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May 11, 2012
By these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
these-roses GOLD, Bristol, Indiana
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He sits there, making no move to do his school work. He gazes blankly at the chalk board, like he can see through it and into another world. I find him interesting. So silent and forbidding. At moments i think he might say something, but he just sighs and looks out the window. he had long hair the turns into tine flips near his ears. He has eyes so blue their almost white. his white skin was the palest I had ever seen. His name is Bennett. girls faun over him in the bathroom, in the halls. I think he is more like a book than a person. i mystery. one that i can't quiet figure out. A mystery so complex that it seems impossible the figure out. I like mystery books, they fascinate me.
the science teacher droned on, and on, about things that i already knew. I repeated twelfth but that wasn't my fault. I had to retake every grade twice since I was in first grade. I didn't grow like the other kids. I grew four inches in one year when other kids would grow eight. I didn't mature fast enough. I was a case that they hadn't known what to do with me. Doctors couldn't figure it out. I went to many different doctors. they all said I was growing just like everyone else but at and irregular slow pace.So technically I really was in Twelfth grade still.
suddenly i felt eyes on me. i looked up from my paper to find the Bennett was staring at me. I mean usually he doesn't make eye contact... with anyone. but I felt his cold eyes bore into me. I felt like someone had dumped a bucket of water on me. Those eyes had wisdom beyond his years. Yet his gaze was curious. Like he finally remembered he was on earth and not his distance land.
The bell rang and I dropped his gaze and started to pace my things.
"hey." said a voice
i looked up surprised. Bennett was standing in front of me. did he just talk?
"Um,hi Bennett. What up?"
"You're like me." He said in his husky voice
"what?" I was utterly confused.
He leaned down on my desk. Our faces so close I felt uncomfortable.
"I said, you're like me. You're different. so whats your Unspoken?"
What was he talking about? What was an Unspoken?
"Um... I'm afraid i don't under stand."
"ah, your a new-be." He chuckled softly "come with me." And he started toward the door.
"we can't just ditch school!" i said after him.
he turned his head over his shoulder. "And listen to the things we already learned? Come on. We both know we can ace every test in this school."
i froze. was he toying with me? did he know that I had to re-due every year? But I was so intrigued by his knowledge that I followed him. He walked out of school and headed down maple blvd.
after a about a half hour we ended at an abandoned house. I hesitated at the door. but i walked in. and what I saw shocked me. a dozen or so kids sat in corners, on chairs, beds, tables, ect.
Bennett walked forward and said something I didn't understand. And sat down in the middle of the floor.
"um.." I said
Bennett beckoned me forward to sit next to him. I hesitated again but I did as i was told. Something was compelling me to trust him. Even though being in a house with half starved children sent red flags.
he took my hand and chanted "jeva hilevo." Over and over again.
I was about to say something, when Bennett looked up. He pressed on my hand. I looked at it and saw it was wet. I saw a gentle stream of water. like a fountain.
"All hail Lilly, Mistress of ocean." Bennett said softly. I looked around the room and saw the other kids kneeling repeating "all hail Lilly, Mistress of Ocean."

The author's comments:
i just had this idea in my head for days. i know its rough but i think you guys will really enjoy it.

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