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Eyes Like Fire Chapter Eight - Coredlia

May 8, 2010
By Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
Shawn333 GOLD, Pinellas Park, Florida
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I finally gave up on getting an answer from him and turned to face the water as he was doing. The water began to swirl around and this somehow made Ethan relax. I didn’t get it, when everything was calm he was completely on edge but when things get odd he decides to relax? I didn’t get him. I won’t lie, I was still getting used to all of this so to me a sudden whirlpool appearing in the center of a body of water meant danger, so I didn’t hesitate to hide behind him. As the water continued to rage loudly I heard Ethan chuckle and whisper “Cordelia… Reveal yourself to me.”

As he said this the water stopped and walking across the now raging rapids was a divine woman who looked to be in her early twenties. I was taken by surprise, was she the one causing the water to do all of this? Then I remembered what Ethan told me about the other apparitions. She must be the apparition of water. She wore very exotic clothing, thing robes made out of material that I wasn’t familiar with, her hair was very long, it almost hit the ground, and her eyes looked like they were made of glass, next to her I felt so inferior.

“Cordelia, how many times do I have to tell you to stop stalking me?” Ethan seemed to be very aggravated by he presence, I couldn’t understand why though, she seemed pretty harmless. “Oh please Ethan, get over yourself. You may be the strongest apparition, heck even more powerful than your father, but you are still young and reckless”, she then shifted her eyes towards me, “and she is living proof of that.” The water began to rage again, but this time it wasn’t Cordelia, the look of shock as she noticed the change gave that away, no, it was Ethan’s will this time. I could just barely see the look of anger in his eyes as his muscles tensed once again and he clenched his fists tightly.

“I said… Back off!” Just then the water shot toward Cordelia sending her flying into the nearby rocks and she laid there for a minute groaning in pain, but Ethan was relentless, something in him had snapped. “Just leave me the hell alone!” Now he was using fire, his own power to attack her, I honestly thought he was going to kill her but then suddenly the water rose to protect her and there she stood, glaring at him, how was she still able to stand? It didn’t seem possible! “You insolent little brat! If you had been really trying that could have killed me!” Now I was appalled, he hadn’t even been trying? So… “What the hell was that?!” I suddenly yelled.

Ethan looked at me puzzled, “What was what, Mychaela?” I just stared at him for a few seconds wondering if he seriously didn’t know what I was talking about. “The yelling! And the water and the fire! And you weren’t even trying?! So what the hell was that then?!” Ethan blinked a few times and smiled at me “Oh, Mychaela, that was just me getting a little angry, to be exact that was about two percent of my power.” I didn’t bother responding to this, I didn’t even want to know what one hundred percent would have been like. Cordelia was now face to face with him as she brushed the dirt off of her clothing and continued to glare at him.

“Well I hope you’re planning to mate with this girl, Ethan, because now the cat’s out of the bag, isn’t it?! You want to know something? Your father is probably watching you right now in disappointment! We tell no one of our existence unless they have pledged their eternal love to us!” Ethan shook his head and laughed, it wasn’t his usual chuckle, it almost sounded… Maniacal. “Oh, Cordelia, get with the times! Nobody ‘pledges eternal love’ anymore! To be honest even a simple ‘I do’ won’t last any couple more than a few years nowadays!”, he then turned to face me, “of course, the idea of mating with her is tempting.” I instinctively took a few steps back.

“What are you getting at now?!” I could feel my face turn completely bright red. Was he being serious? “Calm down, Mychaela, I won’t”, he looked at Cordelia, “I am a loner, Cordelia, I just realized she was going to figure out I was inhuman one way or another so I thought-” she cut him off, “So you thought that you’d drag the rest of us down with you?!” I couldn’t even tune in to their argument, I just stood there completely confused as they continued to argue with each other. Finally after several minutes Cordelia spoke in a calmer voice, “Anyways, that is not why I came here, Ethan! This is extremely urgent! It’s about Aidrian! The seal is breaking!”

Now Ethan’s expression changed into something I never thought I would see in him, fear. Everyone was silent for a few minutes and finally Ethan broke the silence speaking barely above a whisper. “Aidrian? You mean… The one my father died to seal away?” Cordelia nodded, I was trying to understand what they were talking about, “Ethan, in a few days the humans will notice, Stonehenge will begin to show the signs, and finally Aidrian will be free, but there is one hope. You. If Derryth is correct then he will be temporarily weakened from the years of containment. He believes you to be the only person powerful enough to kill Aidrian once and for all.”

Ethan closed his eyes, deep in thought. “Cordelia, My powers are untested, if I go all out just like that then the results could be catastrophic if I lose control. Why can’t the three of you handle it yourselves? Three is better than one is it not?” Cordelia now had a look of frustration on her face and she spoke reluctantly through gritted teeth. “According to Derryth, Ethan, you are more powerful than all three of us combined, you may even be more powerful still if your father’s power was added to the three of us. Don’t you see? You, Ethan are the most powerful being in existence to this day”, she then pointed a finger at him, “and with your father’s blade you can easily cut through that traitor, Aidrian!”

I carefully examined Ethan, he didn’t appear to have a sword or a sheath lying around anywhere so what blade was she talking about? My question was quickly answered as he knelt down and drew a circle in the ground and a five-pointed star within the circle. He then placed his hands in the circle and shot his arms through the ground pulling out a crimson blade from the Earth. It was truly magnificent, perfectly textured, and as he wielded it flamed swirled around the blade giving Ethan the look of an epic hero, like the ones in movies. “Alright, Cordelia, I will come home and face Aidrian, but on one condition.” Cordelia finished his sentence for him “She goes, am I right?” Ethan simply nodded to confirm this.

“Very well, Ethan, but do not rush, there is still time, seven weeks to be exact before he breaks free, but there is one other matter to deal with. His servant.” Slowly a twisted smile spread across his god-like face and to my greatest surprise he began to laugh.

The author's comments:
This is the eighth chapter of my work in progress, Cordelia reveals herself to Ethan and Mychaela and things get heated between the two aparitions, after the conflict Cordelia reveals that Aidrian, the treacherous one, is slowly breaking free from his prison.

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