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He Brutally Murdered Her and Her Family, But Now She's Back From The Dead For a Taste of Revenge

April 29, 2009
By AngelMRaven BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
AngelMRaven BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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They thought she was crazy.... Each Demon, they knew she was human, but something made her seem just like them. The hatred she burdend inside herself. They had murdered her family. She had came home right as they were tossing the torn limbs of her mother around like they were playing a game of hot patatoe. Laughing. They thought she was going to be another one of their tortured victums, but instead It turned into an on going battle. She was stronger then ussual. She was losing. She knew she was going to die regardless, but she still fought back. Why not give up like the rest of her kind would? She was crazy.

Andras. He had the head of a bird and angel like wings. He was a powerful demon. He himself controlled Thirdy legions. The rest of his fallowers looked simulare, only he was much better dressed. He watched as she fought in a crazed manner. How she managed to stay alive this long only bewildered him. He then narrowed his eyes in disgust, knowing his minions had trouble with a human. "Stop." Andras commanded softly.. His fallowers stopped hitting the girl and fighting. She did the same, being completely exhausted. "Move..... Step aside" His troops obeyed and made a clearing for him. He moved in on her as she sat in dirt. Scatches all over her body from head to toe. He knelt down to get a better look at her. Eye to eye. Beak to nose.

Her hair was a mess. A brown nappy mess. Her eyes were tired, yet deep inside the tired, cafe, brown exterior, anger peaked. He looked deep into her human mind, looking for her name, and her new motive. He chuckled as he found both. "Raven...." He said her name in a low manner. "Do you wish to to Kill me??? You want to destroy us all for what we have done....You want to know who the leader is..." If Andras could smile he would. Everything she wanted to do, he knew she would never succeed. It was the blackest of nights, as only the black side of the moon faced the earth. The stares lit the sky with false hope. Hope that this girl should no longer carry. Tonight would be her last night. Tonight Andras would take her life.

Andras would take joy in doing something he felt he hadn't done for a long time in this garden called earth. Where they were, where she lived was on a high platoe. He would through her off.......Or make her throw herself off. They looked eachother deadly in the eye. Both only one thought. To kill the one before them. The only problem was that only one would victor. They both stood up on their feet. He took a step towards her. She took a step back. Yes she was scared, Andras knew that, but she wouldn't dare show it. One thing She knew was that fear only made demons stronger.

He continued to take steps forward as she continued back, until she could no longer go back any further. "Perfect." He purred. "Raven.... Dear sweat Raven. We both know where this is going. Weather your going to Heaven or Hell.... I want you to always remember me, even though we may never meet again... I am Andras, the Demon Lord of thirdy legions!" He lightly tapped her shoulder, causing her to lose balance. She attemped to grab onto his cape. She managed to get a tight grip on it; he took the opportunity to kick her right in the gut. She let go instantly from the harsh impact.

The demon fallowers cheered as they listened to her scream fade down into the distance........And then stop. The wind blew a whistle. Andras's feather's fluffed slightly. He started to walk away in satisfaction. His minions soon fallowed suite. Mean while, down below where the girl's body had splatter like a watermelon, her soul did not go to the light or dragged into a dark measurement. Little did Andras know; Little did Raven know.... Andras was right. She did seem like them, but she was not like them. She simply wasn't human. No Demon could've guessed. No Angel could've guessed. Only the all knowing being himself, the lord could know what was to happen to this girl's soul. Have you ever heard of rising from the ashes? Little did they know, she was not at all human, not at all demon nor angel, but something from fairytales and mythes. The Pheonix would rise again with a nasty, vengeful rathe. Watch out Andras... She'll be comming for you. Time can only tell.....

Raven open her eyes in a sweet, staring at the white tiles witch she sat on, still in fear and in anger. She looked around at this strange place, witch she did not recognize. She wandered how she had got here after remembering being thrown off the cliff of her platoe. She stood up slowly, stunned and confused. Was this Heaven?.... Why is it so empty?... "Im dead...." Raven wispered to herself, looking down at her hands. A small chuckle was heard. "Not quite." Raven turn around to get a look at the owner of this mystery voice. He was beautiful, flawless, albino... He had light blue eyes and fair skin. His hair and eye-brawls were completely white. "My name is Maion." Raven stared at his huge white wings. His body seemed to be surrounded by a soft light. He glowed, almost, it seemed...

He walked towards her. She was a lot smaller. She stood about 5Ɔ exactly, while he stood a good 6Ƈ. He was much taller. He was a good foot away from her now. "Im the Angel of self discipline. I'm here to help you." Raven just looked at him then glared. "With what? You can't help me with a thing. Im already dead... The only thing I need help with is Andras's distruction." Maion just laughed. "That's not all you need help with. Your anger must be controlled, or Andras will never fall in defeat. As for you being dead... This is just a tempary holding place. A new body is being made for you. It will take a month... And for this month, you will learn to control your anger." Raven thought for a moment. She was confused. She'll be back in a month? "You mean Ill be born again?" Raven asked. "Not quite... A body is being made for you, by your own energy. You body will be exactly the same as your last body, at the same age." "And this isn't Heaven?...Or Hell?" Raven looked at Maion. "Like I said before, this is just a temperary holding place. Next time your here, I will not be here. You'll be on your own." Raven's eyes widened in shock. "Wait! What do you mean next time!! Im going to die again.!" Maion laughed for a moment. "What are you laughing at?" Raven was getting frustrated. "Im not saying you will, but it is possible. Your soul isn't human so you can not die the way humans die. Your what human's call a Pheonix, better known by us as a Paragon of virtue." Maion looked around. "To disapline you in battle, I say your quite skilled enough. Isn't that lucky for me. So all we need do is controll your anger." As he said this he extended his hand out and pushed Raven to the ground. And as you would've guessed, she got very, very angery. "You mutha'Fu-" "Na, ah ah" Maion swayed his finger from side to side. "Watch your language missy. Next time I push you, take time to think, breathe, and most importantly.......Stay calm." Maion walked away. "Your training will start tomarrow." After that he disappeared. Raven was on the floor, shaking in rage. After a while of this, she took a deep breath. "Why do I get so mad?" She question herself while bitting her knee. She stopped and took another breath. She slowly got up and looked around. "Take a breath.....It worked...But what am I going to do here while he's gone?" She look around at the emptyness.

"When you have time to be alone, you have time to think...You have time to be come calm. Being solitary or icelated, calm's you immencely after long periods of time. And when your finally out in tough situations, all you have to do is remember the time you were most alone." Maion watch on, sitting next to one of his fellow Angels and a very well known Angel at that. Gabriel. "I see."

Every day, Raven sat alone. She was alone...She felt alone. She started to pick at the tiles. Days went by, she started to scream out into the Heavens. "Maion!!!! Where are you?!" She looked around and there still was nothing and she was still alone. "It's been 15 days..." She said to herself. "The only thing to do is sleep....But....Im. Not.Tired..." She said, now starting to pause at every word. "Red...." She said to herself. She closed her eyes and tried to remember the color, but all she saw was darkness and blackness. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was light and white. Was there no end to this? "This is hell..." Raven wispered, sitting down, staring off into nothing in particulare. She was bored.

She slowly picked up her hand and extended out in front of herself. She slowy moved it side to side, her eyes slowly fallowing it. Then she moved her hand back and forth, then around in circles. Bored. More time went by. Raven would pace back and forth, count how many times she blinked, witch she only got up to 63 and started off with something new. After trying so hard to keep herself occupied, she finally stopped. Day 26. Still alone. She sat down and just thought. She thought about how her family was murdered. She thought about how she fought the demons in complete vien. She thought about the only name she heard before she died. Andras. At first the thoughts made her sulk in anger, but after a while, the thoughts, they had no effect on her. She felt nothing. She felt numb, even though she could feel every touch, emotionaly she felt nothing. "What kind of monster am I turning into?" She wispered in a bored silent wisper. Day 29. Her mind was almost black and blank. No point in counting how many time she had blinked for she did not blink no longer. She sat in silent without Movement. Without a blink. Without a word. Without a thought or breath. Nothing.

"Stand up Raven." The voice of Maion called behind her. She slowly looked back at him then turn her head back to her normal placing, resting on her hand, with her legs crossed. Maion sighed. He walked infront of Raven and knelt down before her. "Get up." He said and raised her up with his hands. "Tomarrow will be your last day here. It's time to get you a little more social." He said to her as she stared at him, still in silence. "It looks like someone lost her voice." He laughed a bit. "Why did you leave me all by myself?" Raven questioned. Her voice cracking. She looked away as a tear came down her cheek. Just one tear. "For this." Maion reached out his hand and pushed her. She fell and hit the ground on her butt with a thud. She just sat there. Maion smiled. "Are you mad?" He asked. Raven glared a bit more. "Yes." She wispered in a hiss. "But you controlled it. When you go back to earth. You will find in your house, underneath your pillows in your room, a sword. A special sword for killing demons. It's called Deathdacrounic." Maion told. "It will be waiting for you."

The next day came and Maion left again, this time never to return. He and Raven would never see eachother again. Or at least that's what Raven thought. Raven found herself slowly disappearing. Her hands were fading away before her very eyes. It seemed to be happening quickly. Before she knew it she found herself gasping for air. Clawing her way out the dirt. Her hands reached the surface and so did her head and shoulders quickly after. The dirt was wet and loose from the rain. She pulled herself out the dirt completely and found herself cold, wet and naked. She was back home. Ten yards from from her little hut. (By the way this story takes place in an imaginary past type world. But the religion is real.) Her legs were week and unused. She tried to walk. It was a struggle. Her hair was sticking to her face from the wetness. Her body witch was covered in dirt, was being washed away by the rain. It was dark and hard to see, but she knew of her surroundings. Each step she took was wobbly and shakey. She held herself across the chest, trying to stay warm. She collasped at her front door. She reached up for the handle and push the door open. A fawl stench was instantly released. It smaked her dead in the face. It was the smell of death.

The dead, torn, mutated, dismembered boby parts of her family layed, scatter across the kitchen area. She stared into the darkness and the gross sene. Flies and meggats were feasting everywhere. She got up and put her arm over her nose and slowly and painfully made her way threw, to her room. She went into her basket and found a tawl, witch she used to dry. Then she dug threw her clothes and got dressed. She felt tired... Something she hasn't felt for a long time. Well a month to be exact. She went on her bed and curled heself up at the foot. Her eyes were slowy shutting. Sleep took place.

The light of the sun hit her face. Her eyes instantly opened. Raven slowly got up and looked around. She then stared at her pillows. "The sword..." She wispered. Raven took the pillows off her bed. They uncovered a beautiful sword. A calibur. Deathdacrounic. She slowly picked it up. It made her feel strange, yet powerful. "So, it wasn't just a nightmare..." She wispered solfly to herself. She unsheathed the blade. It made a long ringing sound of metalic. The blade was extreamely sharp and shiney. Every move she made with it, a theatening glint showed. She got up with confidence. She sheathed the blade, tied it to her waste and crack her neck and knuckles. She look at the opening to her room. She really didn't feel like going threw the kitchen. She didnt want to see it. She didn't want to see what Andras had did to her family. She looked towards her window instead. She went towards it and made her way out the house threw her window. "This is where Andras's destruction starts." She said only to herself.

Andras... Beleave it. He is a real demon. Of coarse as you know, he controlls 30 infernal legions. He was a killer. He loves hatred. He loves anger. One thing he was great at, was using ones own anger against themselves. That's why Raven couldn't let rage take hold of her. He would destroy her. Anger, hatred and death was his bidding. He used his 30 legions to spread it threw out the world. That is why there's war. War that can last for years. Decades. He wanted to plant a lack of agreement upon groups.

Raven made it to a town between continents, where area's of hell landed. You see this world is much like the one you know, only much bigger. Hell and heaven were places you could travel to. They were mixed together. Some things were beautiful. Some things ugly. Demons and Angel rarely showed themselves in more humanly habitates.. Andras stayed on land in physical form and so did his fallowers. The town Raven found herself in, was called Dial. It was mixed with humans and creatures. There was 72 cities, where a Demon ruled and controlled a large legion. Andras lived in the 63rd. Raven wasn't in one of the cities, controlled by one of the 72 spirits. This place was an area where dead bodies were tossed into a large canvas. There was a disgusting stentch. Why there was a town near by, Raven had no clue.

Most of the people and creautres that lived here were convicted criminals. People killed eachother everyday here. Everyone here was mad. Their minds weren't right. Raven was headed to the canvas of bodies to find a nasty demon. Once known as beautiful. The canvas seemed close to this town, but it was not. It was a good twelve miles south. The stentch only made it seem like it was close. The range of dead bodies was eight miles long and 30 feet deep... And they were all rotten. The bodies consisted of people, animal, demon, and even angels. Dead. Raven got this information from a strange octoe creature. It had eight limps with suckers all over each slimey arms. Goo seemed to be dripping off this creature from all directions.

Raven soon took her leave from Dial and found an empty dirt road full of hills and rocks on either side, leading to the canvas of death. Twelve miles... All Raven had to eat was bread. She had a full bottle of water as well. Each day she walked till her feet were fat and numb. At night she would find a place to hide as Corpse Demons would scavange around. They had skinny, naked, boney, black bodies. They had dry reptilian skin. Ashy. They had half a face. The rest looked as though it was completely cut off. You could say they had half a brain as well. Every tooth was sharp pointed, each tooth a centimeter apart. A lot of the time they would attack eachother. Sometimes they would gain up on one and feast on its body witch barely had any meat in the first place. When the light of the sun came they would burry themselves into the dirt or hide underneath rocks like insects. Their bodies were almost the shape of a man, yet they walked on all four like an anorexic ape.

Raven had continued to do this for a week. Walk during the day and hide at night. These Corpse Demons looked week, but their hunger made them vicious. If they knew she was there, they would come at her from every angle like pirahnas. Each one would take a bite at her flesh then jump away. Their was many of them and they would do this from all sides and angles. Not even the strongest of Demons would be able to survive an attack from a pack of Corpse Demons, Not even Andras himself. Not in a physical body that is. These Corpse Demons were under Eurynome, the Demon Raven was making her way to. Her bread and water was no more. Night came again. The smell of death was almost unbareble. No, it WAS unbareble.

Raven did the thing that all would regret doing. She threw up. Even though she had nothing to through up. Her stomache was the only thing that came out her mouth. Acid from her insides poured out. Making a splashing sound. Every Corpse Demon froze in their position. Alert. One of them slowly made its way to the rock Raven had hiden herself behind. It sniffed around the rock. Raven stood perfectly still. As stiff as a board. It was on top of the large rock, then it quickly jumped down infront of Raven. It froze at the sight of her. They stared into eachother's eyes. Raven's eyes were wide. Filled with fear.

A clicking sound was comming from the demon's throught, erupting a loud high pitch monsterous roar. It screamed in her face. The rest of the Demons jumped from their spots and ran towards the area in an instant. Raven had no choice but to move. She had to run! She had to get out of there! She dashed threw the demons, each one snapping their jaws at her. Saliva flew in the air. Raven kept running, trying to unsheathe her sword. The blade made its cry as it hit the air. Unsheathed. One demon jumped out infront of her and dove towards her body. Raven slashed at it, while it was still in the air. She cut it clean in half. All the demons were behind her now, quickly gaining on her.

Raven had no other option. She would fight till the death. She turned around. Demons jumping at her from every side. She started swinging Deathdacrounic aimlessly. cutting and hacking demons apart. Every Corpse demon that was dismembered fell to the dry dirt ground. Dead. The demons would take aim to their fellow dead corpse demons and feast on what ever dead body hit the ground, but it wasn't enough for them. They would still leap at Raven in an Attack. She would slice threw them. Sighing and gasping for air. She was getting tired. Stumbling back. Each step back was clumbsier and clumbsier. How would she get out of this mess? There's no way she could survive, and she knew that. "Ah!" Raven screamed as she hacked each demon to death. She kept stumbling and tripping, and then....She fell backwards. She thought she was finished, but when she hit the ground, it wasn't the ground she fell on... It was bodies.

The corpse demons stopped their assalt. It seemed like they were all blocked by a bearier. They wouldn't dare take a step into the canvas of bodies. They all grunted and scawled at Raven. They looked at all the bodies with pleading eyes, then slowly turn around and walked away. Raven sighed in releaf. She was saved, and she made it to where she wanted to be. The canvas of death. Raven heard a strange fleshy sound.... And chomping. Chewing. Raven turn to the sound, to find a woman in a long black cloak... Much like a Reaper. The clothe was torn, dusty and dirty.

"Eurynome?" Raven expected someone with more dignity. This woman was tearing the flesh off an arm of a human body like she was starving. Like she had never been feed. "Eurynome?" Raven said again. She shot her head up, quickly at the sound of relizing Raven's voice. She slowly put the arm down from her mouth. Blood smeared on her lips and mouth. She was deathly pale. Her finger nails were long, sharp and black. She slowly made her way up and Raven still tired, sat in exhaustion. "Im so hungry!" She cried and held her stomache. "I eat!" She pointed to all the bodies. "I eat all the time, yet..." She paused. "Im still hungry. I'de do anything! Anything to stop the hunger!" She looked at Raven with pleading eyes. "Why must I be so hungry?" Raven didn't know what to say or what to do about that. She didn't know how to respond. She just knew she needed to get here. She needed to get Eurynome's map of the 72 cities.

Raven finally stood up. "Are you Eurynome?" Raven ignored what she had said. "Uh huh." She shook her head yes. Eurynome use to be beautiful. She was once a powerful greek demon. She feasted on the dead. For some reason her hunger for death was never saticefied. It was her hell. Her punishment for being overthrown by Cronos and Rhea. "Are you here to help me get it all back?" She asked. Raven thought for a moment. "Yes." Raven said. "I need the map to do that though." Raven said. "The map? Why? That can't help me with anything." Raven shook her head. "I need to know my way around the 72 cities. If I dont, then I can't help you. Now, give me the map." Raven said with an air of authority. "I can not." Eurynome put her head down sadly. "I can stop your hunger. Let me help." Raven lied. Eurynome stayed silent for a moment. "Stop my hunger..." She took a deep breath then fell to her knee's.

She picked up a random limb and began to tear at the skin with her teeth. "Eurynome!" Raven called. "Na, uh! No!" Eurynome teared harder at the flesh. "Your trying to trick me!" She threw the limb and looked up at Raven fearcely. Raven stayed calm. She wasn't intimenated by Eurynome. Eurynome's eyes were black as death and filled with sorrowful emotion. Pain stained her eyes. Her whole face, Her entire expression. Raven grabbed Deathdacrounic from the ground, where she fell, then went up to Eurynome harshly and grabed her by the callar of her dingy cloak. Eurynome made small yelp from surprize. "Give me the map or I will cut your head off!" Raven's face was exsteamely close to Eurynome's. Her breath was awful. Her eyes were scared, but then she smiled, showing she had simulare teeth to the Corpse Demons. "What are you smiling at? You disgusting creature!" Raven sneared. Eurynome looked at the sword in Raven hand.

"An Angel sent you ey?....I hate Angels!!!" Eurynome quickly bit down onto Raven's sword arm. Raven Screamed in pain. Raven began to hit Eurynome on the back of the head. Eurynome shook her head feriously on Raven's arm, tearing at the flesh. Raven continued to hit the demon's head till she finally lifted it. Raven quickly kicked her in the stomache, making her fly backwards, hitting the bodies behind her. Once she landed, she sat back calmly and laughed. Raven's blood, dripping from her mouth. "Fresh blood taste so much better." Eurynome told Raven. Raven stared at her arm. Blood was gushing out her knew wound. Raven stood up and put her sword in her other hand, unable to use her right, for it was in too much pain. Raven looked away from her bitten arm, because she could not bare the sight of it and shot a cold glare at Eurynome.

"You will pay!" Raven hissed. At this, Eurynome Jumped at Raven, launching another attack. Her claws managed to get at Raven's neck, but failed to squeez, cluch and choke. Her body was cut in two, from the middle of her abdomen by Deathdacrounic. She stared Raven in the eye as death took hold of her body. Her soul being destroyed as well because of the magic the sword held inside. Raven push Eurynome's upper half off of her. The lower half already on the ground. Raven took off Eurynome's cloak and dug threw her pockets. She found it. The map. Only, it was stained with blood and hard to read. Raven sighed. Was this all for nothing? Or can she get it cleaned with out messing up the ink? Raven ripped some of her clothes to wrap up the wound Eurynome had left. She put the map in her pocket. "I hope it doesn't get infected from that dirty mouth." Raven said to herself. The Corpse demons, sencing Eurynome's death, instantly ran into the canvas of bodies in pure joy. They Ignored Raven's presents and ravaged threw the thousands of bodies. Feasting. Growling. Snapping their jaws at one another. Raven managed to stop the blood, but she had to get to the next village and the next one isn't as close as the last. At least up ahead there will be some greenery. :)

Raven was relieved to get out of that desert of dirt. She found herself in a lush green wood. It started raining, something Raven hadn't felt, seen or heard for a long time. Every rain drop seemed to hit the ground in slow motion. After she was use to the rain once more, every thing that seemed slow, accelerated. She was getting all wet, but she didn't mind. She was more concerned about food. She was starving. Thirsty too. Pale and light headed from the loss of blood witch needed medical assistance as well. Yes, she was finally in an addaptible area, but she was already too week to move forward. Damn, and to think she made it all the way here, just to die and be eaten by wolves. She made it so far...

Her vision began to blurr as she walked. Each step was slower and heavier. "Not......Now..." She told herself in a wisper, as her legs gave in beneath her. She tried to lift herself up. She was ice cold. Numbing. She squinted her eyes to see clearly. No avail. She was on three limbs. Her right arm not seeming to work. She went down, unable to hold herself up. She tried to look up one more time, her blurring vision eyeing a man shadowing over her. Darkness.

Yes. She passed out. Dream. "Raven." Darkness was all around her, but soon she relized she was in an on going shallow puddle. "Raven." A familare voice called. Yes, familare... She knew who it belonged to, but she wasn't sure of herself. "Raven." He called again. Maion... Raven looked up to see his tall figure. Then she looked down at the water which she sat in. "Ugh!" Raven made a face as she lifted up her arms and watched the water drip down, off of her clothes. Splashing. She stood up and swept herself off. "Where am I?" Raven asked. "Your mind... Raven, you gave up.....All you had to do was walk another ten minutes and you would have made it to your destination. Now you got yourself into the hands of an enemy." Raven eyed Maion. "An Enemy? I only have one Enemy." Raven stated. "I never said these hands would feel hatred or intend injury towards you. I never said this should be your enemy." Raven raised her brawl at Maion. "Then what are you saying? Why can't you just tell me what you mean?!" Raven almost yelled.

She was confused. "If this person is an enemy, then what do you meen by what its hands should feel or intend?" Raven asked. "That is... Another problem... One for you to solve. Im not here to tell you all I know. Im-" Raven cut Maion off. "Ok, then.... What do you want?" Raven crossed her arms. "I was getting to that." Maion glared at Raven. "But you seem to have no patience... Next time you feel like you can no longer go on, pray to me and I will guid you. I will guid you untill, of coarse, your encounter with the demon you seek... You need to to remember this. Hear my words, remember my voice." Maion told Raven. "Repeat after me..." He took a breath. "Angel of self discipline, throughout my past I have steered away from monitoring my own choices and have chosen pathes that create difficulty. I am ready to operate my life from a more mature and responsible space. I ask for your assistance in guiding me down the straight path that will dirrect me to my highest good. I try not to dwell on where i feel I have wasted time and i try to embrace this as a learning experience. Help me to use my experiences as wisdom. Amen. " Raven repeated the prayer several time afterwards. "When ever you feel you have no strength, just pray." Maion told.

Raven's eyes slowly opened. She felt the softness of a small bed. She slowly sat up and rubbed the sleep out her eyes. "Where am I?" She asked herself. Raven soon eyed her injured arm,to see nothing at all. it was all better...Healed... But how? Raven stared in wonder, but soon took notice to the last thing she remembered before she past out. Maion said this character was an enemy. But who's enemy?... Raven slowly got up and looked around at the forest made type room she was in. The walls looked like a birds nest.Made of twiggs and branches... It reminded her of a beaver dam....Or a giant Coconut shell. The bed witch she layed on looked of animal fur. Wolves, bears and exotic forest creatures. She slowly made her way out into yet another room. It looked like the main room. bowls filled with meat were on a animal fur rug. "Water..." Raven said to herself as she heard the sound of fast flowing water enter her ears.

She crept slowly to the exit of the little hut type tent. She eyed outside the exit to see a water fall and a guy sitting crossed legged facing the rough water. He was holding a sword. A sword? Raven looked to her side and saw that Deathdacrounic was no longer with her. He had it. He seemed to be in deep thought. Raven made her way towards him. "Excuse me?" Raven's voice cracked. He didn't move. It didn't even seem as though he had heard her. And she was so close to him. Raven stepped to the side of him to get a look at his face. She squated down to level with him. His eyes were closed. His face was young, but his hair showed age. It was the gray silver of an old man. "Excuse me!" Raven said more loudly. Still, he did not move. "Fine." Raven said to herself.

She reached for her blade and as soon as she got a feel of it, his eyes snapped open... In lightning fast speed, Raven was pushed into the grass on her back and he stood over her with Deathdacrounic at her neck. His eyes, They were a goldish yellow and when he smirked, Raven saw his fangs. She gasped at him. "A demon." She hissed in shock. Everything about him seemed human. Almost everything about his appearance made him seem human. Not untill she got a looke at his eyes and teeth. Hn. She should've known by his hair. He chuckled and put the blade over his shoulder and extended his other hand out towards her, to help her up. Raven glared and smacked his hand away from her and got up herself.

Raven always found a reason to do things the hard way. "I dont need help from the likes of a demon!" Raven crossed her arms and looked away from him. His eyes were poison. "It seems I already helped you with some other things. You should be thanking me. If not, you would be dead right now." He said smuggly. Raven looked at him for a second, in thought. "Why would you want to help me? Your a demon..." Raven eyed him... Then her sword. Her calibur... The demon looked at her. She wasn't staring at him so he fallowed her eyes and looked at the calibur as well. "Oh...Yes, this is a nice sword. Made to permantly kill demons like myself. Where did you get it?" He asked and handed it to her. Raven stared at him in suspicion, but none the less, took the weapon which she recieved from Maion. "Why would I tell you anything. Your a demon. I dont know you." Raven spat.

The demon smiled childishly. "Oh right... My name is Shay. Shay Drerrielly. You know, just because im a demon dosn't mean I'm bad." Shay smiled. Raven just stared at him in silence, then laughed histyricaly. "Yeah right! That's the stupiest thing I ever heard in my life!" Raven grinned at him. Shay looked sad for a second, but then smiled. "No, not all demons are demons because they hate god.... Some, like myself are born." He told. "I just do my job. Keep balance." Shay smirked. "But now that you know who I am, Where did you get that sword?" He asked again. Raven shook her head."Does it matter? It's already in my hands." Raven said. Shay took a deep breath. He took a step towards Raven.

"Just curious.... I think I know where you got it anyways. It use to belong to me... I know everything about Deathdacrounic. I gave her that name. I know how to use her. I was just wondering if you had any idea what that weapon is capible of." Shay confessed. Raven looked shocked. Really? Was he telling the truth? The sun made the ground hot and the wind warm. The leaves in the tree's shook as a hot breeze blew threw the area. "Maion... Do you know that name?" Shay asked. "I can help you and your cause." Shay offered. "How can I trust you?" Raven looked into his yellow eyes. They were hawkish. Shay ran his clawed finger nails threw his hair. "I dont know." He answered. "You dont have to, but you can use my knowlege... Hell is not a place for any soul. Not even those of demons. I dont think anyone should suffer so, but they do, and for good reason. Good reason that will never be great reason. Most of my kind are fighting a losing battle. Yes, a lot of us are powerful. We are super-natural. But the power we fight against is more then super-natural, much more.... It's omnificent...." Raven looked at shay for a while... Thinking.

"what's omnifient?" Raven finally asked. Shay's eyes widend. "What?! Were you thinking about that the whole time! It's a great creating power! That's god!" Raven turned around, walking back into the hut. "Ok.... I'll let you help me, but only because I need all the help I can get." Raven told shay as she entered the hut and sat down in front of the bowls where all the meat was piled in. "Is this stuff edible?" Raven looked up at shay as he too entered the hut and sat infront of her. "Yes, its not quite finished. I need to put the sauce on it." He felt around till he found what he was looking for, hiden underneath the rugg. He poured it into the bowl and said "there!" He sniffed the air. So did Raven. It was an odd mixture of smells to her, but she recognized one of the sents as garlic. "In case your wondering what this is. The meat that is... It's mix with squirl meat, rabbit and bour." He told.

Raven really didn't care what it was, She was famished. "What do you eat it with?" Raven questioned. "Your hands." Shay Drerrielly smiled. "But first, why dont you tell me what your planning on doing with that sword. Who are you going for?" Shay asked. Raven stuffed the meat in her mouth. "This is delicious!" Her words were muffled. She had a hard time chewing though. Once she finally got it down, she said, "Andras. He used his minions to kill my mom and my sister.... And he watched.... I guess I came home at the wrong time cuz, he killed me himself... But I will never forget.. Ever. And he probably thought he'd never see me again. He revealed his Identity, right before he killed me." Raven stuffed more meat into her mouth.

Shay took little by little with his finger tips. "You died? So, your not human after all. Could've fooled me. How long did it take for you to find a different body?" Shay chewed. Raven gulped down another mouth full. "Im Thirsty!" Raven whined a bit. Shay handed her a cup of liqued. She wasn't sure what it but she drank it. "What is this?! It's good!" Raven licked the sweat taste off her lips. "It's juice I drained from apples." Shay told. "Wow, I never knew fruite had this much juice." Raven smiled. "It's nothing new" Shay said. "I am human though. I dont know were you got the idea that I wasn't.... My own energy made me this body... Well at least that's what Maion told me. This is the same body as last time though. It took a month to be created I guess." Raven said as she stuffed herself some more.

Shay raised his eye brawl. "No, you are not human. Humans dont have the rights, power or energy to come back. You just discribed a phoenix's characterists." Shay drank the apple juice. "Pheonix. That doesnt make sence. They rise from ashes! Not the dead." Raven said. "No.... Rising from the ashes...,That's just an old saying.... So you mentioned Andras eh?" Shay sighed. "He's tricky. Be careful... Many have tried to vanquish him and failed....Miserbly... I will help... I too have a past with him... You know, not only is heaven and hell eternaly fighting, but hell has war with hell as well. We fight eachother for space... Space which I lost.....To that filthy careless Andras.... The Devil seems to be pleased with his work though." Raven looked at Shay.. "You had your own space....? What do you do? What is your feild in hell?" Raven asked. "Is?...You mean was. I controlled dragerouse behavor.... Some people think it's because they snapped. Like they gone mad. But it is my doing.... Well it was... Now Andras has that feild as well." Raven stopped eating. "Then you are no better then he..." Raven said out loud. "No... I've changed sence then.... That was more then centuries ago. Ill help you. I would like my space back." Shay drank the last of his juice. "Starting tomarrow." Shay said.

Raven stared at the map she had taken from Eurynome. How would this help her? If it were clean and readible, it would have made some use in knowing her way around the 72 cities. This was her break from Shay. He had been teaching her how to call the demonic powers which Deathdacrounic had hiden inside. When the dark energy flowed out the sword and into her hands and wrist, she had an earie calm feeling. This feeling... It inspired fear... Inexplicable fear. The dread, the uneasyness, The stange and frightening effect it had on her. The agent, the result it had.... It was deadly. When the aura flickered into her, she jumped up and brought her sword down in a fast paced manner, like some one was right in front of her and she was going to slice their body in half from head to toe. When the blade hit the ground, it sent out a greyish purple blast of energy. Powerful. It made a long huge creator in the dirt. Knocking down several tree's like they had all been struked by lighting at the same time.

Raven went back in her mind. Remembering the strange feeling... Did demons feel that way? Did Shay feel that way? The sun was high. The air was warm and inviting. She sat near the water fall on a patch of grass. Each green blade was like a strange, but natural rug. Raven looked at the map once more. She still had to get to the next town to get it cleaned. "What's that you have their?" Shay came over to her. He was getting bored. Well, he always was. Just imagin being alone in a forest for a few decades. he was icelated here. He stayed for so long in solitary. So of coarse, he was a bit annoying. Raven needed a rest... It seemed like he never did. "It's a map." Raven looked back at him. Shay was standing over her shoulders, eyeing the bloodied paper. "Yeah, I see that, but what's its use. I know you can't read it." Shay squated down to get a better look at it. "Eurynome.... She didn't take good care of it." Raven replied dully. "Eurynome?!" Shay made a sour face. "Eww..." was all he said. "There is a city not too far from here... A guy I know can clean it up in no time at all. Then you can find the 63rd city." Shay stated. Raven looked back at him again, but this time in question. "I never told you this map was of the 72 cities." Raven raised her eye brawl at him. "Well, you did say you got it from Eurynome..." Shay smiled. "You should go get everything we need to travel. I want to leave this place as soon as possible." Raven stood up and dusted her clothes off. Shay shook his head and scampered off. "I wonder if I can really trust you..." Raven said softly to herself.

The day slowly began to lack of brightness. Raven and Shay were making their way threw the forest. They happened to be moving quite fast, thanks to Shay's knowlege of the surroundings. He was a great hunter and wild cook too, so Raven didn't worry about starving. Some times he would be amusingly clever... Other times... His thoughts seemed slow and taking more time then ussual to figure things out. Days went by. An interval saperated the first day they started back at Shay's hut and now. Yes, time was flying. The forest was long gone. Disappeared, vanished, lost behind them. Advancing beyond hope or recall. The forest was a long way a way.

Raven and Shay found themselves going down hill. Raven felt like she was going down Mount Everist. Shay...It was just another hill for him. "It's starting to get dark." Shay stated as he stopped moving downward, looking a bit nervous. "We should rest here for the night." Shay suggested. "Why?" Raven asked. "We're making good time." Raven looked up at Shay as she was away downwards. "Ah, yes. I know, but... It's not safe." Raven made a face at Shay. Shay grinned sheepishly. Raven kept her gaze of question. "Is their some type of Demon I should have been aware of already?" Raven asked, slightly angery. "Azazel..." Shay stated. Raven chuckled a bit. "Azazel??? You've got to be kidding me." Raven smiled. "Shhhhh! Not so loud. He'll hear us." Shay looked around as if some one was watching. "You mean that goat demon? Ph... What could he possibly do?" Raven grinned.

Shay's eyes grew big. "Shay?" Raven looked at him. He was acting strange. He just froze up on her. "Shay! What the hell is your problem?" Raven looked at Shay as he still had the same expression on his face. Raven slowly turned around. Finally getting the hint that something was behind her. "Maybe so a goat..." Shay said to Raven quitely. "But he guards the standard bearer to hell's infernal armie. Or it might be so that he is the principal standard bearer." Shay wispered. The Giant Goat man, or Demon stood tall above Raven and Shay... A good eight feet in hight. His horns were large in demonic power. His hooves looked as though they were made of steel. Every inch of his body seemed to be muscle. Every exhale was lit with fire. Yes... Raven heard of Azazel, but only that he looked like a goat. No one ever told her how huge and monsterous he would employ ones sight. No one told her that he was a bearer of hell's infernal army either. So there she stood, dumb-struked and scared.

Azazel's red eyes bour deep into and threw Raven. To Raven's surprize a deep laughed beamed out of the throught of Azazel. "Shay Drerrielly!" Azazel laughed. "You puny demon!" Shay's eyes were still wide in shock. Raven looked back and fourth at the two. "Come to take your area back eh!?" Azazel laughed some more. "And what's this?!' He eyed Raven. "A fine wench!? With you!?" Azazel kept going. Raven steamed. "No. One. Calls. Me. A. Wench." Raven said in a low yet deadly tone. Azazel laughed some more. "Raven. It's not wise to get angery. Especialy sence we're so close to hell." Shay wispered.

"Tiny human girl!" The Goat laughed. "I say what I want! And I say you're a wentch!" His laughing stopped. He stared into Raven's eyes in a challenge. Raven took out her sword. Deathdacrounic. "We'll see about that." Raven stated. Her eyes were cold. The Goat laughed again. "Come on then! What can you do about it!" Azazel challenged. "Raven! Stop!" Shay yelled as she jumped into the air in an attack. Azazel put his steel plated arms up, attempting to block her assalt. As soon as his arms and her blade made contact with one another, Azazel chuckled. Shay put his head down in shame. "Your attempts to destroy me are futile." Azazel said. "You think I have no useful result?" Raven asked mockingly.

The blade, still in contact with Azazel's arms, erupted the greyish purple demonic energy. Severing Azazel's arms clean off. He raored as an unpleasant sensation varying degrees of severity as a consequence of his injury. "My arms!!!" He raored. Shay shot his head towards Raven. "You were mad when you attacked?" Shay smiled at Raven. "No. I calmed myself down." Raven told. "Who's laughing now?" Raven tuanted the screaming demon with no arms. "That sword! I thought you had it taken away from you by an Angel!?" Azazel's eyes teared in agony. "It was." Shay stated, stepping infront of Azazel who was on his knees. "We're going." Raven started climbing down the hill again.

"Bye Azazel. Good seeing you again.... Yeah... You should kill yourself now... Get a new body cuz those arms arn't comming back." Shay followed suite after Raven. Raven looked back at Azazel who was now using the rocks to crack his own head open. "What his he doing?" Raven continued down, but didn't take her eyes off the Goat demon and his strange behavior. "His body has no more use for him... He wants a new one." Shay said. From behind, Azazel succeeded in his suicide. "When he comes back... He'll be looking for us." Shay said. "How long will that take?" Raven asked. "Half a year or so." Raven smiled sweatly at Shay. "By the time he comes back...Ill be done with Andras... And a lot stronger then I am now." Raven smiled to herself in blessfull thought.

The top border of hell. The Devil's thrown was far far away. Every step Raven and Shay would take, the dry hot ground would crack beneath them. Demons were at every corner with some type of sales station. Trying to sell something or make some type of profit. Yes, believe it. Hell had money. Ha. It's like they say. Money's the root to all evil. Some human's chose to live there. When they die, they will find something much worse then the physical lands of hell, though the physical lands arn't that bad. They will find the spiritual layer of eternal torture. The true hell.

"So we're here. Where's this friend you speak of?" Raven asked Shay as they went threw crouds.."A little bit more" Shay replied tiredly. "Hm.." Raven sounded. Shay looked back at her. She was behind him. "What was that?" He asked looking back forward, because he had just bumped into a very small demon. Each continued their own rout though. "Nothing... Just suprized..." Raven confessed. Shay kept walking, but then stopped infront of, what looked like a tabbern. "Your tired. I never seen you so exhausted." Raven stopped behind him and eyed the place.

It was filled with drunks. Creatures, Humans, Demons. "This is it?" Raven raised her eye brawl and made a face at Shay. "Well, yeah. He's real good at cleaning papers and making new ones." Shay smiled at Raven. "How does he make new ones if he can't see what's written." Raven shot a question in dought. "His eyes... Ink glows on the paper when he looks. Only in his sight. He can be useful." Shay said with hope. Raven shook her. They both started in movement again and went inside. It smelled. It stunk of liquer and such. "Is that Shay Drerrielly?!" Some one behind the booth called. He had a beverage in his hand. Lavendar eyes and hair. He had dog ears, simulare to that of a boxer. He was waving the beverage around and spilling the juices everywhere.

"Hey! watch it!" A huge demonic costumer roared. The demon with the beverage in his hand gave the other demon a threatening stare. The other demon quickly retreated outside in fear. Raven thought in was strange because the beverage holding demon was so much smaller then the other huge demon. "Drerrielly!!" He called again. "Koe!" Shay called back. Shay went up to the booth where Koe stood behind. They greeted each other with a welcome back hug. Raven was behind. "You week pathetic Demon!" Koe said with a smile. "Where were you hidding all these centuries?" He asked. "Ah..." Shay paused. Koe shook his head in response. "Never mind! Just tell me... Why are you back?" Koe wispered the last part. "If Andras finds out, it's your soul." Koe said. "Im here because of her." Shay looked back at Raven. So did Koe.

`"Who is she? Young girl, come over here so I can get a better look at you." Raven obeyed and came forward. "What is she?" Koe looked into Raven's once brown eyes which now turned into an electric icey blue. "Her name is Raven... She's a Pheonix." Koe stared at Raven with astonnishment. "A Pheonix?" Koe looked at Shay, then back at Raven. "A Pheonix?!" Koe looked a bit angery now. "Why did you bring her here? I could get in trouble for this! And so can you!" Koe seemed a bit more frantic. "Shhh! Quite down!" Shay glared at Koe for a second then explained. "She would have came to you regardless. She needs her map cleaned or remade. And your the only one anyone knows who can get what she needs." Shay said. Raven didn't understand what the big deal was.

Koe looked at Raven, then made a come here motion with his index finger. Raven went closer to him. He spoke in a low voice. "Did you ever here of the legend? The legend of Andras and a Pheonix?" Koe asked. Raven shook her head no. "Well then, I guess Im going to have to tell you myself. The word is, That the Pheonix would be sent by one of god's angels to destroy Andras.... Andras knows of this legend as well and he's been looking for you. The time is near and he's sending his legions out to destroy you, before you destroy him. This legend is only spoken among demons. He looks for those who have icey blue eyes like yours." Koe looked uneasy. Raven was surprized. She never knew this.

"And you want to know the funny part?" Shay smiled at Koe. "What?" Koe was intrigued. "Andras already had an encounter with her. He didn't use the lightnig blade. He pushed her off a cliff. What a fool! He's lead himself straight into his own down fall. He had his chance to kill her perminantly, but he didn't. " Shay and Koe just laughed. "What's the lightning blade?" Raven asked, now knowing it was a dangerous threat. "It's made to kill your kind." Shay said. "Andras heard of this legend and started killing off every pheonix he knew about. He destroyed each one, starting with Raw of the Egyptians. He used his 30 infernal legions to hunt them down. Now he thinks they're all exstinct. Think about it this way Raven. Andras thinks he doesn't have to worry. Your a Pheonix, he doesn't know it, he has The Lightning blade, which you know about and you have Deathdacrounic, which he wont know you even have. I guess you got the upper hand." Koe smiled.

"No... She needs to controll her anger or she will surely die." Shay paused, but then continued. "He's also incredibly fast." Shay eyed Raven for a response. "Faster then you?" Raven looked at Shay with hope on her face, but when he shook his head yes, it quickly faded away. "Oh Maion, oh Jesus, oh God? What should I do?" Raven asked. "First we can start with that map. " Koe put his hand out for Raven or Shay to give it to him. Raven took it out her pocket and placed it in his clawed hand. Koe's lavendar eyes flashed as he eyed the map in suspense. "No wonder I couldn't sence Eurynome's energy no more.... You destroyed her...I can't help you. Once they relize she's dead too, they will surely look here." Koe said and Handed back the map.

"You cowardly dog demon!" Shay grabbed him by the callar of his shirt and Raven quickly jumped up and put Deathdacrounic at his neck. "Hmmm. Your getting faster already." Shay smiled at Raven and how great he made her. Koe sweeted. His eyes staring down at the blade, knowing it could dispose of him forever. The croud in the bar stopped their movement and all stared at the sene. Raven glared. "Listen Koe. If what you said about the legend is true, then help me. I can see that you hate him. I use to think all demons were the same. I thought they were all like Andras and that they loved him. But now I see that most of you are just like me. One of his victums. You hope for his death. I know most of you are tired of living in fear of him. Now is the time for his end... So please, I beg you... Help me." Raven took a breath but saw her pleade had no effect. So she added, "Or I will cut your head off with this here blade."

The croud stayed silent, but it seemed like some were... What? Praying? Koe sighed. "Even if I do help you. Mock my words... Their are some out their, worse then Andras could ever be.... Have you ever thought of dealing with the Devil himself?" Koe glared with intensity. "You might have a chance at defeating Andras... But their is no way in hell you can handle Lucifer" Koe warned with venom dripping from his every word. Raven never thought of it that way. A sickning feeling gased into Raven's lower abdomen. She sheathed her blade and Shay let go of Koe's shirt. Koe stood up and took the map away from Raven and went off. Shay and Raven just took notice to the deadly silence in the space. They looked around in question, then the croud of demons began to roar and cheer with glee. They were cheering on about Andras's death. They all seemed happy, but little did they know, one of Andras's follower were amongst them. He slowly made his way out the tabbern of cheering demons and started his own journey to the 63rd city.

Three Days Later- Raven was pleased with Koe's work on remaking the map. She held the old map in her hands as well as the new one. "We should get moving now." Raven told the two demons. Koe discided to leave with them. He was scared that Andras's legions would come into question him about the map... He knew they would have killed him either way. If they found out that he had helped Raven, they would surely kill him... And if he said he didn't help, then they would kill him anyways, so that she wouldn't get the map cleaned.

The three of them made their way out of the city Koe called home. It was a limbo in a way. "So... The cities arn't in order... The numbers are all mixed up. I guess we'll be headed towards Phenex first." Shay eyed the map. "Yeah... How come Andras never tried to kill Phenex??? He's just like a Pheonix..." Raven questioned Koe. "The legend of the Pheonix that destroys Andras is an Angelic Pheonix... Not a demonic one. Andras needs Phenex to stay powerful in some way" Koe stated. "Oh. Well He's the 37th spirit." Shay noted. The group of three continued their walk, as the once dirt road like senery started to shape itself in a more brilliant manner.

Raven's eyes wonder across the greenery and the tempting, playfull creatures which inhabited it. "Be careful, Shay, Raven... This place may look harmful and beautifull, but it's only ment to lure you away from your quest. If you do fall into this trap, you'll be stuck here for ever. The thing about Phenex.... He's tricky. He uses beauty as a distraction." Koe stated. Warning the two already awed warriors to stay away from the illusion. Gorgeous birds unlike that ever seen, were singing mystic chants. Bunny-Rabbits hopped around in that of what looked to be a dance.

Their large feet moving in ways, hopping off the ground and landing with grace. The animal life was cute and inviting, but Raven and Shay kept in mind, Koe's words. It was all some type of trick. If Koe were to have never said anything, Raven and Shay would have already ran off the road to the animals like morons. The tree's had leaves of the finest green. The soil on the ground was that of the richest. When looking to the sky, you would see only that of the whitest, fluffiest clouds floating on the softest blue. "I wonder how this place looks at night?" Raven wondered out loud, imagining the most beautiful starry night sky. As she looked ahead of the road, a large castle was seen amongst the trees afar.

"Wow." Shay eyed its beauty. Koe watched in embarrassment as the two he discided to join in journey seemed to be amazed by everything in sight. He'd swear if he've never came with, they would be wondering everywhere in this gorgeous hell for all eternity in a false trance. "oooh look! The bird are starting to fly!" Raven pointed as their wings spreaded out revealing colors that were hard to discribe. It almoat looked as if she was about to run off after them if Koe wouldn't have cought her by the arm and stopped her.

"What are you doing?! Let me go!" She smiled at the sky, where the birds disapeared into. "Stop looking at everything you fool!" Koe yelled at her. "It's nothing but a real good illusion!" Koe stared into her eyes which were dull with a trance. "Oh you messed it up... Their way gone now..." Raven smiled strangley and began to skip around in circles, down the lovely pathe. Koe shook his head and looked around. Something wasn't right. "Where's Shay??" Raven sung in a way. Koe looked around some more, then spotted the idiot running in the grass a distance away, after the birds that took off a while ago. Koe sighed in disbelief. He clutched his fist in slight anger, but then he thought. "Easier to keep an eye one moron rather then two."

Night came after long hours. Raven Had just finally came out of her trance as Koe helped her keep her mind and eyes off the senery. It was hard basicly because it was all around them. Koe had an idea to put a blind fold on her. She held his hand as they walked, so she wouldn't bump into anything or wonder off the road. "Shay ran off??" Raven questioned silently to Koe. Of coarse he was able to hear, with his great sence of hearing. After all, he did have dog ears resembling that of a boxer. "Yes." He stated. "Why didn't you stop him?" Raven asked. "Because.... I was bussy stopping you. I didn't think he was dumb enough to do something like that anyways... Besides, by the time I relized he had ran off it was too late." Koe confessed.

"If you went after him... You yourself would've never came back and I would be wondering this place forever aswell." Raven evaluated the truth. "Correct." Koe said tiredly. "We should stop for the night. Everyone needs rest once in a while. I dont think anyone's on our trial just yet either" Koe looked around the road for a place to rest. There wasn't though. The only places to sleep included the areas which they should not go, or else. They had to sleep in the middle of the road. "But the girl...." Koe thought. "She needs to be comfortable." He said to himself. "Here. Lay down." He lowered both of them to the ground on the path. "You can use my body as a comforter. Ill be fine" Raven listened, considering the fact that she was too tired to care and quickly dozed off. Koe on the other hand was unconfortable. Luckily he was a demon and he could handle it. He thought silently. "Shay you fool... How could you fall into such a simple trap." His eyes closed in regretful thoughts. Dreaming nightmares.

Koe was feeling overwhelmed by emotion. The emotion of fear. He was drowning. The waves made it more difficult to stay above the water. Threatening tidal waves flooded over him, blocking him from air supply. The funny thing was that he knew full well how to swim, but for some reason he couldn't move his arms and leggs properly. What was wrong with him? It felt as though he was being blocked or denied the right of correct movement. *This is it.* Koe thought before submerging underneath the blanket of water. *Im going to die.*-

That was the last thought of Koe before his eyes snapped opened, relizing it was only a bad dream. His eyes scanned the beauty the night revealed. He closed his eyes to regain his focus. He was still in the land of Phenex's illusion. He was laying flat on his back as Raven's head was resting on his stomache. He opened his eyes once more, unable to go back to sleep. He whipped the sweet off his forehead with his left hand. *That dream..* He thought, looking up as his eyes revealed the truth about this place. It was disgusting. His eyes spotted out what others could never see. This place was hell. It was ugly. The animals witch seemed so lovely to another's eyes were only small disgusting impish type demons. They looked like pigs standing on only two limbs instead of four. The sky that seemed so appealing in emotion was actually lit with an awful gasely fire. The Tree's and dirt witch seemed so rich were really just dry and dead. That was the true image of this place. The beauty here was litteraly only skin deep. Their's much more to it then meets the eye. *Am I really that scared to face what's before me?* He thought to himself, thinking of Phenex's true form. He'll seem beautiful to the average eye. Koe knew he had to get phenex to reveal his true form or he will go insane with a false image. Koe divised a plan. A plan witch he would tell Raven when she woke up.

Raven's icey blue eyes opened in the darkness of the blind fold. Raven quickly tried to remember why she had this on.... Then she relized why... The illusions. They were taking hold of her and they managed to suck Shay away into an eternal hell. She herself would have been lost with him if it wasn't for the dog-demon Koe. Raven relized she wasn't on the ground either. She was being carried. "Koe?" She questioned. "Ah, i see your finally awake." Koe said as he walked down the pathe. "Why are you carrying me? Put me down." Raven cammanded shortly. Koe laughed a bit, but obeyed. He stopped walking and put Raven on her feet. "How long have you been walking?" Raven asked him. "Sence last night... I couldn't sleep and I was getting bored just laying there." Koe told her. Raven shook her head ok. "We should keep moving then." She stated, reaching her hand out for Koe to lead her the way. "I have something to tell you... It might be useful for the both of us." Raven would have gave Koe a questioning look if it wasn't for the blind fold witch blocked her sight. "Im listening." She stated. "I bid you to find away to get Phenex to take his human form. I am sure he will try to dazzle you with his brillance. If we can't get him to show his true form then do not allow your focus to waver. He will atempt to engage you in clever word play and with his continuous child like songs. He'll brive you with gifts and try to dazzle you with his knowlege in understanding all science. He can grant you to become a great poet or other litterary positions. Do not fall for his tricks. Keep in mind that he is a demon and has no good intentions for either of us."

Both Raven and Koe found themselves at the entrance of the castle. It was of coarse beautifull. The front of the castle had white side walks next to freshly cut grass. The back of the the castle made it look as though it were floating on the cleanest most inviting water. The castle itself was completely white. Though this illusion wasn't as alurring as the wild life here, it was still inviting. Enchanting? Not quite. It was simply inviting. I repeat: Inviting. Koe took the blind fold off Raven. Raven squinted at the brightness. "Nice place he has." She looked around a bit. There was nothing more sweat then the peaceful still landscape, but then she looked towards the pathe... She quickly shook her head away from it. She thought of Shay. How he had helped her to become faster and stronger... Now he was gone. Never to help her out in anyway again. Koe tugged her sleeve. "Something's not right.. Why is there no one here. No gaurds at the door. nothing..." Koe was right. nobody was here... At all, but was Phenex inside? Perhapse expecting them?

Raven and Koe entered the castle. Why they were going in, Raven hadn't thought about. Her quest was to kill Andras. The worst demon of all. The rest didn't seem nearly as bad as him... Then she stopped in her tracks. All these Illusions and such had made her forget her real goal. Andras must die. Koe had took notice to her stillness. "Why have you stopped?" He asked looking at her with a raised eye brawl. "Because... I dont know what Im doing here. I have to find Andra's, Leader of 30 Legion. Not Phenex, Leader of 20 Legions." She eyed Koe. "Im leaving... The pathe out of here has no Illusions." Raven said before turning around and making her way away. Koe shook his head slightly in disapointment. "I have a plan..." He stated and continued to the master room, the thrown room to find Phenex. He slowly made his way there and as he continued, he heard the soft singing of a child. Each step, the words of the song became more clear. "Day by day I sit and wait..." It sang over and over. It was nice, yet scarey in a way. A child like voice singing in an earie tune. The child like voice of Phenex. Yes, Koe had a plan. A plan in witch he only told Raven a part of.... Hopefully everything will go smoothely for Koe, and Raven will have a much better chance at surviving against Andras.

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on Mar. 8 2010 at 8:39 pm
AngelMRaven BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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wow i really didnt think anyone wolud read it, lol, but yeah i read my story and thought the same thing about the word she, lol i wanted to shart it with the girl or something but i was lazy and felt it was too late once i read over it

nocturnne said...
on Nov. 20 2009 at 3:23 pm
Good storyline--tons of spelling and grammar mistakes that detract from the story though. Also, try to vary your sentence type. Instead of starting so many sentences with "she *verb* ---," try putting a dependent clause in the beginning. Does wonders for the reader, in that its like a breath of fresh air in sentence variation, and can add so much more in description to the story. One last thing, may I suggest using a lot more interesting action verbs. The key to an interesting work is in the verb. Perhaps try a thesaurus if you have trouble thinking of new, interesting verbs. Overall though, you have a very creative mind; just hone your linguistics, and you're all set! Kudos : )

LaylaViolet said...
on Sep. 4 2009 at 1:34 pm
OMG*2 Totally amazazing. I'm lovin' your work. How do you come up with this stuff?!