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January 28, 2010
By ellennie GOLD, Toronto, Other
ellennie GOLD, Toronto, Other
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Once upon a time there was a magical land called Trinity. In this land lived fairies, and dwarves; elves and pixies; and of course, animals. All of these animals could talk and all of them had magical powers. Some of them used their for good, some for mischief, and some used their powers for evil, but there has never been tell of a more evil creature than the serpent Negra. She wreaked havoc among the people, she burned villages to the ground. She was always shadowed by a wave of destruction, and she left very few survivors.

One of these few left alive was a boy called Kyren. He was an unremarkable boy, and he was the only one left of a fairly prosperous village, now ransacked by the serpent. He was an orphan. He was also being pursued by Negra, who had taken to the notion of no survivors. Her mission was to kill the remnants of the pillaged towns. Only a miracle could save him now.

The miracle came in the form of a girl called Evanesence, Esa for short. Negra had found him, cornered him, and was preparing to kill him. His life was flashing before his eyes. The snake’s fangs were about to sink into his flesh, tainting his blood with her poison. It never happened. He opened his eyes to see a girl with a dagger, fending off the huge, black serpent. An angel he thought.

The snake fled. There was just something about her, her bravery, he willingness to risk her life for a total stranger, it drove the serpent crazy. As soon as Negra was safely out of the way she rushed to Kyren’s side. An unbreakable bond had been formed.

He awoke to the sound of hissing, as if there were 100 snakes crowding in the blackness that surrounded the fire they had built earlier that day. As it turns out it was the hissing of 100 snakes, the children of Negra. The serpent wished to be rid of the girl that had haunted her, once and for all. She cared nothing for Kyren anymore. It was Esa she wanted.

But she wasn’t afraid, no not Evanesence. She marched right up to those snakes and told them to be gone. She told them they weren’t wanted here, she told them off well. The snakes hissed nervously amongst themselves, but stood their ground. She grabbed a hold of the nearest serpent and before it could bite and inject it’s poison, she snapped it in two. This was too much for the other snakes. One by one they began to slither off, leaving their fallen companion lying on the ground at Esa’s feet.

As you can imagine Negra was not happy with her minions failure. That night she made a plan to attack Esa while she was sleeping. She was ready.

At the same time Kyren was having some trouble sleeping, so when he heard a plaintive hiss and the slithering of the serpent’s giant black body he knew. Without thinking he grabbed Esa’s dagger. As soon as Negra poked her great black head thought the door of the temporary shelter they had made, the knife flew out of his hand, making direct contact with the snake’s forehead. She hissed in pain, waking up Esa, who reached for her knife, then realised it was already imbedded in the serpent’s scales. Blinded by rage and pain, Negra tore at the shelter, reducing it to shreds, and exposed the inhabitants to face the full force of the snake’s wrath, unprotected and unarmed. Kyren cowered in the corner as the serpent thrashed around. Something punctured his leg and then all he could remember was the blinding pain.

He finally came round after several hour unconscious. Esa was standing over him. “I killed the serpent” he breathed. She nodded. His leg was numb with pain. He looked down to see two bite marks where the snake had sunk her teeth into him. The light in his eyes went out.

From then on Esa became known as the Wandering Wraith. She spent the rest of her life roaming the countryside, mourning her lost friend.

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