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A Love Story

March 16, 2009
By Destyni BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
Destyni BRONZE, Edmonton, Other
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She stood on her balcony watching for her prince to come. Everyone thought she was too old for fairy tales but she didn't care, she was in love. This was her very own fairytale. Everything had happened exactly right. Her prince had swooped down on her and swept her off of her feet , from her own celebration and she fell in love while they danced all night. Of course there was an evil dragon guarding her. Yes,dragon fathers could be very dangerous when it came to the well-being of their daughters. She didn't worry about it though, tonight she would be free. Tonight she would see her Romeo again. She had told herself that every night.... for the past six weeks. Her head was a constant replay of " He'll be here, he'll be here soon ". Though recently her thoughts had weakened with her faith in him. Her head now rang with a series of questions about why he wasn't there. She was becoming one distressed princess.
"Save me Romeo" she wispered to the wind, "I've never felt so alone as I do without you." It was true. She felt as though half of herself was far away. She tried to get it back but it had gone off with her prince charming. She knew that when Romeo arrived,she would be reunited with not only her true love, but with herself.
So she waited. She stared at the roses in her window box below her balcony. They let off the most amazing scent. She barely smelt it as she waited and worried in her own world. Then just as dawn broke on the horizen and she began to lose hope, she saw it. His old mustang, or his trusty steed as she called it. She saw him step down. He stared up at her and her world began to spin. She looked down on her prince, and relieve flooded her as she realised that he hadn't changed. She almost fell in to his soft chocolate brown eyes. She giggled when she saw he had let his hair grow to shoulder length and had tied it back with a red ribbon, like they did in the renaissance. He truly looked the part now.
"What light through yonder window breaks,it is the east and Victoria is the sun" he quoted, his voice ringing out for all to hear. His love for Shakespeare had always been strenthened by his unusual name.
"Catch me Romeo" She shrieked allowing herself to tumble lightly over the edge of her low balcony. She wasn't nervous, she knew she would land safly in his arms. He caught her, but instead of letting her down, he cradled her against his chest. She felt his hard muscled arms around her. She took in every detail of his face. The strong cheekbones, with no sign of boyish roundness left in them. He had grown a light stubble of hair across his chin. In the short time they had been apart, he had grown from a boy into a man. Burying her head in his chest and she began to cry. She cried tears of such pure happiness and love that she thought they ought to have run from her eyes as molten gold.
"Never leave me again." She murmered. Tears still in her eyes. As he set her on her feet she saw that there were tears in his eyes as well.
A look of uncertainty passed through his eyes followed by a look of pure determination. He knelt down onto one knee, and pulled a flower from her mother's nearby garden, shaping it into a ring. Her heart stopped as he grabbed her hand.
" Marry me" he whispered. "I haven't got the money to make you a good life, but if you become my wife I swear I will be the best man to you,I shall never leave your side again."
Her answer was simple and as her tears flowed freely down her face she replied "yes".
He stood up and kissed her. Their tears running blended together, and the taste of salt on each others lips. This was not only their first kiss, true loves first kiss, but truly their very own love story.

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on Apr. 18 2009 at 11:21 pm
B.r.grater PLATINUM, LaPorte, Indiana
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I love fairyish tales, so when I saw the beginning of this I HAD to read it!!! I really like that Shakespeare is involved in it, too! That's really cool!