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My Boyfriend is a vampire. Chapters 6 - 9

July 29, 2009
By LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
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Chapter 6. Emily.

Emily was dead.
or so i thought she was.

She stood there looking at me.
She wasnt mad. She looked what
seemed like hungry.

I didnt know what it meant until she let out
a low hissing sound and ran towards the car.

I screamed.


She was snapping at me from the
other side of the window with menacing

but......shes supposed to be dead!

i heard a ringing sound and
she pulled her phone from her pocket.
i slowly opened my widow.

she didnt notice.

"Jason, how long do i have to be here!" she yelled.

i heard jason babbling back in a feirce tone.

"Yes!" she whined, "She still thinks i am supposed to be dead!"

thinks? what happened i know shes dead? i thought.

" I'm on her car Jason," she said in a sour tone, "you called at a bad time."

she snapped the phone shut to notice my window was open.
she glared at me with furious eyes.
i quickly shut it and locked the doors

She climed up to the top and i could hear metal ripping.

she was pulling the roof off.

I looked up but she was gone.

I heard breathing right
next to me.

"Hi" she said in an angry tone.

"What do you want from me," i said straight forward.

"I dont want you. But you need to drive to this address."

she shoved a paper at me and told me to read it.

15506 Maple Road,
St. Buckets, WY.

"Were going to a hiking trail?" i muttered.

"Is there a problem?" she asked holding out these nails that looked like
they were as sharp as her fangs.

"I'm driving," she said.

"No i am," i scoffed.
she grabbed me and pushed me to the top of the car
slid over and put me down in the passenger seat.

We were already driving so i
had no choice.

We arrived at a mossy woods
with broken down trees everywhere.

We got out and headed to the huge
tree that had fallen down just about
sixty four feet away.

I sat on it and immediately Jason
was standing there.

i gasped and hid behind the broken tree.

He chuckled, "Nice work Emily," he paused, "Your meal is waiting about fourty feet from here."

i cringed at the thought of a grizzly bear with
a missing head just laying there not far from here.
i gagged.

Something or someone was missing from this picture and
at first i was too scared to recognize it but then i did.


he wasnt there. where was he?

wasnt this HIS plan?

just then emily's phone rang.

"Yes jake we are bringing her now." She paused for a
quick moment and i could hear yelling. "Jeez! Dont be so pushy!
you'll get ur meal in an hour!" she snapped the phone shut.

i heard a russtling sound.
They turned around.
I ran.
Chapter 7 Escape/Plan.
I may have been the stupidest
person ever.

They caught me.
no duh.

Emily shoved me into the
car and said "stay" like i was a dog
or something.

She is a little stupid because she left
the keys there in the ignition and i climed
to the front seat and drove off. I saw jason
hit her and push her to the ground scowling at
her for the mistake she had made. I saw a small
red phone on the passenger seat and it started to
vibrate. the caller ID said 'jake' and i threw it out
the window and drove home.

I would have answered it but
then he might trace the call and follow me.

that thought scared me.

I got home in time to realize a note
on my bed.

uh oh. i thought.

it was from mom and dad.

we wont be home until next week.
we are on a business trip.
love you!
mom and dad

great just great i thought fighting tears they get back from wyoming and then leave me! Horrible!

I had a weird sense of De'javu'
maybe this has happened before
but i didnt care at the moment.
i was too busy trying to think of
a plan while screaming and crying.

what was happening?
I was like my life was
a danger magnet.
but a lot different.
more like a phsyco
boyfriend magnet.

I fell asleep that night.


Nothing bad

Happens tonight.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 8 Death.
I woke up untouched.
I went to the bathroom
to brush my hair and saw a note:

I dare you to look behind you.
But dont scream.
That would be a very bad idea.

My breathing accelerated
and i was about to scream.
but if i did it might be a mistake.

i didnt turn around.

I walked out to get dressed first.

I went back in.
there couldnt be anyone behind me.
There was no reflection in the mirror.

Oh yeah.

Vampires obviously dont have reflections.

I turned slowly to find jason standing there.
a wide evil grin across his face. and a silver blade
in his left hand.

I screamed.

"Hi," he said smiling.

"What do you want from me!" i shouted.

I heard breathing behind me.

"What do you think?"


"I-I dont know," i said trying not to yell.

"We just happen to be thirsty molly," jason said.

"Please dont kill me," i am so stupid.

Someone pulled my hands back and tied them to the back of a chair that somehow appeared behind me.
Something cold and sharp was touching my neck.
They werent bluffing about the thirsty thing.
I didnt move an inch that might be a mistake.

I screamed.

I couldnt help myself.

"Now Molly," Jason said, "We can do this the easy way...or the hard way."

I shivered.

He chuckled and walked over to me.
He put his face two inches away from mine.
"Are we clear?" he said.

"Y-yes," i said. I studied his eyes.
Pure black not a tone of orange.
(yes his eyes are orange.)

He smiled and leaned away.
They left.
They left me there tied up.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Chapter 9
I had no idea how i was going to get out
of the rope they tied me with.

I was tangling my fingers in the rope looking
for the knot.

I finally got out.

The house was quiet.
I checked the clock and it was
five o'clock. I didnt feel like sleeping.

My parents werent home yet.
My heart was racing and my neck hurt.
There was a very small cut on it.
Not a lot of damage.

But it was bleeding.

ouch! i thought furiously.


Where did they go????
________________________________________________________[to be coninued............]

The author's comments:
this is chapters 6 to 9. ENJOY!! COMMENT PLEASE!! :)

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Fizza SILVER said...
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hey where's the first part??

on Mar. 2 2010 at 10:00 pm
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
Whoever laughs first has the sickest mind.

oops. :S sorry. yeah this one always seems to be really confusing.

on Feb. 16 2010 at 9:32 am
wait sorry this one was reallllllllllllllllly confusing. I thought the narrator was the other girl, not molly, or are you trying to play on the whole resemblance thing? I think that's it, but I'm not sure. The narrator did't notice that the boyfriend duo called her molly but she was probably still too busy screaming. Or is this a plan between molly and the narrator?

sorry, no idea whats going on any more.