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December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

A girl walks through the forests of her home. the trees sway gently in the breeze of the summer day. She calls out, "Buddy!" A loud roar echoes through the forests as a reply to her voice. She turns and sees a large dragon that is three times her size. It has blue scales, large yellow eyes, light purple horns and spikes, and three long slender tails. The dragon lowered its head down to the girl's level and she gently pet the top of its head as she says, "That's my boy." The dragon's tails twitch at the sound of her soft voice and wrap around her. they carefully lift her off the ground and place her on its own back. The girl sits tall and smiles, "Where are we going now?" The dragon smiles and takes to the skies. The clouds begin to change their shape and become a glowin ring of light. She shuts her eyes tight as they fly through the ring. "Open your eyes Natalie." Natalie does as she is told and she sees many other dragons flying around them but they are looking at her with an aura of anger. She gets a bad feeling in the pits of her stomach. They land near a small group of dragons but doesn't get off of Buddy's back. The moment the dragons see Natalie, their expressions show anger. Buddy notices this and says, "Don't touch Natalie." The dragons look at him and say, "You know that any human who knows of our existence must die." Natalie looked at Buddy and saw him snarling, "She is not going to be killed as long as i have any power to keep her safe." The dragons all took in a deep breath and Buddy soared to the skies as a blast of fire shot from their mouths. Natalie's eyes shut tight by pure instinct as the warmth of the fire's blast jetted past her skin. After a while of flying fast, Buddy slows down and lands. He feels Natalie's fear as they go into a cave to hide and he says, "I am sorry Natalie." She looks at him and says, "It's alright, Buddy. We will be able to keep safe." Buddy nodded and promised to keep her safe. Then a roar echoed through the cave. Buddy wondered how well he would be able to keep his promise if he was killed by another dragon...

The author's comments:
This is what happens when i begin to draw. i draw a picture and create a story for it.

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