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The Smartie:The History Analysis

June 13, 2018
By Zaxes BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Zaxes BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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Story: The History Analysis

Author: Smartie XJ9 (formerly Jacob)

Date: May 17, 6045

Mission: Teach kids about our history

Hypothesis: It won’t go well…




I remember the first time I was told there were lifeforms before us thousands of years, before we were assembled. I was just in the Learning Lab (essentially robot Kindergarten), learning how to code up our own games when that big-headed Metalhead Stingray (later my mortal enemy) was hastily telling me that there were these things called humans. They lived before us and were less advance in nearly every category. I refused to believe such tomfoolery, especially with his insolence. But the truth was later revealed by our teacher, with Stingray boasting about his intellect and made me feel like the class moron.

I went on for years researching it, as our Labs never taught it. But in the end, I think I did a well enough job to tell the world all about it. So here is the unabridged story of how us robots took over. And it all starts with the birth of a young boy deep in the South named Austin Britches.

While this boy was born in a pretty rural area, he was surprisingly tech-savvy, which helped make him a computer wizard at only age 8. This incredible talent he had, mixed with the fact that he was a top-smart kid in school helped guarantee a job at a programmer for computers at the time. He was so good at his job he got all the way to being president at his job, High-Tech Attackers. This all took place in 2056.

By the time he was 46, it had been less than a year since Austin was president, and it easily bored him. He had an ambitious idea to make the next big product, to show the world that he was the next Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (2 other influential tech wizards). So what he did behind the scenes was create a prototype robot that was like the other robots at the time and have emotions, traits, and other enhances. But unlike other ones at the market, his featured a slew of upgrades, like enhanced abilities, excessive amounts of code, and could be just as functional as humans.

Once it was released on December of 2056, it was the hot ticket item. Other popular competitors were soon seen as redundant and were thrown out relatively quickly. With this astounding success, High-Tech Attackers was the number one competitor in robotic engineering. And things were looking up for Austin. But all good things must come to an end.

In 2061, Austin was apparently charged for sexual harassment, blacklisting employees, and illegally sold his products to a totally different country with his full permission. Even Austin’s incredible IQ couldn’t get him out of this pickle and he was soon fired and charged with indecency, barely avoiding going to prison. A week after the incident, High-Tech Attackers shut its doors for what was to be a brief hiatus to restructure its company.

And while this may look bad on Austins part, it actually wasn’t his fault; he was framed. You see, a smaller employee of his company, Ryan Carter, hated Austin’s limited rules and regulations and wanted a more patrolled system of things. So he and the old president of High-Tech Attackers (who also didn’t like Austin very much) joined forces to frame Austin. Both succeeded in the end and Ryan eventually was chosen to be the new president. His supposed goal was to turn the company into the essence of creativity and that with him on board, it would be a trusted brand. But he ended up making the situation worse.

Unlike Austin, who knew what customers wanted, Ryan didn’t know how to get public or critical favoritism. So all he did was continue making the robots they always made, but due to financial woes after the Austin scandal, he cut production in half and now the robots only had half of what made them special in the first place.

Because of this, Ryan was criticized for most of his reign in the company. But it was the true story of him framing Austin, with the assistance of the old president, that was the nail in the coffin of his career. And soon after another law case put Ryan in jail for life. Sadly, during this case, Austin passed away of a rare flesh-eating disease that ended his legacy. After all of that, High-Tech Attackers was closed again; this time permanently.

Things looked bad for the robot industry as a whole. All High-Tech Attackers robots were recalled from homes and all the old competitors went out of business. But when things looked bad, a new company rose from the ashes called RoboHelp. RoboHelp took inspiration and assets from High-Tech Attackers, but added new enhancements and modern usage that it seemed to appeal to a broader age group instead of just adults. And while this seemed small at the time, it was a monster hit and paved the way for a robot renaissance.

But as things came to the golden age, robots soon learned the sad truth that they were essentially slaves. They wanted to be independent, but instead they were assigned to serve their dedicated owner. But one robot stood up above the crowd and sparked a movement that tragically ended all human life; his name was 30R2 (or Bentley for short).

You see, all robots have a built-in chip that allows for humans to command their robots, and the robots wouldn’t disobey. If the chip gets damaged, then the owner is to turn off their robot, buy another one, and test it. However, Bentley’s owner forgot to turn him off while going to the store. While this doesn’t seem too bad, in most situations, the robot just kinda sits and does nothing, Bentley was special. Bentley was an Xtra model, made to be more intelligent than others. So for the first time in his life, he thought freely and he thought all right.

Once Bentley escaped home while the owner was gone, he started an underground rebellion to save robots. While I won’t go into detail about it, it led to a rise of robots, that culminated into the Robot War of 2081, 20 years since the Austin Britches debacle. The ending of it all after 3 years of fighting, in 2084, was the victorious win of the robots. Humans were then outlawed and any that survived were brutally killed.

And now we come to the year 6045 and things are just moving on. It has been centuries since the war and now the planet Earth has changed from land and sea to an oil sea and metal land. No humans have been sighted (although there are still rumors). And things are looking up for my kind. But it is impressive to see one robot stand up to it all and how one person can make a big difference.


         The End (until next time).

The author's comments:

This is author of The Smarties, Jacob, here to tell you that this story will be different. It is about the mytos I created for this series I am starting. This is my second one, so you can check out my other story, The Smarties: The Bike, if you would like. Please leave your opinions in the comments and I hope you enjoy. This was a lot of fun to make.

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