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Interwoven Wolves(15)

February 15, 2021
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

Previously: self explanitory

Echo scratched her neck. it felt like she was sleeping on hay. she didn't like moss, but it was better fresh. dried moss was awful! how many days left? wait... she was free! or at least going to live!

"hey echo, i brought you some gazelle." galaxy smiled at her. frost looked up from a rabbit she caught at the border.

"she doesn't eat raw meat and is obsessed with vegetables."

"oh, ok. do you want to leave and get some food and anything else you need?"

"really? that's an option?"

"sure. until you change you can come and go as you please, so long as your back well before midnight every night, just in case."

"what? ill be trapped? and why do i ned to be back by midnight?"

"you need to be in the moonlands every night at midnight so you can change. if you don't..." 

"will i explode?"

"youll almost certainly have an agonizing death."

"of course." why wouldn't there be an agonizing death if she slipped up? frost took interest.

"how exactly can we get her to the forest every night? if she dies..." galaxy glared at her.

dont finish that sentance. you've upset her enough. frost looked defensive.

not my fault you pride doesn't care about each other. you're betraying it.

good point. maybe i should send you back to them.

"then that would be bad." echo sighed and looked down. this wasn't how it should be. she should be excitedly talking about magic, frost hanging back and smiling in her way. galaxy should be telling her all about it and she would complain about bindings. so galaxy would tell her she could find a way to fix it, and she would ask 'really?' and frost would come over and tell her to go for it. she would smile and start making plans, constantly interrupted by their quarreling. 

but it wasn't like that. she could remain friends with frost in theory, but that wasn't how it was anymore. they were enemys. and galaxy would be on the other side of sunrise. at mandatory war. she was alone. and always would be.

"want to go now? and then i need to get back to my pride, but id like to be there if you need help. is that ok?"

"yeah, of course!" she could sense the tension. would she ask if frost could come? frost pretended to ignore it, and galaxy watched her intently for a moment, the frozen moment. this would tell frost they were no longer friends. she broke it.

"do we need anything else before we go?" galaxy looked at frost smugly, and echo glanced at her, speaking silently again. how wrong it felt.

why cant you actually care like galaxy? shes undermineing her pride for me and in the future it will cause her problems. you were willing to kill me yourself.

"no. do you want to leave your parents a note? i bet you can also take your phone and use it in the woods."

"ok." frost stayed focused on her rabbit, but her eyes wandered up to galaxys.

we both know you're just trying to make me look bad. and probably hoping for echo to owe you a favor when she gets her power.

no. im actually worried about my friend. unlike someone.

echo sighed. she didn't like this silent speak. it was wrong. she stood up and brushed off the dried grass bedding, to say lets go. galaxy smiled and followed.

"when i change will we be enemys?"

"yes. but i bet you can figure out how to fix it." echo smiled and turned to hear frost tell her she could do anything, and heard silence. frost was dead. she didn't know the new one. 

"how would i do that?" they both paused for frost to answer, and then galaxy awkwardly continued.

"i bet youll know when the time is right."

"are you going to change like frost did?"

"yes, but im younger. and i bet i wont get so cold. "

"is it possible to?" galaxy laughed, and after a sad pause echo joined her.

"you might change to."

"ill never put some dumb pack in front of people."

"and my pride isn't the same to me as frosts pack is to her. might never be. but that doesn't mean you wont change. and you might become focused on the moon."

"if i do, what then?"

"well be enemies, i guess. but then maybe it never will happen. but we'll be on to sides of a border."

"i wish i could have it all back."

"what do you mean?"

what did she mean? everything. she wanted it all. everything happy and the sad. the pain. scraping her knee and her mothers hug. befreinding frost. her 'adventures' with galaxy. the entire happy childhood. and as frost became more wolf, her perfect world crubled. bit by bit, so slow she didn't notice. her fairytale friendships deteriorated. frost being less human made her more irritable which bothered galaxy. she shut herself away in her room and became a bit antisocail. she didn't want that back. shed give anything to relive the everything.

"i wish i could have everything again."

"so do i. eve when you and frost became friends."

"will i ever be happy? im going to spend the rest of my life with the wolves. and frost. fighting you."

"maybe it wont matter then."

"it doesn't matter the people. im going to be alone, for the rest of my life."

"then we can have a hiding spot and meet up there every week."

she waited for frost to cheer her on. "that'll end well." 

"they have cute cubs- pups."

"that grow into unfeeling pack slaves." pipe would be just like frost soon.

"the wolves would tell you to just do it for the good of the pack. do you obey them, since your moon host?"


"were here. be careful nobody sees you.

The author's comments:

i accidentally shut down my computer, this is a rewrite. luckily I'm to emotionally drained to care rn.

things could change, but the chances shell ever get along with frost again are really low. and dont count on cooperation with galaxy either. likely(if it ends) it will be with echo forever misrable.

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