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Rise of Darkness ~part 4~

June 8, 2010
By Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
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I looked around this 'safe house'. Why do they want me anyway? A familar voice rang clear in my mind 'Never trust a shade' It was a man's voice. It was so familar but i couldnt put my finger on it. Eva scared the hell out of me..but I wouldn't let her know that. As i entered a room I felt strangely safe like i had been here before. I slowly laid down on the bed. My eyes closed so easily....

I opened my eyes and there was blood everywhere. I was covered in it. As I looked around there was piles and piles of dead bodies and there were still people fighting..Thats when i saw Alec..He was fighting Eva. At Alec's feet was what looked like to be me..I could see that even from here that i was dieing and so were my warriors. I watched as the dream me lifted her eyes to see Alec's beautiful angel like face. Sadness washed over her and me at the same time. The dream me built her power and it was like a huge explosion. Eveything was wiped out but Alec was now on his knees holding on to dream me. He was crying over her dead body...
~real life~
I screamed and sat straight up.....

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Fizza SILVER said...
on Jul. 25 2011 at 6:48 am
Fizza SILVER, Raipur, Other
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i didn't understand the last para. but the story is good.

on Oct. 16 2010 at 12:44 pm
xprezzionstar BRONZE, Jeffersonville, Kentucky
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like ive said before great but 100000000z of questions please write more to give more insight

on Oct. 10 2010 at 6:09 am
elfen_girl BRONZE, Wilmslow, Other
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i totally loved it, pls say u r doing more, all 4 parts were sooooooo cool.