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February 24, 2011
By traveler03 GOLD, San Juan, Texas
traveler03 GOLD, San Juan, Texas
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The moon casted a dim glow on the ground below. The wind picked up, chillier and ferocious, threatening to snap branches in half. Trees pressed closer against each other, enclosing her, prying at her like prey. But most of all, it was the fog. A thick fog evaporated from the group, sweeping past the bushed, silently announcing the hopelessness of the case. Averting herself form the malice of nature, she sprinted through the forest, ignoring all the dangerous zones and searching frantically. Seconds in here warned her of the possibilities and outcomes.
And if too many minutes ticked by, it was going to be too late.

She jumped over the chaos of tree branches and the thorns of flowers. Needle-like thorns had already prickled her arm, the blood gushing and leaving her with the iron and rusty smell. Her long flowing dress put extra weight on her, every step requiring extra effort, every step requiring extra effort. There was exhaustion dawning on her already, the fatigue spreading like poison in her veins.

She could have yelled out to him, increasing the possibilities of finding him but his life was too high at stake with such measure. Instead, she continues the treacherous searching, feeling helpless and impotent with the decision.

Her mind then wandered to the mistakes and risks that had led to this.

She should have gone with him when he threatened her. She didn’t think of all the warning as a reality. She was now seeing what her selfishness had caused Damon.

Her guardian angel. Damon.

The guilt pressed down on her, pushing her to race further through the misty forest. The fog crept everywhere, filling all the spaces, hiding what lay ahead of her. Hey eyes attempted to adjust to the dense mist and not trip over other fallen branches.

Scurrying as silent as possible, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Her mouth twisted in agony, her stomach churned and her breath stopped at the back of her throat.

He laid limp, blood smeared all over his glorious body, his eyes semi closed.

She stared at him, desperate and tortured by the sight, unable to grasp reality. Everything spun around her. She felt faint. She felt weak. She was loosing herself in a hollow hole gnawing inside of her. The emptiness swallowed the remains of her, everything evaporating.

The wind talked in tongues as she too gave in. Almost mocking.

The loss was too much to bear. She would not accept it or attempt to live through this. There was no possible way to ever do such a thing.

She finally met eyes with him. He had been waiting for her to arrive all along. He knew she would find Damon.

He stood motionless, pale faced in the dimness, his eyes sparkling with victory.

He watched her carefully.

He watched her carefully as she pierced her heart with a dagger and fell next to Damon.

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