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August 22, 2011
By xSeeUx SILVER, Ishpeming, Michigan
xSeeUx SILVER, Ishpeming, Michigan
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Just because your paranoid don't mean there not after you- Nirvana

Leo fell asleep one day while he was trying to write an essay that would pass or fail him the assignment was write about very strange people. His English teacher Mr. Quinton said the weirder the better. Leo had a very odd dream that would change his grade and his life forever.
Leo was in a big white room with a table with ting he could not identify from the place he was standing at. He walked over closer yet he seemed to be going nowhere. A man appeared a head of him. Walking to the table. Leo followed him and seemed to get closer to the once wayward table. He was their in what felt like less than a minuet. The man with white hair who looked like Kernel Sanders from KFC turned.

Man: Hello come sit down Leo

Leo: Okay

He sits down he sees cakes of all kinds and a strange tea that smells like popcorn butter. Its a good smell just not at the right time.

Man: strange how smells work right? Ooh tastes are a funny thing too.

Leo:Why? What makes Smells and Tastes so funny?

Man:You have to see something to taste it. Smells on the other hand I find much more interesting. What is a smell.

Leo:I don’t.... know?

Man: Is that a question?

Leo: Well I don’t know.

Man: To tell you the truth I don’t know ether.

Leo: but their has to be a scientific explanation.

Man: for every thing. I have heard it all before. But there is not. What is dark matter. Whats the meaning of life. Why is that man working as a cashier when he knows so much.

Leo:that’s different we know what a smell is.

Man: Than Tell me.

Leo:Well I don’t know but a scientist does.

Man:The funny thing about smells is that we do not think about them much. They are appropriate for somethings yet not for others. Also they have to come from something.

A thing that looks like a big pound cake about nine inches across and four inches thick suddenly appears on the table.

Leo: What is that on the table?

Man: Wait.

Leo looks at it than gets a tingling sensation across his body. He also smells Cake and feels it. He also sees it and heard it. What is this he wondered than he picked it up but it felt like zip nadah because he was feeling cake. His hands could not hold it up it soon went though his hands melting like a heavy air phantom weaving in his hands

Leo: Who are you?

Man: Your senses. Now *snap*

the cake of sent disappears and is replaced by a cupcake.

Senses: try this cake.

Leo: Are cakes your favorite food?

Senses: No showers are.

Leo: Showers?

Senses: Yes you should take more you stink.
They feel hot and wet and feel like a thousand fingers poking you.
You see the the knob controlling the heat and the rain
The bad smell is wiped off you and replaced with a creamy soap
You sense the sound of the hissing water and soap coming out of almost-done-bottles
the taste of water and even yeach soap
the only bad part I may add.

Leo:What is you least favorite thing?

Senses: Sleep and onions. Well just take the cake and eat it.

Leo: Nothing

Then he tastes air. He thought It could be an after taste he ate it again but the flavor came richer and richer with every bite strawberry raspberry glazed muffin until it made him sick.

Senses: alright *snap*

Leo:Why did you show me about this.

Senses:Because I get bored.

The Senses get up and walk towards the door.

Senses: You better get going. The door is fading away.

Leo:Can I try more foods?

Senses: Yes but you have to leave in forty minuets.

He try almost every thing a talking lime a tea that let you see its leaves life span, a fruit that can taste like any thing you think of even colors. He chose mint ice cream. Also a sandwich that let you see all the ingredients. A chocolate that you smelled instead of tasted. Another sandwich that felt like rain. Most importantly the butter tea.

Leo: How did you do this.

Senses: Time to go.

Leo is about to go out the door when he asked again “How did you do that.”

Senses: Look up confusion of the senses

I woke up with mint ice cream in my mouth and looked it up. There is a condition where people see sounds, when they see it they smell something. It is called Synesthesia it occurs most often in great authors and artists. Marilyn Monroe had it music would turn into things that looked like vibrations. Lady Gaga might even have it she associates colors with music and Stevie Wonder saw colors when he played music so he wasn’t totally blind.
I had a idea for my paper now. I wouldn’t fail the class.

Leo later got an A+ and was entered into a writing contest in his school and won a free collage education. All thanks to his imaginary friend. Or was he imaginary?

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