry and Mia Oriana are sitting on Angela Baxter’s bed, the one on the right hand side. All of them are well dressed in Gallagher Academy’s uniforms with black shoes and white socks. They are chatting happily over their summer vacation.
Angela: You know it was supremely funny when I saw this little puppy in England and itwas trying to get the mosquito!( Laughing very hard.) It’s hand kept doing this(Scratching in the air with her hand.)And then when it was about to catch it, the mosquito flew away. It was so hilarious!
(Stella Morgan, Sara McHenry and Mia Oriana are laughing hardly back and forth.)
Mia: so, Sara, how was your summer?(Turning to Sara.)
Sara: Oh, as usual. We went back to grandma’s house and did the same things as before. Nothing really did happen.
Stella: Oh really? (Showing a suspicious face.) I though you said you had a crush on someone when you were at your grandma’s place?
Sara: Stella! Shh!(Trying to cover Stella Morgan’s mouth.) Shut up! I didn’t have crushes on anyone ever since I broke up with him!
Mia: Him? Zach? Zachery Gooz?
Sara: Yes. And now, nobody is allowed to mention Zachery Gooz in front of me. And also, not behind my back either.
Angela, Mia and Stella: Okay, Okay. NO more Zachery Gooz. Oops, we just said that!
Sara: Guys! Grrgh!(Rolling her eyes.)
Doormen: “Knock! Knock!” Your luggage are here! (Saying from the side of the stage.)
Angela: Okay! Just leave them at the door! Thank you!(Walking to the side stage, comes back with 3 suitcases and 2 handbags with her. Stella walks to her and gets rest of the bags. They put all of the bags on the floor, beside the bed.)
Angela: There, our bags. Let’s see, what have we got here.(Opens the black luggage and ransacks through it.) Okay, so I’ve got tons of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes and also my accessories, and wualah! My favourite story book – Sherlock Holmes!
Stella: You seriously got books for your birthday? (Rolling up her eyes while unpacking her stuff.)
Angela: Yeah, what’s wrong with that?
Stella: Nothing’s wrong.
Mia and Sara: (Chuckling and tidy up their bags.)
Mr. Nor: (Talking through a speaker.) Welcome back, my dearest students. I guess that you all have your suitcases, haven’t you? Now, would you please change into your uniforms and we’ll have an assembly at the Great Hall, 9.00 am sharp.
Mia: Aw man, assembly, again.
Angela: C’mon guys! Cheer up! Chap! Chap! Let’s go. ( Standing up, stretching.)
( Stella Morgan, Sara McHenry and Mia Oriana rise from the bed and walk to the door, sloppily. Angela Baxter walks at the last and shut the door. The curtain falls, lights dim out.)
Act 1 Scene 2
( It is the Great Hall of Gallagher Academy. At the left side of the Great Hall, stand Angela Baxter, Stella Morgan, Sara McHenry and Mia Oriana. Joe Solomon and Wilson Smith are approaching them.)
Joe: Hey, how’s your vacation? ( Turning to Stella Morgan.)
Stella: Hmm, same as usual. BORING.
Joe: Not going anywhere?
Stella: Excuse me, sir? Where do you think I could go? I am obviously trapped in the stupid mansion in a place called Texas. (Rolling up her eyes.)
Joe: Okay. (The others are chuckling at the back.)
Wilson: Hey, c’mon guys, the ‘Director’ is here, we need to get to our class.
( All of them walk to the eighth row from the left and sit at the very back row of the hall.)
Mr. Nor: (Walking up the stage and stands at the podium.) Welcome back, students of The Gallagher Academy. Summer is over and now it is time for school. Students, I hope that you can keep it up with your grades last year, which were really impressive. And to the 8th graders, you can now choose the subjects you like with one condition, you must at least choose 6 subjects.
Joe: Oh gosh, we have to take at least 6 subjects! That’s worse than having Mr. Nottingham class.( Slapping his head with his hand.)
Angela: At least we can choose subjects we like.
Mr. Nor: Class dismissed. Now, go to your homeroom.
( Students walk out of the Great Hall to their homerooms quietly and disciplined. There weren’t any whispering, talking, shouting, running.)
Act 1 Scene 3
(In the 8th grade homeroom. Angela Baxter is sitting behind Mia Oriana, who is sitting between Sara McHenry and Stella Morgan. Joe Solomon and Wilson Smith are sitting beside Angela Baxter. Ms. Cameron walks in, with a stack of papers in her hand.)
Ms. Cameron: Students, get to your seats quickly. I am going to distribute this paper to you and you can choose whatever subjects you want to take for this year. At least 6 subjects. (Distributing the papers around the classroom.)
Angela: YES! I finally can choose subjects I like! YIPPY!(Taking the paper from Ms. Cameron.)
Ms. Cameron: Angela, would you please lower down your voice?
Angela: Sorry, Ms. Cameron.
Mrs. Morgan: (Stands at the door and knocks. Everybody looks at her.) Excuse me, can I have Stella Morgan for a moment?
Stella: Mom?
Angela: She’s your mom?
Stella: Yes, she’s my mom. What’s she doing here?
Ms. Cameron: Yes, please, Mrs. Morgan. Stella?
Stella: Coming, Ms. Cameron.
Mrs. Morgan: Thank you.
Stella: (Walks to the door where Mrs. Morgan stands.) What are you doing here?(Whispering.)
Mrs. Morgan: I came here to tell you that I’ve helped you to apply for the new school already. Mr. Nor said that you have to leave next week. Are you clear about that?
Stella: Oh, yes. Next week, huh?
Mrs. Morgan: Now, here’s your folder, keep it real good, okay? (Gives a brown folder to Stella Morgan.)
Stella: Yes.
Mrs. Morgan: I’ll come and pick you up next Monday. (Mrs. Morgan walks away.)
Stella: Okay. (Stella Morgan walks in, sits at her place and put the folder under her book.)
Sara: What’s going on? Why did your mom come?
Stella: I’ll tell you guys after dinner.
Scene 4
(The four girls and both the boys are sitting in the last table at the cafeteria. Students are having their dinner, which is also the First-Day Feast.)
Stella: Look guys, I really need to tell you something. (Playing with the paste with a fork.) I’m moving to England. I’m leaving school next week.
Mia: What? Why didn’t you tell us about that? (Staring at Stella Morgan, shocked.)
Wilson: Why are you moving to England?
Stella: My dad got a job in England and we just got our Visa. Yeah, so…(Cuts off by Angela Baxter.)
Angela: You should have told us about this earlier! Like call us or text us!
Joe: Angela, calm down, let Stella continue.
Stella: So, I just got my new school application form and that’s why my mom came this morning.
Sara: Why do you have to leave us? Can’t you like stay back?
Stella: No, my dad doesn’t let me to. I’m sorry guys, really sorry.(Sniffing.) But all of you will always be my best friends forever.(Smiling.)
Angela: Aw… Come here.(Stretching out her hands for Stella Morgan and hugs her.)
Wilson: Guys, I think it’s time. Angela and Sara, Mia and Joe, can you please come with me?
Angela: For what?
Wilson: I have something to discuss with you guys.
Sara: Sure.
Mia: Stella, is it okay for you to go back to the room by yourself?
Stella: Sure, of course. (Smiling at them. She takes her tray to the trash can and walks out the door.)
Wilson: I think we should throw a farewell party for her.
Joe: Yeah, I think this is a good idea.
Mia: Then, when should we do it? We’re definitely staying in the school until Saturday.
Angela: But we’re not allowed to go out on Saturday, so maybe we can do it on Sunday.
Sara: (Nodding her head.)
Wilson: My brother owns a cafe in the town. We can do it over there.
Joe: We can handle the food, beverages, guests list and stuff. Oh, and also the music and gifts.
Sara: I think this will work out, but we must keep it as a secret.
Angela: Agreed.
Wilson: I can do the food and beverages.
Joe: I can do the music, if that’s okay.
Angela: And then I can handle the shows. (Raising her hand.)
Sara: Me and Mia and prepare gifts for her. (Turns to Mia and Mia nods.)
Wilson: I think this is really going to work and Stella is going to have the most memorable moment with us before she leaves.
(Lights dims off and curtain falls.)

Act 2 Scene 1
Angela Baxter is helping Stella Morgan who is sitting in front of the mirror to tie her hair. Mia Oriana and Sara McHenry are dressing up and putting on their accessories in their bedroom.
Angela: (Putting down the hair brush.) There we go, here’s our princess with a pony tail.
Stella: (Looking at herself in the mirror.) Thank you. It’s really beautiful. Can you tell me where are going today? You all look very suspicious. (Turns to Angela Baxter.)
Mia: Suspicious? We are just going to the town, for shopping. We did this every week last year. (Taking her bag.)
Sara: C’mon guys, we’re going to be late for the bus. And the boys are waiting for us at the hall.
Angela: Okay, coming.
Act 2 Scene 2
(They arrive at a shop called ‘Smith’s Cafe’. They walk into the shop one by one except for Wilson and Stella. In the shop, there are colourful balloons and ribbons around the bar and the stage. On the big screen at the stage writes ‘Farewell, our friend, Stella Morgan. We will miss you.’)
Stella: You guys are really suspicious. Why did you bring me here? And why is that me and you have to wait out here?
Wilson: You will know all the answers in a minute.
Angela: (Sticking her head out from the door.) You can come in now.
Wilson: Now, Stella, I want you to close your eyes, no peeking. I’ll lead you.
Stella: Closes her eyes and Wilson Smith leads her into the shop.)
(Angela Baxter, Sara McHenry, Mia Oriana and Joe Solomon are standing at the stage, which is opposite the main door in a straight line. Each of them has a present in their hands. Wilson Smith and Stella Morgan come in.)
Wilson: You may open your eyes now.
Stella: (Opens her eyes and her mouth appears to be an O-shape.) Oh. My. Gosh. Did you..?(Covering her mouth. Tears trickles from her eyes down her cheeks.)
Wilson: In fact, we did. (Put his arm around Stella Morgan’s shoulder.)
(Angela Baxter, Sara McHenry, Mia Oriana and Joe Solomon walk toward Stella Morgan and give the presents to her.)
Stella: You guys, (Sniffling.) you did this just for me? (Receiving the present from Joe Solomon.) Thank you so much! (Hugging all of them and burst into tears.)
Angela: (Wiping the tears from her face.) You are welcome.
Mia: We are going to miss you so much after you move to England.
Sara: Yeah, and there’s only five of us now. It’s not fun at all when there’s only five people.
Joe: And remember to keep in touch, or else, these girls will be like thinking of you madly. (Puts his hands into the pockets.)
Wilson: Are you talking about yourself?
Angela, Mia, Sara and Stella: Hahahahaha!
Scene 3
Angela Baxter, Wilson Smith, Sara McHenry. Joe Solomon and Mia Oriana are standing the school gate. Stella Morgan is standing beside a black Mercedes and Mrs. Morgan is standing beside her. A sad atmosphere is rounding them up.
Mrs. Morgan: We have to go now.
Stella: Mom, can you just give me another five minutes?
Mrs. Morgan: Sure, I’ll wait you inside the car. (Mrs. Morgan walks to the other side of car and gets into it.)
Stella: (Walks toward her friends.) I’m going to miss you guys. I’ll call you guys once I reach England okay?
Angela: (Nodding her head and wipes the tears.)
Stella: Oh, c’mon, Angela. Remember the first time we met? You were so happy and cheerful. I want that Angela Baxter, not this one. (Wiping the tears from Angela Baxter’s face. Angela Baxter just keep nodding her head.) Sara, (Walks to Sara McHenry.) do not ever live under your dad’s shadow, okay? Just be yourself. (Smiling at her.) Mia, Mia Oriana, (Turns to Mia Oriana.) our best pianist. Maybe I’ll watch your piano performance in England few years later. (Mia Oriana starts to laugh in tears.) Now, you boys, come over here. And also Sara and Angela. (They all walk to Stella and make a circle around her.) Joe and Wilson, You two are both good in sports and academic. Keep it up! And do not bully the girls even though I’m not here, understand? (Joe Solomon and Wilson Smith nod their head.) Come here. (Hugging all of them.)
Angela: Stella, here’s a gift for you. (Giving a framed picture to Stella Morgan.)
Stella: What is this? (Asking Angela Baxter curiously.) Aw, it’s the one we took at the café. Thank you so much! (Hugging her.)
Angela: Welcome. (Smiling to Stella Morgan.)
Mrs. Morgan: (Gets out from the car and stands there.) Stella Morgan, come on!
Stella: (Turning to Mrs. Morgan.) Yes, I’m coming! I’m coming! (Turns back to her friends.) Guys, remember, we’re always –
Angela, Sara, Mia, Joe and Wilson: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!
(The lights dims out and the curtain falls. When the curtain rises again, all of the actors stand on the stage and give a bow.)

The author's comments:
A script written by myself.

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Tv23 said...
on Jan. 16 2018 at 11:57 am
Is Der a movie on dt

Tv23 said...
on Jan. 16 2018 at 11:57 am
Is Der a movie on dt

Midnight156 said...
on Jan. 16 2018 at 9:44 am
Midnight156, Greenville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"May wolf ever walk beside you
and grant you rest in his shadow
May his path ever guide your path
And your howls be heard by all."

That was amazing!!!,i absolutely loved it!.Its was spot on!!!.

on Aug. 1 2016 at 8:28 am
It was nice.... I got an idea in this story and now I had my story on my own......

on Aug. 1 2016 at 8:28 am
It was nice.... I got an idea in this story and now I had my story on my own......

on Aug. 1 2016 at 8:28 am
It was nice.... I got an idea in this story and now I had my story on my own......

Alexia said...
on Jun. 14 2016 at 4:54 pm
That was so sad!

Alexia said...
on Jun. 14 2016 at 4:54 pm
That was so sad!

Andrea said...
on Apr. 9 2016 at 4:26 am
I love ths story, besides, the author is so talented . im looking forward for a new short drama , the great on ofc :)

Andrea said...
on Apr. 9 2016 at 4:25 am
I love ths story, besides, the author is so talented . im looking forward for a new short drama , the great on ofc :)

on Feb. 25 2016 at 5:48 am
This essay; we got in our TDC. I wish we got this in our school days. We could do more than we are doing now.

on Jun. 28 2015 at 3:37 pm
gladinorsk SILVER, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"I said to the LORD, "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing." Psalm 16:2

(I'm not clumsy. I just do random gravity checks...Yep, still works!)

I see you like Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter. She's my absolutely favorite author. (FYI she says on her website that she doesn't appreciate fanfic.)

on May. 6 2015 at 8:03 pm
For those of you who have trouble studying, try Quizlet. Quizlet is a mobile studying website where you can easily study vocab words, and you can enter them yourself! At least 9 out of 10 tests I take that I study with Quizlet I probably get >95%. If your school doesn't use Quizlet, go to your teachers and ask them!!!

on Jun. 4 2014 at 2:57 pm
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I like it! Very sweet story. :)