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The Three Little Timbits - A Sweet Play

August 25, 2023
By KatFan BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
KatFan BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
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Vanilla - (Cream-colored canvas bag costume with armholes and vision screen).

Choco - (Chocolate-colored canvas bag costume with armholes and vision screen)

Glazy - (Acrylic coated yellow canvas bag costume with armholels and vision screen)

Caramel Macchiato - (Giant paper cup costume using confetti in the top as coffee)

Scene - Tim Hortons. Three little Timbits are sitting on a large tabletop 20 cm (12 inches) off the ground.

Vanilla: (lighthearted) I don’t want to be eaten by humans… but that’s life!

Choco: I especially don’t want to be drowned in their coffee—but if it is inevitable, so be it!

Glazy: And I’m especially sure I don’t want to be thrown away by a janitor!

Vanilla: That’s for certain! If that happens, we might be eaten by mice. But hey! Be tasty! 

All three: Be tasty! (Fist bumps)

Choco: Hmmm…? Do you think we could get down from this table without being crunched, munched, or mushed?

Glazy: I suppose if I was bumped into Vanilla, and he bumped into Choco, and we all rolled off the table to the floor…?

(Long pause)

Vanilla: Ok, let’s pray that won’t happen, but if it does that we won’t get stepped on.

Choco: Oh my God! Here comes a cup of Caramel Macchiato to the table!

(Macchiato appears)

Glazy: Move it, Vanilla!

(Macchiato lands on the table hard, spilling a little brown confetti over the table.)

Vanilla: We’re out of here!

(The three little Timbits roll off the table together.} 

Caramel Macchiato: NO! MY DINNER IS RUNNING AWAY!!

(The three Timbits scramble across the floor (stage) together in every direction.)

Choco: Get off of me! You’re crushing me Glazy! 

Glazy: It’s not my fault! You’re melting, and I’m slipping in your chocolate coating.


Choco: Oh, no! Vanilla is slipping towards the bathroom!

Glazy: He was over frosted by the humans that work here! Quick! We need to stop him from sliding through the bathroom door!   

Caramel Macchiato: (mega-loud). Come back here you three little Timbits, or my human will huff and puff and blow me all over you!

Vanilla: Gosh, Help me! I can’t stop! All my frosting is making me slip around the ground! 

Choco: We’ve all been over-frosted. That’s the problem!

Caramel Macchiato: Gosh! Can’t this human walk faster?! (He has been approaching the edge of the table.)

Choco: Look out! The macchiato is almost here! 

Vanilla: Keep melting Choco and you’re gonna turn this store into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! 

Caramel Macchiato: (leaps off the table) …And we’ll huff and puff and…AAARRRGGGH! We’re slipping! We’re falling! We’re spilling!!!

(The balance of the dark confetti spills over the audience.)

Vanilla: Oof! His black blood is flowing out like a fountain! 

Choco: He’s totaled! We’re saved!

Glazy: Phew! Thanks to Choco, who shouted like he’d seen a ghost floating around the cafe.

Choco: That was Glazy! She drives me crazy! 

Glazy: (sighs) Now that the drama is over, let's visit our other sweet friends at the confection counter! 

All Timbits: Sweet! (Singing) Roll, roll, roll, your bit!


The author's comments:

 Katherine Fan is a grade ten student who loves to write plays and poems in her spare time. She is long time fan of Teen Ink and especially enjoys poetry written by other teenagers.. 

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