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Mi Historia Chikita

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

He was the last person I expected to see here, at my quince and the happiest day of my teenage life. The room was full with 200 hundred people plus the chairs and the tables. There was a window to see the house in front surrounded the fence with broken glass bottles. The tables had flowers as the center piece. The chairs were surrounded by with balloons colored maroon and white. In the reflection of the window in the ballroom I notice someone at the front door so I turned and saw him. Christian, the guy who I ask to be my chambelan de honor. Then I had changed my mind and chose my brother instead. He was standing there with watery eyes and a bottle. But this one was not and ordinary bottle it was a beer bottle.

He began to screech, “You changed me for him!!!!! What does he have that I don’t? The money? The height? What? I love you why did you leave me for him?”

At the time I did not know what to do. He was making a scene, so my dad decided to tell the security guards to kick him out. I told all the guests that it was all a misunderstanding. But then I heard my song, our song, outside “Quien No Llora Por Amor” He was singing it to me and he dedicated it to me .I could not take it any more and I started to cry and left. But then I went outside with him. I saw him there sitting in the ground with a necklace in his hand that said “I love you.” My heart just broke into millions of pieces and I just burst into tears. I asked him why he did that. Did he want it to embarrass me? O que?

But then he looked up and then looked down again and said. ” Te quiero mucho. I love you nena. I did this for you because I can’t live without you. Listen to me, when your parents decided to move to San Diego when you were eight years old and I was 10, I had a big crush on you. I could not stop thinking about you nena.”

He reminded me all the good times he and I and my brother had. Tears began to fall down my cheeks and he stood up and with his thumb he wiped them away. He held me and brought me towards him and he gave me a hug. I decided to tell him that I had changed my mind about him being my chambelan because my parents did not approve because of his age.

“Then how old is the guy you change me for?” he asked me

I answered with the truth and said “he’s eighteen” and with a smile I said,” He’s my brother.”

Under his breathe he said “estupido “

I made him turn to me and told him “” no eres un estupido. You went to all this trouble and not anyone would do that for me.”

Then I explained how our relationship won’t work because he’s here in Tijuana, where I can’t study because I have made all of my education in the United States. And I am in San Diego. Then he told me that he better go and walk-on home because it was midnight and was getting late. And I could not let him walk alone in Tijuana. Tijuana was a dangerous place that anything could happen when you at least expected. So I decided to invite him into the party. Then everybody looked disconcerted and I said it was ok that he was a guest of honor. He looked at me and with those baby brown eyes looked at me straight in the eyes and told me that he loved me .and I answered back”I know.” I did not know that if it was a coincidence or my dad had planned it but he played my favorite song in the world “ quien no llora por amor”

He asked me “may I have this dance? “

And with my heart bouncing all over the world I said “yeah you may have this dance.”

We danced all night until my brother came and asked if he could dance next so I and my brother danced. Then it was my fathers turn so I danced with him as well. It was around 3 in the morning. When the D.J said “is O-V-E-R”

Then all the guests left and my chambelan was last to leave the ballroom. We took pics in the limo. And then I said that I had one last request.

My dad, all tired put a fake smile on his face and asked “what?”

Then I told my dad I want to take pictures with someone really special. I pointed to Christian. He looked confused and came to me and we took pictures. Afterwards, the limo took me home and the cars and guests left. I arrived home and went directly to bathroom to take my make up off. Then I took the dress off with the help of my mom. I changed into my pijamas I took my hair down and went to lie down in my bed. I thanked my mom and dad for making today the best day ever. Then I decided to go to sleep. But what started as a horrible quince it ended up as a great one. Everything turn out as I expect it.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this was my quinceanera thats coming soon. And i would like this to happen in my kince.IlOVE TIJUANA

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