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The War

October 19, 2009
By Graze BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Graze BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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The war

It all began one morning. I woke up in my cave with my fire breathing dragon and it all went south from there. My dragon has red scales everywhere—a blue spine running down his back to his tail—and he has razor sharp teeth. I call him Jake because it is an awesome name for him. He is a fire breathing dragon form hell that was made to destroy any enemy in his path.

So I woke up from a noise of loud foot steps, if kind of sounded like, “thump—thump—thump—thump—thump.” The sound rung in my ears; then I looked outside and all I see is an army of minitors and war pigs coming from over the hill. The pigs had disgusting and deformed faces that could make you puke; the minitors were like a giant—hairy ox and all of them were carrying battle axes. I got on my arrow carrier—put on my sword which was on a belt—and put on some metal chain armor everywhere. I got on my dragon with my bow and we headed out towards the valley; we called this valley “escape valley.”

I was flying in the air when I saw my friend Austin who also saw the minitors and war pigs. But, Austin was already in the valley on his pet gryphon which is a mix of a lion and eagle. Its body is a light brown fur with a head of a majestic eagle. I flew out a ways and landed three hundred yards away from the army right next to Austin and his gryphon. We were standing right next to a lake which also happened to have the loch-ness monster in it. I blowed a horn and summoned him and asked if would help us defend our land against the disgusting creatures that were coming, and he agreed. The land was a grassy green valley which was the perfect place to have a war.

“Charge,” I screamed as the three of us went fourth to begin the battle. The first move was made by me when I took out an arrow and shot a war pig right between the eyes, blood went everywhere. Than Austin ran towards two creatures and chopped off two heads at the same time since he happened to have two swords. The loch-ness monster was plowing through the enemies eating whatever stood in his way. Within the first two minutes there were brains, intestines, legs, arms, and severed heads of both the war pigs and the minitors—all of this was everywhere you looked.

I look over for a quick second and I see that Austin was on the ground without his gryphon and I was hoping that his gryphon wasn’t dead. As it turned out he was fine, Muffassa was just flying in the air and picking up creatures and dropping them from quite a height. All of the creatures were swarming Austin and I didn’t think that he could fend them off. So my dragon slithered his way over to Austin and blew fire everywhere and took out at least eleven war pigs and nine minitors. I asked him, “Do you need a lift?”

Austin replied, “I wouldn’t mind one, just take me somewhere safe so I can meet up with my gryphon.”

“Ok,” I said, “I will get right on it.” We were just about to take off when a war pig tried to swing a sword at me but Austin hit him before he could kill me. While we were talking my dragon, Jake, was fending off creatures everywhere so he just started to fly.

We got away form the crowd of evil creatures and Austin met up with his gryphon far away from the war. The loch-ness monster was being attacked and tied up. They took him into the thick green forest, there was nothing we could do about it until the war was over; he was a great warrior.

About thirty minutes later we were almost done with this brutal war. Austin and I were chopping off heads, chopping off other limbs, and just spilling blood and guts everywhere. Than Austin and I spotted the last person on a huge boulder in the valley. We headed over there and the strange thing is that he didn’t move, that one war pig just stood there knowing that he was going to die; he just stood there waiting for his death. We got there and there and the pig just begged for mercy, so Austin got off his gryphon, walked over to him, got his sword ready and chopped off his head; then he pushed him off the rock and down the hill.

Finally, the war was over. Bust we still just stood there, wondering what happened to the loch-ness monster and waiting to see what was going to happen next.

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because i had an assignment to write a piece to submit to teen ink.

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