June 14, 2021
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

Suzeme ay awake that night, bored beyond belief. She wanted to go find out more or do something! 

“Tori! Tori, you awake?” she whispered.

She heard a groggy mutter. “I am now.”

“I can't sleep.”

“Neither can I, somebody won't let me.”


“Urgh i'm awake now.”

“So what do you think of Avis?”

“It isn't home, but it's intresting. Like a human city built for birds.”

“It is.”

“Well, it's ok. I didn't feel like the predators there would hurt me, and they had food for me with your food.”

“So, apparently I have magic, huh?”


“I want to use it!”

“Ok. do.”

“No, apperently it hasnt stablaized yet.”

“Ok. great.”

“But the instructer mentioned powers for you, too!”

“Great. Tell me when i care.”

“Fine i’ll shut up.”

“Really? I thought i'd never get back to sleep!” tori turned around in her nest and Suzeme was left in the dark silence with herthoughts. It had been worth a try! Did tori know she was lying or did she actually not care? 

She opened her eyes and groaned at the sunlight pouring through her window. Ugh, everything ached! She was laying on the floor in a tangle of blankets and limbs with a book she didn't remember reading. She groaned and sat up, stretching. A flashlight lay beside her, still trying to flicker to life. She clicked it off and ran to get some batteries. Then she dragged her blankets onto bed and went back to sleep. She flickered in and out of consciousness until dinner. She had apparently gone to church, but she had slept through the car and church itself. 

She got no sleep that night.

But she had to be awake at school… or at least look awake. She yawned and barely combed her hair, forgetting breakfast. She tried to sleep on the bus but still couldn't. School wasn't interesting, although she did get a couple books on fairytales to match them against avis history. Apparently doves could sense deceit, and upon close inspection of the grimm version the mice seemed a little involved in aiding cinderella. Presumably then they contacted the doves to help make sure the prince found cinderella. They were probably friends in human form, this was a time when speakers were publicly known and accepted (for the most part. When witchcraft rumors rose they went more underground and the rumors died, then the witch trials started and they left).

Sleeping beauty seemed to suggest that the evil fairy had possibly turned into a large snake rather than a dragon, and the good fairys werent necessarily fairies at all just women with a strange connection to nature. She couldn't work out why the king and queen would entrust them with the princess, but one may have had a spell to disguise them or something.

Snow white was the victim of an aging peacock, who were known to be grumpy and off-putting when they felt their vanity in question. Their powers were over appearance, which was why the queen could turn into a hag, and she was just good with poisons for unclear reasons. The dwarves may have been groundhogs or they could have just been normal short men. The woodsman was definitely a speaker, it appeared he got some deer to help snow white escape. 

The three little pigs was a wolf who got too in touch with his wild side and seemed to lose moral codes against cannibalism. The same thing happened with the wolf and seven kids, and it was possibly the same wolf. She hoped that was just her own reading between the lines because she didn't like the thought.

The elves and the shoemaker were some insects with power to shrink people (she was crossreferencing some books Ryn lent her). They had unclear motives, but may have been friends or neighbors wanting to help.

The twelve dancing princesses were in a larger plot more prevalent in Avis history, but they were primarily affected by a swan in a group trying to stage a coup.  It didn't really make sense, but it did lend to the claim that the fairy tales were just speakers.

Hansel and Gretel were victims of a peacock who hoped eating children would restore her youth. She was working in tandem with the stepmother, a mockingbird with th power of persuasion(the father wouldn't have abandoned his kids if she hadn't used magic on him).

The billy goats gruff were some goats who riled up a human bridgekeeper that didn't know what they were. They later retold the story and made him out as evil(he tried to kill them, but he thought they were demon possessed goats and he wasn't a troll). They later confessed the truth after the story had caught on. The littlest one did because it was sick of hearing stories making him out as a coward. The others had no choice but to confess.

The trojan war was another peacock. Helen had deliberately caused the war because it flattered her vanity. She was later punished by other speakers, but the damage was done. Suzeme was starting to get really irate with the peacocks.

The snow queen was a snowy owl who was dealing with childhood trauma and lost her companion. She went crazy with grief and tried to freeze others so she wouldn't be the only one alone. Some speakers with physiological powers tried to treat her afterward, but she was beyond their help. In the end they sent her to the arctic where no one else was that she could harm. She froze herself in a block of ice and was found years later, her body in perfect condition. It was currently on display in a historical museum in Avis. gross! Wait, she had seen a frozen woman on display! Grosser!

The beast in beauty and the beast was a cursed bear. He was cursed by an angry peacock to appear to be in bear form all the time, but a very gnarled scarred bear form. Why werent all peacocks thrown in jail and forgotten? Wasn't Poppy friends with one? Yikes!

Rumpelstilksin was a crazy magpie, who turned the straw into fake gold. For some reason he was collecting children. Nobody found the kids after he was apprehended, but hopefully they were ok. He was knownto collect some older kids, so they could have gotten the younger ones out.

The pied piper was a rat speaker. The kids he took into the ocean were just kids that he charmed and tricked into following him. Suzeme decided to go with the theory that the mayor was a peacock, solely because the more she real the more she hated peacocks.

In aladdin, the genie was a peacock. She snorted and tossed it aside. He was probably working with the villain all along(no, he wasn't. It specifically said that was an instance of a peacock impacting history in a positive way).

The girl in the princess and the pea was a bat, one of the types that had magic over perception.(bats fell under rodents) she sensed the pea with magic, but was really just clumsy so she kept falling. But when she asked why there was a pea under the mattress the queen took it as a sign of true love or something.

Ahah! Another evil peacock. Rapunzel was a victim of a peacock who wanted to experiment with physical appearance on a person. She did all kinds of other things to rapunzel but the hair she enchanted to never stop growing was the most notable. She did, however, invent the corset in her testing, torturing millions of women for centuries. 

The frog prince was confusing. She expected it to be straightforward, but then remembered there were no amphibians. As it turned out a peacock angry when a prince called her ugly, so she hired someone to turn him into something ugly. She then turned herself into the princess that was forced to save him and delibritly gave him a hard time about it. Later they married and were presumably happy enough. Or at least, the peacock was.

The little match girl was a cardinal. They had powers to make dreams reality(within reason) and when she turned fourteen and encountered a cardinal, she made her dream come true. The matches were actually what she sold, but humans added in that she used them to get out later for no clear reason, just errors in word of mouth.

 The ugly duckling was a really confusing story. The mother duck lost a good deal of humanity and adopted actual ducklings. She accidentally got a swan as well, but because she was so out of touch with her human side she was able to communicate and didn't notice anything was off. The story was told by a swan speaker who befriended the swan.

“Hey Susun!” a boy called at her from across th room. She ignored him.

“Nerd! I'm talking to you! Whatcha reading? Textbooks?”

“My name is Suzeme.”

“Nah, thats not a name.”

“Yes it is. It's Japanese for a type of bird you've never heard of.”

“Nerd birds?”

“Sparrows. Shut up.”

“Oh, sorry nerd. I forgot you have to have perfect grades.”

“Why do I need perfect grades? I'm not even reading textbooks or anything related to school.”

“Because you're asain.”

“Excuse you?”

“Yeah, asian kids have to be really smart or their parents will disown them.”


“Or are you ok if you learn karate? Or do you have to do both?” his tone was mocking. 

“Karate is chinese. I'm japanese and i don't know a thing about Aikido.”

“Ohhh you're in trouble!”

“Cut it out. You don't even know my parents.”

“I don't want to, theyve got to be really strict!”

“Stop being so stereotypical! It's racist!”

“What? You're just trying to get attention. Racism is for black people.”

“African american and yes, asain racism is a thing, i think i would know.”

“You just want attention.”

“Well clearly not as much as you or you would leave me alone.”

“Whatcha reading susan?”

“It's Suzeme.”

“Well can't your friends call you susan?”

“We aren't friends.”

“I'm going to tell the teacher you bullied me!”

“Please. Act your ages. Besides, the teacher would love to hear about you being racist and antagonistic.”

“Stop speaking chinese.”

“I don't speak chinese or japanese or any lanugue besides english(and sparrow). Antagonistic is just to big a word for small brains to wrap around.”

“There! See, i'm being bullied. You're being racist against white people!”

“I never said you had a small brain. I simply implied that if you didn't know what the word meant you could have a smaller brain than average.”

“You're being aggressive!”

“Then walk away and don't deal with me anymore.”


“You know what, i think i’ll take my own advice. Thanks for wasting my time.” she left.

The author's comments:

and there it is. see, i just cant write anything racist. i did a lot of research to try and get that to work and it really didn't. 

funny story about him calling her racist tho. i was on a website minding my own business when these people ganged up on my and started cyberbullying. i was totlly calm and polite(i get cyberbullied a lot. i make it a game, because its hilarious how the more you act like you couldn't care less the more annoyed and angry they get, and I honestly don't care what internet strangers think), so one of them who i guess was Jewish called me antisemetic. i have screenshots of the extachange that prove i was saying nothing aggressive rude or even defensive. anyway, so i... actually i probably shouldn't say any more because its pointless and it was rude. it was kinda funny tho, they were trying so hard to get under my skin. btw if you're ever cyberbullied by strangers firstly, don't care, and secondly, the harder they try to bother you the more you pretend to not care. oh, but don't say anything rude back or they could technically say you were cyberbullying too, and if you're on a site they could report you to it might not end well(the site i was on i couldn't, but afterwards i did leave the site because it was a chess website and I'm no good at chess. oh, and i guess to be politically correct I'm supposed to say because they were toxic people and i should avoid them. but really, yeah they were being rude but it didn't bother me and they were only hurting themselves. i did try to report them tho because i know some people would care.)

anyway i know the fairytales are probably long and boring but its critical information about the rest of the world and history. besides, its interesting and fun to come up with.

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