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Santa's murder mystery part 5

November 24, 2010
By Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
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Act 2- Scene 3:
Bailiff: Some of you may not know but I have a Master’s degree in law. Well almost had one you see I went to college but my father wanted me to be a plumber…
Judge: Get on with it, Bailiff! We don’t want to hear your sob stories…you have 4 minutes
Bailiff: (begins to worry) Anyway, all I have to say is that I think I can convince Miedo to change his decision.
Miedo: OK…
Bailiff: Let’s hear your reasons to think that either the Judge or Popsicle would be the murders.
Miedo: Well you see, I am an actor…
Blitzen: (annoyed) Oh gosh!
Miedo: …I was in a play that was kind of like this trial. There was a murderer who everyone thought was guilty but one…
Donner: Well, what happened in the end?
Miedo: They argued about every point and it was like a 3 hour play…who knows how long it would have taken in real life. I mean it could have been days or…
Bailiff: (nervous) Not to bother you. But would you mind getting to the point. I have less than two minutes. Before I sit in that dreaded timeout chair.
Joey: Trust me I’m not enjoying it either…
Mom: Hush Joey, no talking in the timeout chair.
Joey: Sorry Mom.
Miedo: In the end they all voted not guilty because that one juror convinced them all.
Judge: What you are saying is that you want to prove Joey’s innocence?
Miedo: I’ll try…
Judge: Time’s up Bailiff! (Joey stands up and Bailiff sits down in chair) OK folks no more dawdling. Let’s get on with this case!
Act 2 Scene 4:
Miedo: My points are that the Judge is constantly angry with Buddy for stealing his cookies. He also gets mad when Santa’s name is mentioned. Maybe he snuck into the kitchen and poisoned the cookies because he wanted to get his revenge on the old guy.
Elijah: Hmm never thought about that. I’d like to change my vote to not guilty.
Comet: Yeah me too…
Donner: Why not? Maybe this case will go the way Miedo’s play did…I vote not guilty
Joey: This keeps getting better and better.
(Crazy Bill runs on stage) Oh not him again!
Bill: I’ve got something to tell all ya! I…
Nurse: (stands up) Hold it right there, Crazy Bill. Judge wants no more interruptions. Especially from you.
Bill: But it’s really important I…
Nurse: (furious) That is enough! Do you want to go on the timeout chair.
Bill: (looks down) No Ma’am.
Bailiff: Wise choice, Bill
Judge: Bailiff, no more talking for two more minutes. Crazy Bill, please exit the court room before the gurads make you leave.
Bill: Ok…(walks off stage)
Judge: OK…we get back to the vote of four in favor of not guilty.
Alabaster: That’s correct.
John: (taps Miedo on the shoulder) Not to bother you Miedo…but half the jury is still not convinced.
Popsicle: And I’ll never be. I can’t believe we are foolish enough to let an actor be one of our jury members on one of the MOST important cases of all North Pole history.
Elijah: I don’t care what Popsicle says. I want to hear Miedo through. Maybe he’ll convince me.
Act 2 Scene 5:
Miedo: My second suspect is of course Attorney Popsicle.
Popsicle: I think you jump to conclusions quickly. Sometimes jury cases can take days. I believe in your play the characters had gone through six days.
Judge: Bailiff you can come off the chair, now. (Bailiff gets off timeout chair and sits down in normal chair) Continue Miedo…
Miedo: Very true but then why do you want to get out of this case so quickly?
Popsicle: (stands up) Because I think Joey did it.
Miedo: (stands up) And I think you did it because you wanted to get back at your EX you purposely poisoned the milk and cookies because you knew Joey would get blamed.
Elijah: I’m convinced, I’d like to change my vote to not guilty. (Jurors mumble)
Comet: It’s unanimous, NOT GUILTY (people begin cheering)
Cupid: Wait! (stands up) I didn’t vote not guilty. I still think Maxx did it. He always is so mischievous.
Maxx: (all jurors stand up) I thought Elijah did it! But he’s my friend and I didn’t want to get him in trouble.
Elijah: Thanks for staying with me pal. But I thought it was Comet and Blitzen. They are always so quiet you never can trust the quiet ones.
Comet: That’s absolutely absurd!
Blitzen: We thought it was Miedo. We figured because he’s an actor maybe he could pull this off. (Miedo faints) then again maybe he’s not kidding (Miedo wakes up)
Prancer: I thought it was the Bailiff. He seemed so eager to make Miedo change his vote.
Bailiff: (stands up) If I’ve ever been so insulted! All those hard years of work for nothing!
Miedo: I still think it’s either the Judge or Popsicle
Mom: All I think is that you guys need to work on anger issues. (everyone begins to argue)
Judge: Oy! This is a hopeless case. Let’s just all go home! (stands up)

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Esperanza GOLD said...
on Dec. 8 2010 at 7:07 pm
Esperanza GOLD, Twinsburg, Ohio
15 articles 0 photos 106 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Don't tell me 'sky's the limit' when there are footprints on the moon."

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