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Yvette: the Dead Stalker

July 9, 2015
By Funne GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
Funne GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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"I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams."

-H.P Lovecraft

 Yvette was her name. Yvette was the girl who stalked me. Yvette was the ghost who followed me. I still remember way back in the freshman year when I first noticed her stalking me. For some strange reason, I never found that disturbing. After awhile, I began to find it attractive. I never figured out why. When sophomore year came and she still stalked me, I decided to get to know her a little better, and we became friends. Around christmas time we started dating. And then, about a year later, junior year, she died in a car crash. It was about a month after she got her license, and one night we decided to go on a car ride together. I felt awful when I survived without her. What happened didn’t matter though, at least not at the time, she was gone, and I was heartbroken. I was in a state of grief for the rest of the school year and throughout the summer. The love we had might have been strange. She always was pretty possessive of me, as you’d expect of a stalker like her, but that was part of what I loved about her, and when she died, that possessiveness was missing. I stopped hanging out with my other friends, and I sort of disappeared to everyone. Any social life I had was gone. When my senior year came around I decided It was time to move on with my life. I knew that Yvette was in the past and I had to get a social life again. I tried talking to people, but I couldn’t find a friend. Many people just glanced at me before looking away. I didn’t know what to do. Then, about halfway into the school year. I saw Yvette again.

It was a cold snowy day, as anyone would expect on the last day before Christmas vacation. As I was walking to the bus I saw her staring at me from behind a pine tree. She wasn’t too hard to notice. She never was good at hiding.  When I saw her, I immediately looked away thinking my mind was playing tricks on me, but when I looked again, there she was. I tried walking to her, to see if it really was just an illusion, but she just ran away. I began to think that some jerk was playing a cruel joke on me, so I chased after her. I eventually tried cornering her at a wall, but she somehow ran straight through it. That was when I was sure I had saw a ghost, and that was how it was for a few months; I saw Yvette’s ghost spying on me at least once a day. She would be standing across the street trying to hide behind a garbage can or something when I was outside, and when I was inside she would be staring through a window. Eventually I got fed up. Whatever was happening to me wasn’t fair. I didn’t want to be constantly reminded of her death. I decided that I needed to get her to leave me alone, and to do that, I had to go to the one guy in the whole school who could help me.

Edward Wefes was a classmate of mine who had studied the topic of the undead since elementary school. If you had a question about ghosts, zombies, vampires, and whatever other kinds of undead exist, he had an answer. He was perfect for my little ghost problem. There was just one issue. He hated my guts. He had a crush on Yvette since before she began stalking me. When she died, he was in hysterics, but his grief didn’t last as long as mine. I guess he didn’t love her as much as I did, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t any hard feelings between us. When he saw me, he’d always have this unhappy look on his face, like I was the worst thing in existence. So of course, when I asked him about helping me he refused. I tried asking him a few more times after then, but with the same results. Then I mentioned Yvette’s ghost, and then he became interested. That unhappy look on his face soon became a smirk. He told me that he could get her to leave me alone, but that he needed my help. So we made a plan to meet at the graveyard Yvette’s buried at approximately 9:00 P.M. on May 25th, which is tonight. I plan on keeping a good account of what happens tonight, but whatever happens, I’m ready for it.

It’s dark, but I can see him. Edward’s carrying a strange cross in one hand, and a shovel in the other. He hands the shovel to me and says, “I hope you’re okay with digging Yvette’s grave up, cause I’m not that strong.” I think he’s just being a pain in the neck, but I take the shovel anyway. We head over to the graves and I get my flashlight out. After a little searching, we come upon her grave, and I start shoveling. Soon, her coffin is fully visible, and Edward asks me to pry it open. I open the coffin to see Yvette’s dead body. Her body’s decomposed, but I recognize her. Edward then tells me that he needs to perform a special ritual in order to help me, and that because of the connection we had, I’ll need to hold her hand, so that I can make a connection to her spirit that will make her easier for him to reach. However, he’ll need to work quickly, as touching her will make it easier for her spirit to get close to me. I grab her hand and Edward places the cross on Yvette’s head. He then makes these odd hand motions and mumbles a strange chant. After 2 minutes, the chant becomes easier to hear.
3 minutes, and he’s saying the chant.
4 minutes, and he’s yelling the chant.
5 minutes and-
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” yells a voice from behind me.
“We’re too late!” gasps Edward nervously. We turn around and there she is. Yvette’s ghost.
“You were trying to erase part of my spirit, just like you did to my boyfriend!” she yells, but I can’t understand what she means by erasing part of her spirit, or what she meant when referring to me.
“Your spirits were at peace together, and I erased part of the wrong person, who happened to be your boyfriend. Now he can barely remember what happened that day, but now I can erase your memories of being with any boyfriend at all, and your spirit can love me like it should,” he says.
“FOOL!” Yvette yells, “I could never love the man who killed me!” Wait... Edward killed Yvette? I don’t remember him being there, but my memories are suddenly so foggy.
“Yes,” Edward replies, “but my original plan was to sneak into your backseat and kill him. I didn’t mean for both of you to die!” Wait… Both? But, the only other person who was with Yvette was... me. I grab my flashlight and shine it on the grave next to Yvette’s. I’m shocked to see that the name on the grave is my name and the date is the same as Yvette’s. Suddenly, I feel a stabbing pain in the back of my neck. I reach back and feel a knife in my neck. My attention moves on to Yvette, who’s taking steps toward Edward. Edward is screaming. Yvette is about to grab Edward’s neck and I look away. I hear Edward yell one last scream and then silence. I turn around and see Yvette standing next to Edward’s dead body. She then runs into my arms and starts sobbing, and then I realize how much I really miss her, and love her, so now I hold her. I don’t know what’ll happen next, but I do know that she will always be with me now.

The author's comments:

I know this is darker than some of the stuff I've previously posted and that it's darker than a lot of romance stories, but I just felt that I had to write this. 

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