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December 6, 2012
By NotWriting_Bazinga PLATINUM, Park Rapids, Minnesota
NotWriting_Bazinga PLATINUM, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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It was all a mistake.
Just a few random household chemicals mixed together. And when ingested, caused a magnificently devastating reaction within the body.
I wish I knew how it happened. I wish I could explain why the chemicals reacted or what they reacted to. If the compounds disintegrated as they hit the acid in the stomach, that made the fluids bubble and congeal to the point of combustion.
Which is what the people did. Spontaneously combust into a beautiful cerulean flame.
Or did the chemicals absorb into the blood stream, spreading throughout the body, until it took affect.
I was just experimenting. And unfortunately, my roommate lost his life. For the color of the compound was the same as beer. And was in fact that same consistency. It also still had the foam from after I had finished mixing it.
I didn’t know him very well, but he made me discover something indescribably unbelievable. In fact I named the compound after him. James Blaze.
Ironic, now that I think back on it. His last having been Blaze.
After he combusted in the middle of the street, just outside of our apartment, the police came and talked to me. That was before I realized he had drank the compound.
After I realized he had drank it, I was skeptical. It might have just been a coincidence. So I tested it on a stray dog.
And a few hours later, the same thing occurred. The dog combusted and the only thing he had in common with my roommate was my compound.
You can imagine the power I felt. The divine feeling I had. Being able to smite whom I pleased. For it couldn’t have tasted too bad. My roommate drank at least twenty-four ounces.
I wanted to test it more. See if I could control the time frame. See if I could get the time down to an exact science. So I would know exactly when the organism would combust.
I wanted to see if I could cool the flame, so it did not kill the organism.
So, I did want any scientist/chemist would do. I bought a bunch of white lab rats. I kept them in James’ old room. For he had had the master bedroom which was much larger than my own room.
I covered the windows, I added vents to the room, and I put in ultra violet lighting in for artificial sunlight. The UV rays would be controlled to act as the rising and setting sun. I built them a larger terrarium. I made it like a little city. With compartments, tunnels, exercising wheels, food dishes, and water supplies. I used my college money to buy them the supplies I would need.
For college did nothing for me. There was nothing they could teach me that I hadn’t already taught myself.
I bought them fresh vegetables and fruit and the best pet food I could buy.
I treated them better than I had any human ever.
I bought the household chemicals I had combined in large quantities. There were seven chemicals altogether.
Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine, baking soda, battery acid, Lysol, Our Family Toilet Bowl Cleaner, and Sodium Chlorate.
I remembered the exact proportions. The exact measurements from the day where I was just messing around. The day I had just been mixing anything that I could get my hands on.
I also remembered the time frame that James could have drank the compound and when he died approximately. I also had notes on when I tested it on the stray dog. So I had the findings and data from then as well.
I spent the next ninety-six hours setting up surveillance and motion sensors in the little “Ratopia”. So I could monitor each of their actions.
Then the next two weeks were spent observing their movements. Learning their routines. Figuring in the affect the hormones would have in my experiment. How copulating might affect the impact on the rest of the rats after I injected the first with the James Blaze.
I figured in how their food would affect the chemicals, if at all.
I dissected two of them to see their digestive track. To study their heart, lungs, kidneys, gallbladder, large and small intestine, their reproductive organs and their blood stream. I noted where each of their veins lie. So I could see if the compounds could absorb into the bloodstream from the stomach acid. And also, for when I would study the burn patterns on the body.

This went on for a week. Just watching them and studying them. Learning everything I could about them.
Then I began. I started with the first version of the compound. The one that been accidentally made and killed my roommate and a dog.
I took one of the rats out.
“Subject 245. Weighs, forty-two grams. Approximately, nineteen centimeters, without tail in measurement.” I wrote the measurements down. And then watched the rat run around in the small cage. “Male. Approximately fifty-nine days old.”
I picked up the rat and grabbed a small penlight from next to my notepad. I flashed it in the rats eyes.
“Pupil response is normal. Respiratory, normal. Heart rate, accelerated. But that is to be expected.” I set the rat back in the cage.
I picked up a syringe and a vile of the compound.
“James Blaze had drank approximately 80 milliliters. So the rat will only need, 0.062 milliliters. But to make it easier, I will make it one tenth of a milliliter.”
I picked up the rat and injected the compound into its neck.
“And now we wait.”

Weeks went by and I perfected the compound. I got it to the point where I could almost direct where the combustion will start.
And only three of the rats were still alive.
I even made the liquid compound into a capsule. A time release capsule. Each of the different sizes and the different amount of compound was a different amount of time.
I was also able to make it into a odorless adhering powder. I could sprinkle it on anything and it would adhere and the compound would seep in through whatever part of the body was touching that surface.
And it was time to test it on a bigger subject.
I never thought of myself as a murderer and I never will. I am simply a scientist. But if you were to consider me as a “murderer”, I have killed twenty-three people.
But, I had a system.
I chose people that had no relation to me in anyway shape or form or to each other. In fact, I did more research on the people than I did on any other part of the experiment.
In my eyes, I was doing the city good. The people were not good people. Drug dealers, crack whores, thieves, and other hoodlums.
But I do not need to explain myself to you.
I have not really thought of what I will do with this power. For awhile I played with the thought of selling it to the military. Giving them the ultimate weapon for combat.
Then I thought about selling it on the black market to the highest bidder.
But I have not pinpointed the exact thing I will do with it. Too many options.
Maybe I will just use it to my own advantage and destroy the weak and powerless to make the ultimate race.
Who knows, maybe this document you are reading has the compound in it and you are going to die soon.
Better say goodbye.

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