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Who really Wins

September 17, 2010
By artemis12 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
artemis12 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
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She yawned tired from the long sleepless night. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she followed her dad and younger sister into her mom's apartment. Her mom and dad were divorced but her mom loved to have parties. That day was her parents divorce anniversary so her mom decided to use that as an excuse to celebrate.

“Stay with your little sister please and try not to make your mom angry.”

Her dad said to her kissing her forehead before he left. The sad thing is he still kind of loved Erika's mom. Even after the horrible things she said about him. Wrinkling her nose Erika turned to face her little sister who was now looking up at her impatiently.

“What?” Erika asked aggravated. She hated looking after her little sister.

“I have to go pee pee.” Her little sister Angelica answered while jumping up and down.
She sighed and grabbed her sisters hand to lead her to the restroom. While waiting for Angelica, Erika began to yawn again. She felt a strange chill down her spine and turned around to see some man starring at her. She tried to ignore him but the feeling was still there. She turn to him again and yelled,

“What are you looking at? Stop starring at me you freak.” The man kept starring no matter what she said. She turned back around trying to ignore him once more. She heard the distant laughs and conversations of her mom and her moms guest from down the hall toward the living room.
“Angelia hurry up.” She said feeling a bit paranoid. She heard a strange sniffing noise and turned in the direction of the man. She caught her breath a bit startled to see the man was much closer than before. Only about two feet away from her. He started smelling her deeply.

“Get away from me.” She was terrified. He made a weird face and put his hands on her shoulders smelling her. She didn't know what to do. Her whole being was full with fear. She couldn't figure out what to do. Her instincts told her to run. She new she couldn't though, her sister was still in the bathroom. So she stayed and decided to fight. His grip became tighter as she struggled to get free. Everything became silent then. The man started shifting and changing into this dog like creature all the while continuing to sniff in her scent. She didn't know how she knew she just knew that she was disappearing. That somehow he was taking away her being from this world. She began to panic. He was changing again. She became mortified as she sees him turn into a worm like parasite with sharp stomach turning teeth. H e jumped towards her trying to latch to her neck. She manage to catch him and threw him to the ground. She stomped over and over on him until there was nothing left but a splutter of blood.

“Yes I won.” She was breathing heavily, heart pounding from excitement, when her little sister comes out of the restroom.

“Who are you talking to?” She asked confused. Erika looked at her little sister then back at the spot on the floor. The blood was gone. Her eyes widened with shock. “No where is he? I killed him. He was right there.” Her mind was breaking down. “But I won.” She fell to her knees not able to believe it. As the days passed Erika became insane from lost of sleep, constantly paranoid of being attack by the man. All the while she lays in bed whispering the same thing over and over again. “He really won. I lost. He got me. He won.”

The author's comments:
I actually did this off of a dream i had every detail is the same. hope it sonds good.

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