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Difference Part 1

June 27, 2013
By Luna3952 SILVER, Lynchburg, Virginia
Luna3952 SILVER, Lynchburg, Virginia
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My body lies against cold steel. It is as dark as midnight; I do not know how I got here. My mind is in panic. It hurts to move. Two pieces of information run freely through my mind; my name is Evelyn and I am fifteen. I cannot clear my mind. I work hard to stand up and find something to lean up against. As I stand, I hear heavy breathing and my heart stops. Whatever is breathing is near, so near that I can feel the breathe on my arm. I find a nice cold wall to catch my balance against. I follow the wall to a corner, trying to get away from the breathing. I keep going along with the wall. I step on a body and it groans.

I jump back startled. Pain shoots though my body. I see a dark figure on the floor starts to move. It stands up and it is at least four inches taller than me. “I’m… I’m so sorry,” I say as I start to back up. I make out what looks like another human. I fall to the floor with my back against the wall and move my knees up to my chest with my arms wrapped around my legs. “It’s okay, nice to know I’m not the only one in here.” The voice is deep as it speaks. A male. I pull my knees tighter to my chest. My heart races. This not aloud. This is not aloud. The figure moves closer to me and a tear prickles down my cheek. I quickly wipe it away. Show no weakness. Don’t let him get in your head. No man would ever stay near a woman. Not a real one.

“Anyway, my name is Caleb. What’s yours?” my mouth goes dry and I tense up. Where am I? Why am I here? What did I do to deserve this? This… this is against the law! I need to get away from him. When I get out I’m going to get far away from him. But what other choice do I have than to befriend him? Other than him I’m alone. I don’t know when I am going to get out. Before I can think any logic, my mouth opens. “I’m Evelyn,” I say with a shaky voice. Once I say it I quickly regret it. “I’m not going to hurt you, Evelyn. You don’t have to be afraid of me. I’m not a monster like you think,” he says with a steady voice that scares me

More than his Breathes. I’m trapped. I can’t get away. He is trying to trick me with kindness, like the boy did in the movie we watched for school. He was so sweet until she came to his house and then he beat her so bad she barley lived. The thought of what I learned in school makes tears weld up in my eyes. He’s going to beat me. My voice is strained as I speak.

“How do you know what I think? I don’t think I know you are a monster. All of you are!” I yell. It hurt my throat. I can’t see him well but I can hear his voice tighten as he speaks. “My kind?!” he yells. I hold myself in place. I’m scared he will blow up and hit me like the movie in school. “They lied to you, Evelyn! I know you can’t trust me because of what they taught you and
We won’t be getting to know each other. I’m trying to tell you that not all men are like that. If you don’t believe me, don’t. I promise I’m not like that,” he says he seems sad and tired. He seemed very serious. My mind spins. Lie? What would they gain by lying to me? It doesn’t make sense. We don’t speak another word. I can’t stop thinking, what if they did lie? Push it out of my mind.

A loud storm of sounds pound against the medal walls. I don’t know what it is but I’m certain it’s from the outside. It sounds like thousands of tiny balls being thrown against the wall. Then it stops. My body doesn’t hurt so much anymore. “What was that?” I ask. This place is scary. Will I be able to take care of myself? “Rain,” he replies. Rain. The sweet renewing smell of rain always made me feel alive. Some days at school, I would skip class, just watch the rain. It sounded peaceful but in here, it sounds rough and summoning. I feel no peace. I lay on the grown with my back to the floor. I look straight up into the darkness. A very loud screechy sound of medal against medal lets in light brighter than the sun it seems. My eyes are use to the darkness so as they adjust my vision is covered in colored spots. When I can finally see I look outside of the medal box structure we were kept in for hours. I see green trees and plants, pink and other bright colored flowers and fruits. It’s beautiful. I thought places like this didn’t exist anymore. That’s what I learned at school. Caleb just walks out. Seeing Caleb for the first time instead of a dark shadow was odd. He seemed not as real before, now he is
very real. His dark brown almost black hair was cut really short. He wears a white tee shirt and black athletic shorts. He looks at me waiting. “Are you going to come out?” I see a house about a mile from here, you could stay there, “he says to me. I just stare. I’m still lying down. My head is throbbing. “Just leave me,” I tell him. He looks at me and then heads the opposite way of the house. I push myself off the ground. I need to lie down and get my head to stop spinning. I move toward the house. The world I spinning. I can’t get it to stop.. I fall down and just lay in the wet soil. What’s wrong with me?

My mind is drifting. I can’t keep myself together. I hear a voice call my name. “Evelyn? Evelyn? Come on, get up.” Then my body rises. I must be going to heaven because I’m pretty sure I’m dying. I can’t move anymore. I’m too weak to even move my mouth. This would never happen at school. They would save me. I see black cover my mind. I’m going.

“Evelyn?” my mind is clear and more aware now. I can move again. I sit up with my back against the head board of the bed. I’m covered up in nice warm blankets. How did I get here? I fell in the dirt way back. “You helped me?” I ask. No man would do that. They cannot act this way. My teachers told awful stories of their past. He’s not like what I learned about. I don’t trust him but I am thankful for him.

“Why are you helping me?” I ask as he walks around the nice wooden floors of the living room. “Who else is there to help you? I’m being nice. They were training me to be a doctor back home anyways.” The way he said “they” frightened me. He seemed cold. I try not to wonder what his life was like before he got here. I know I want is to go home. Training to be a doctor, he’s got to be at least eighteen. This is not right. “You could have just let me die. You know I don’t want to be here,” I say. I realize something as I say it. I want to die. If I can’t go back home, I don’t want to live at all. My chest hurts and I feel tears blur my vision. I miss my teachers and my friends whom I share my room with. I miss my bed where I use to engrave pointless quotes. “I wasn’t going to let you die if I knew how to help you. If I had, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life.” he isn’t that bad of a human being. Maybe I need to give him a chance.

“How old are you?” I ask. He looks at me and smiles. “I’m sixteen.” My mind flies. He’s only sixteen! How is this possible? I wipe the tears from my cheeks. I’m so confused.

“How does school work where you live?” comes out of my mouth before I can stop it. I should not care. I should not wonder. If I ask questions, he will ask questions. “What school?” he says with a blank expression. No school? Where did he live? What do they do? Probably play with women who sell themselves to their side. I’ve only seen one women do that in all my life. I’m sure there are more I don’t know about but I don’t really care. They are dumb for doing that to themselves. “What do you do then? Where do you live?” the questions flow out of my mouth and I can’t regret asking them. “You need to rest or you’re never going to get better. Go to sleep, we can Talk later.” My face reddens. I should have just kept my mouth shut. I’m so stupid. Why am I talking to him anyways?

The author's comments:
I took one of my old writings and changed it a little. I feel i made it a better story and a little more descriptive.

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