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Alena's Memory

March 17, 2010
By AzizaManga BRONZE, Can&#39t Say, Oklahoma
AzizaManga BRONZE, Can&#39t Say, Oklahoma
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That day was so terrible. I wish to forget everything that happened. Yet it was only a few days ago. I'm still scared. But, talking about it might help. At least that's what my new mommy told me the day that she found me laying half-naked outside, in the snow, with blood oozing out of my left side. Here's the thing:
I was just walking around minding my own business when out of nowhere and older man grabbed me, I tried to fight back but he was too strong for me. He ran out of my town and off towards the town close to it. I didn't know what he was going to do to me at the time, I couldn't see anything because his nasty sweaty hand was covering up my eyes, I could hear him grunting as he continued to run until suddenly he stopped. He threw me on the ground, luckily it had been snowing a lot so the ground wasn't too hard but it was very, very cold. "As soon as I saw you I knew that you'd be my lucky girl." He said, he was breathing rather hard as he came towards me. Before I knew it, my pants had been yanked off and my jacket was pulled off so hard that four of the 8 buttons on it fell off. I tried to get him to stop but he just told me to be quiet and enjoy it. Even for me being a small 11 year old I knew what he was talking about, I close my eyes as he started to kiss my neck and lick my lips. But, I didn't want to just give up like that so I started to kick and punch him as hard I as I could. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a knife, "You'll listen to me you little brat or I'll make you hurt even more." He growled as he held the knife towards me, I stopped for a second and was still for awhile but I didn't learn my lesson so I said "It's small, I doubt that it'll fit."

This was a mistake on my part; he slapped me in the face so hard I thought that my teeth would fall out. Then he cut my left side and decided to leave to find another person, I guess. "Stupid brat." He groaned as he walked away, but before he left he turned around and grabbed my pants and left with them. I lay there shaking and bleeding. "I don't wanna die." I moaned as I tried to shift my weight off the wound. I passed out after wards, I dreamed that I heard footsteps and a soft velvet voice saying "Oh, you poor thing. I'll take care of you." The last thing I remember is feeling warm against whomever it was that had saved my life.
Now, that I think about I wonder what happened to that old man who tried to rape me. Whatever, it isn't my problem anymore. But, I do hope that he went to jail if he was caught trying to take someone else's child away. Enough of that story, I later figured out that the name of my savior was a young woman named Emmy. She's so pretty and looks sort of like the Emmy from a movie where a girl meets a man with a jacked up face. Her hair is curly and a deep brown and red color, she's fairly tall, her bust is big (I wish mine were), her eyes are a cream color that looks like milk. Sort of. Oh, and her voice sounds so pretty. It was as if she was an angel, fairy and a princess mixed up to create a very special and kind person.
I wished that she was like my real mommy even though I don't remember what happened to my real mom, or my father for that matter. My guess is that they both died and I had to stay at a shelter. This was annoying since no one really seemed to care about me in the first place.

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Yeah, it's pretty short. And I think that it's only slightly good

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