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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

The stars were pale; Derek doused the old oil lamp he found in his uncle’s shed next to the wooden rocket ships. They used to watch satellites move through the stars. Things are different now. As he’s gazing through the sparkling abyss he wonders if she’s looking back down o n him from her wooden rocket.

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on Feb. 28 2011 at 7:40 pm
remembermeplz PLATINUM, Friend, Nebraska
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I really like it! =)

it made me sad.And that makes me like it even more. =D

please post more!

on Nov. 2 2010 at 3:30 pm
Dragonscribe BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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Huh....this is too short to really tell if it's any good; and you did shift verb tenses once, I think. However, it is interesting and I really do want to know what you are talking about. Please write more and post it! I especially liked the oil lamp and wooden rocket, because the two don't seem like they belong in the same time era. Write some more!

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