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Peter's Story

May 18, 2009
By Mark Bronson BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
Mark Bronson BRONZE, Centralia, Washington
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“Death is coming,” said Peter. “It always comes after a storm. Always. Like the last storm there was a freak accident that ended the life of one of the town counsel.” However, this storm was different; instead of the regular thunder and lightening there was none of that, there was only rain. That was a very bad thing for this town, it had just come out of a very rainy storm and the town’s river was already to its top and with this storm the river will surly break its banks.

This worried Peter, he knew that the river would flood into the town and all the homes would flood and, unless he warned them, the whole town would die. So he needed to go to the town counsel.

So Peter went to the town counsel to go warn them about the impending danger, but the counsel didn’t listen because he had, “Cried wolf” before, so they had lost their trust in him. Then something strange happened Peter’s voice, it grow deeper as he said, “This town will be underwater before sunset tomorrow and every one with it. If you remember the last time you might have a chance of surviving.”

Now this got the counsel attention because Peter had tenor and could not reach a baritone voice. The other odd thing the counsel noticed was Peter could not remember what he just said. Now this wasn’t the first prophesy the town had gotten. The first was about their sister town, the prophesy said, “Your sister town will be destroyed and everyone there will died.” After that, the town did not do anything. Two days later their sister town was destroyed and everyone in it.

After that, the counsel promised to heed any prophesies that came their way. However, that was 50 years ago and there were only hazy memories in the elder’s minds. So, by default they did not heed the prophesy. So as the disappointed Peter walked out he stated to hatch a devious plan to convince the counsel to leave the town with the town members.

His plan was to call the town counsel and warn them about a flood that was coming as some random person that just saw the river.

So he called them and he said “Did you know the river is to the top of their banks?”

“Well isn’t that nice punk,” said the aggravated Alan Beck.

“No you have to listen to me; the river is to the top of its banks,” replied the very confident Peter.

“Why don’t you give it a rest kid and stop bothering the council of counsel,” Alan replied.

“You’re an imbecile for that you and you will pay one day for that,” responded Peter.

“Oo, I’m trembling inside,” Said Alan.

“Why I otta…….” Started Peter right before the line went dead.

Now his final hope was gone, he could not get the counsel to listen. He was a failure; everyone was going to die because he couldn’t get though to the thick sculled, backward, idiotic town counsel.

Then he stated to cry. “I’ve failed,” he said to himself.

He didn’t realize what he was doing grabbing that chain. All he knew was that he was worthless. He only realized that the chains present on his neck by the cold feeling it brought him. Then he pulled as hard as he could. He knew he was slowly drifting into a very deep sleep as he realized it was 11:59p.m. on the day before his birthday. He sighed, he would die happy. Then he died.

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