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January 15, 2009
By Anonymous


I remember my most cherished moment. One I could never let go. I was walking up toward the large fence that surrounded the large manor, filled with anticipation. Rough winds blew my hair, as well as small brown and red leaves, across my face. I pushed the iron-gate and listened to its ear-piercing screech. I looked up at the large brick house and saw a distant face peering out at me. I immediately recognized the owner of the cast silhouette and found myself smiling and increased my pace. I briskly walked through the large shrubs, perfectly cut and squared off, and past the withering flowers barely keeping their heads up above the ground.

My long black skirt wrapped itself around my thighs. I kept a tight grip on my black shawl, neatly draped over my shoulders, and my large, brown bag that hung from the right shoulder. Black shoes clicked on the ground, the laces so tight, I would need to soak my feet when i reached my room.

I reached for the brass doorknob and quickly slid into the house. And there He stood slanted on the stair rail; his head resting on the palm of his hand. My heart raced with excitement. He was dressed in appropriate school attire, a pair of black slacks and a blue, button down dress shirt. His white teeth shined behind his radiant smile that was guaranteed to make me blush and smile uncontrollably. His eyes had locked onto mine; beautiful brown eyes showing the purity and uniqueness of his soul. His short brown hair sat on his head without any gel or oils to keep it neat. He walked over to me and lifted me high off the floor. His hands clasped around my lower back and his soft cheek pressed up against mine. It was the moment I had longed for. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and felt love and happiness rush over me like a heavy wool blanket. He spun me around and I shut my eyes. He mumbled a few words into my ear “I'm so happy you are here. I thought about you every day since you left.” I dreaded the moment when my feet would have to touch the ground again. I was not ready to release my arms from around his neck and return to reality, awaking from my fairy-tale dream. I would be leaving so much behind; my wonderful paradise is in his arms, My Utopia in his eyes. My love is in his smile. My hope, my joy, my everything was in his soul.

But isn't life grand. A few days later I was still forced to leave it all behind. He was on his way to meet God past the pearly gates. Even though his heart had stopped beating my life was over too. Crumbling and I couldn't fight it. I cried myself to sleep for nights wishing I could have that one day back. Life is so unfair and things could change in an instant; if I only I hadn't lowered my arms from his necks for just a few more seconds. If only then I reminded him how important he was to me. His face still appears in my head and I can't bare to look at the stair rails again. He was my first true love and I will never relive a moment as sincere and heartfelt as the one on that October day.

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