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A Fateful Decision

February 21, 2009
By Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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Eraemis flickered his eyes open. His head was throbbing in pain and he was chained up against a wall. It only took him a short while to remember what happened.

?Janaiax? Lhret?? Eraemis yelled off into the darkness that surrounded him. No response was heard. He felt around as much as possible but there was nothing he could use to break free.

A sudden clang sound startled him. He heard the jail door swing open and he heard someone enter.

?Hello Eraemis,? a cold voice whispered. Eraemis recognized it but he couldn?t put his finer on who it was. ?Enjoying your stay??

?Who are you?? He asked.

?Someone familiar,? the person said.

?Are you going to tell me who?? Eraemis asked.

?No,? he responded quickly and short.

?Can you tell me if you are a friend, or an enemy??

Eraemis felt the person come closer and felt his lips near his ear.

?Both,? the person whispered. Eraemis jumped as hard as he could to try and grab the person only inches away from him, but it did not work. The person laughed at Eraemis? attempts. Eraemis inconspicuously angled his hand at the stranger and yelled out, ?SYIL!?

The blast of pure white fire shot from his angles hand and hit the stranger at the area where his neck joined to his body. The blast shot him back, but it did not seem to do anything else.

?So it is going to be like that,? the stranger said. Eraemis suddenly found his chains loosened. He assumed the stranger did it. A screech of metal filled the room and then Eraemis felt something hit the base of his feet. He bent down and waved his hand along the base of his feet. He felt a cold piece of metal. Instantly, Eraemis knew what it was.

My sword Eraemis thought to himself. He felt for the hilt and eventually found it. Eraemis assumed it was a duel the stranger wanted.

The room was instantly filled with light and Eraemis got the full picture of the stranger?s face.

?Daine,? he grumbled, tightening his fist around his sword?s hilt.

?Hello Eraemis,? Daine replied.

?What are you doing here??

?Do you know where you are??

?Castle Vogt,?

?Exactly. Hence the name Daine Vogt.?

?This is your castle??

?My ancestors, but mine through inheritance.?

?Too bad no one will be left to inherit it from once we?re done here,? Eraemis said. Daine let out a chuckle.

?You think you can kill me?? Daine asked.

?I know I can. This ends now,? Eraemis said. He lunged himself at Daine and swung his sword. Daine lashed out his own sword and blocked it. Eraemis yelled. ?Cuin Frea de!?

Daine was sent flying back into a wall. He tried to move but Eraemis? spell prevented it. Eraemis kept his hand held in position while he walked up to his enemy.

?So this is how it ends,? He said.

?If you can do it,? Daine said.

?I have learned that it is more important to do what is necessary, than what I want,?

?You cannot. You cannot break your moral code.? Daine said. His voice was calm. Eraemis took his sword and held it at the neck of Daine.

?I need to avenge my family,? Eraemis reassured himself. Eraemis saw Daine pick his head up slightly.

?Too bad they are not worth avenging,? Daine replied. Eraemis yelled in anger and punched his foe in the face.

?Shut up!? Eraemis yelled.

?But you know it is the truth,? Daine said. Eraemis punched Daine again. ?Oh, you don?t know,?

?Know what?? Eraemis asked sharply.

?I?ll tell you,? Daine said. ?In exchange for my freedom,?

Eraemis thought the situation over for a while. Then came to the conclusion.

?I repeat. It is more important to do what is necessary, than what I want,? Eraemis said.

?Really Eraemis; really?? Daine challenged Eraemis. ?I bet you are dying to know the truth about the Ven family,?

Eraemis lashed his hand up against Daine?s throat.

?Tell me; now,? Eraemis threatened Daine in his satanic voice. Daine got the look on his face like he had achieved his goal.

?Let me go,? Daine replied.

Eraemis knew the choice he was forced to make.

Eraemis walked along the halls of Castle Vogt. He had to find Lhret and Janaiax. Their mission had only just began.

The author's comments:
1. Daine and Eraemis are mortal enemies, but Daine is in his twenties and Eraemis is fifteen.
2. Janaiax and Lhret are his traveling companions who were with him when he was captured.
3. Daine killed Eraemis' uncle. Who is Eraemis is trying to avenge

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