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Unkown author rocks!

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

Danni’s point of view p.o.v

As always I was about to be late. However, something happened. I was not late for once in my life. Mom got me to school on time, which was good for me. I still needed to get that homework off Cory. I was told by my maths teacher Mr. McCole that if I didn’t have my homework in today then I would be getting a call home to my mom. Right now that was something that I couldn’t risk, not in my final year anyway. I was just so happy that this was my final year. After this year, I was going off to collage. I do not know what for. However, I was going to.
As I walked into the all well-known building that we all classed as a prison, the first person I saw by the lockers was Cory. Who like always was reading a comic book. It was just like gee to be like this, the only things he cared about was, his friends, coffee, comics, art and music. Those were the only things he really gave a damn about end off.

Cory was sitting by the lockers reading (as always) a comic book. Ryan, Bobby and Michael were nowhere to be seen. They were always at the lockers with gee. However, not today. As I walked up to gee, he didn’t notice me. He was too involved with his comic to even notice if the world was ending. I hated when he was like this, do not get me wrong I loved reading comics and books but gee took it beyond the level of extreme.
“Yo, Cory?” I asked, as I opened my locker getting my books for the morning classes. As I waited for Cory to answer me all I got a was grunt. “Great, zombie mode” I sighed to my self, as I closed the locker door.
“Cory? Cor? YO CORY!” I screamed at him. After the screaming, he finally looked up, and smiled. “Oh hay Danni, good comic you should read it” as he said this he went back to the reading. I couldn’t believe it. How his mom, dad and his brother Michael could put up with him. I know he’s my best friend and everything but best friends can only take a certain amount of zombieness.
“Where’s Bobby? Ryan and your brother?” I asked, trying not to flip out at Cory. However, he was proving me that it was harder than I ever thought. Cory looked up at me and smiled, “Ryan’s cousin is coming today, so he’s away off looking for her” soon as he said what he had to say he flicked to the back of his comic soon to pay more attention to me. After the zombie stage of the first morning. I started to ramble on about cookies. I had some strange obsession about cookies and always wanted a cookie.
As I was in one of my rants about cookies and peanut butter, I saw a girl just looking over at me. I never saw this girl here before. She had blood red hair, with one white highlight at the front. I thought it was cool. She was wearing a pair of white and pink skinny jeans with a black t-shirt saying ‘numbered out’ in white lettering, as I looked at her, I couldn’t believe how hot she was. She had a tattoo on her neckline, but I couldn’t tell what it said. Along with the tattoo, I saw that she had a lip ring. She was also just wearing basic eyeliner.

The girl was still just looking at me, and wouldn’t take her eyes off me. As I looked back, I smiled and waved back, before Gerard got up and walked off trying to find his brother and the others who were still somewhere unknown in the school. As I ran off with Cory, I looked back. The girl was mumbling to her self as if she had done something wrong, but what?
Gee and my self walked around until we found the guys at bobby’s locker. There wasn’t much to do; we had to go off to homeroom in a minute or two. Bobby, Ryan, Cory and My self were in our last year at high school, while Michael still had two years.
All the guys were talking about some horror movie that had just come out; I think it was something like queen of the damned. I don’t know it was some vampire movie. I wasn’t paying attention. We had just walked around the corner that leads it to homeroom. When I saw the same girl walk in, Ryan stopped dead in his tracks and watched as the girl walked into the room. Everyone else stopped and looked at Ryan. He looked like he had just seen a ghost.
“Dude’s that’s her” he gasped. We walked into the room, and made our way down to the back of the room. The girl with blood red hair was sitting right beside

The girl was sitting on her own, and I knew how that felt. I wanted to talk to her, but didn’t know if I should or not. I made up my mind not too; I sat down near her but with the rest of the guys as Mrs, Harris
Walked in and started to take the role. For some reason I noticed that Mark was talking about the girl when he walked in. Cory was sitting right beside me, and so was bob and ray. The three of them just looked at me as I was thinking. They always did this, just watched to see what would happen. Once when I was thinking I was so lost in my thought that I lost balance in sitting on a chair, I was thinking about cookies and my guitar, the next thing I knew I was on the ground with the whole class looking at me.
“Danni?” Ryan asked, still looking at me,
“Huh?” I didn’t have a clue what was going on, I was thinking about the girl but when I noticed what was going on, we had to leave to our first class, which was English of all things. We were reading Romeo and Juliet. This for me was like trying to show me how to make a gun from nothing.
I was always sitting on my own in that class, so I got lost most of the time, and then I think that was why I was always failing the class. Cory and Bobby were the only ones in my English class they have to sit beside each other. Which was lucky for them at least they could talk. However, I couldn’t do anything.

I took my seat in the English class, still trying not to think about the girl, but it was impossible. It was as if she was stuck on a loop and there was nothing I could do. I started to draw, to take my mind off the girl but then soon as I started to draw the very person I was trying to forget about sat down beside me.
Once she sat down, she turned to me, and smiled. Her teeth where pearly white, the whitest thing I had ever I’ve ever seen.
“Is this seat taken?” she asked. As she spoke, I noticed how soft her voice was. I couldn’t believe it. This girl was like no other girl I knew in this school. Let alone new Jersey. The girl had dark brown eyes which were showing threw her white fringe.
“Yes………..I MEAN NO!!!! No, it’s not taken” I felt my checks go red with what I just said. The girl giggled and sat down, taking out a note pad and a copy of Romeo and Juliet. She seemed to be very organised.
As I looked at what she was writing a small stone hit me on the head, (do not ask me why, random things in a random room) there was a note wrapped around. With scratchy writing which was from Cory.


That’s Ray’s cousin, Asha. You’re in there!

The author's comments:
This is an extract from a book I wrote called 'everyone loved' in which I am currently trying my best to be published, I hope you like it!
and if you would like to read more of my stories please look for Darkend-lover on Deviantart.com
- Amy

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